Best Hardware and Software Wallets For EOS Tokens In 2019

One of the top digital currencies and e-currencies in the crypto market is the EOS. The EOS is user-friendly, also it is a blockchain powered, Ethereum based decentralized platform. The selling point of the EOS lies in its unique ability to improve upon the known flaws of the Ethereum coins. One of this ability is the power to power to scale through as at when needed (something Ethereum still struggles to do).

EOS directly powers so many decentralized applications and puts power back on the hands of the developers. This means that EOS has been able to remove stumbling roadblocks such as brokers and middlemen while enabling easy p2p connections.

The EOS also provides a legitimate use case; one that so many others are willing to get behind. EOS still has room for growth in value and worth. Investing in EOS will be a smart move for any investor to take up.

After buying EOS tokens, the next step any wise investor would is to get a safe place to store them. Perhaps, you can store them in any of the best EOS which we would be talking about shortly.

Do you know that EOS tokens are best stored in ERC20 supported wallets? This is because the wallets are pretty easy to use, it attracts no costs, they are capable of handling lots of transactions, and the wallets are very fast and quick with transfers often being instant.

The following are the best type of wallets we advise for you to store your EOS token in 2019 and beyond. We have further split the best EOS hardware wallets (which is the cold wallet) and the best EOS software wallets for securing your bitcoins and EOS. It is important for you to know that each type of EOS wallet has its own pros and cons.

The Best EOS Hardware/Cold Wallets

The best EOS hardware wallets are the type of wallets which are perfect for cold storage. They are made and designed to protect your EOS tokens from getting hacked or stolen. The cold wallet is very secure helps to protect the EOS tokens from theft and cybercriminals.

The type of people who make use of the EOS hardware wallet typically get to store their EOS tokens for a long period of time. The EOS cold wallets are the type of wallets which are common among investors because they are safe and secure. The hardware cold wallet is the most secured wallet for storing EOS tokens.


Best EOS Wallets: Top 2 Cold Storage Hardware & Top 3 Desktop Software Apps

The TREZOR Wallet is one of the popular wallets for storing EOS coins. This hardware wallet is an effective cold storage device for EOS token holders to store their EOS tokens. This wallet is built as an encryption-based USB drive which provides great security for e-currencies.

The hardware layout comes with multiple security layers which are designed to keep your tokens and EOS tokens safe. It has two-stage security verification, advanced encryption technology and safety measures for your tokens.

The only way which anybody can lose his tokens stored in this wallet is to hand the flash along with its private and encryption keys to another person or to misplace the thumb drive.

Even when this hardware wallet is connected to an internet connected Personal Computer (P.C); hackers will find it almost impossible to hack into your wallet if only you keep your codes safe.

It is a high-level cryptography that makes the sense for a truly secured hardware wallet. With the TREZOR wallet is great for storing EOS tokens, also, it works well for storing ERC20 tokens, Bitcoins and Ethereum. If you have different cryptocurrencies, you may need more than one TREZOR wallet to store them all.

Ledger Nano S Wallet

Best EOS Wallets: Hardware & Software Wallets For EOS Tokens In 2019

The Ledger Nano S Wall is another popular hardware that is compatible for storing some of the top cryptocurrencies. A compatible wallet like the Ledger Nano S Wall is perfect for storing EOS tokens.

Unlike the TREZOR wallet, the Ledger Nano S wallet has an interface (an OLED screen), along with some buttons that allows you to move your tokens in and out of the wallet easily.

It is easy to transfer your tokens by plugging it into your Personal Computer (P.C) and make a transfer. Setting up the wallet isn’t difficult for beginners; it is easy, so you don’t worry about any techy stuff.

The Ledger Nano S wallet is an incredibly effective and secured EOS wallet. This wallet provides the users with multiple security layers and it comes with military-grade encryption tech which is fully guaranteed to make it unhackable.

The only way any unauthorized person (thief, hacker) is going to get your cold stored tokens on the Ledger Nano S wallet is by getting your codes or forcing you to reveal them.

Even when they have your security codes, the Ledger Nano S wallet has a two-factor authenticator which can make it impossible for anybody to steal your to token even if they have your code.

The only way for hackers to override and bypass the two-factor authenticator is for them to have access to your phone.

The Best Software And Desktop Wallets For EOS

Just as you should know, the hardware wallets are basically and primarily made for cold storage. The EOS desktop and software wallets are superb for daily trades and short term storage.

This is the major reason why they are called hot wallets. While these software wallets have great security for EOS, they are not as secure as their hardware counterparts. Why? The reason is that they are always connected to the internet – more specifically to the devices they are on.

This can be connected usually to your Personal Computer (PC) or mobile device; in other words, as long as you are online and connected to the internet, you are always at risk of being hacked.

Jaxx Wallet

Hardware & Software Wallets For EOS Tokens In 2019

Although the Jaxx Wallet is not as aesthetically appealing as the first two mentioned in this article, the security is perfect and top notch. Jaxx Wallet is an excellent EOS wallet that integrates exchanges, making it convenient and easy to trade cryptocurrencies from it.

The Jaxx Wallet is able to support up to 7 cryptos; it is designed and made to be user-friendly. This is the reason why beginners, newbies, amateurs and cryptocurrency dummies can easily set it up and use the wallet to store their crypto tokens.


Hardware & Software Wallets For EOS Tokens In 2019

One of the popular web and software wallets is Myetherwallet. MyEtherWallet is popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts because of the Ethereum coin as the easiest ERC20 complaint wallets were made for Ethereum. This is why MyEtherWallet is a good web wallet for storing and mining EOS tokens.

This open-source wallet’s popularity, it’s easy to use system and security makes MyEtherWallet the wallet of choice for storing EOS and other crypto coins. MyEtherWallet users can either decide to store their cryptocurrencies in the web wallet or go online to download the software and keep their coins there.

Since the MyEtherWallet is a hot wallet, I strictly advise you to take all the necessary precautions to secure your EOS tokens and other cryptocurrencies stored in the wallet.

You are advised to always use the two-factor authentication (2FA), use long hard to decode your passwords, generate private keys for the wallet and keep them safe. Also, update your antivirus software and computer security, install the application itself on a virtual machine.

Exodus Wallet

Hardware & Software Wallets For EOS Tokens In 2019

One of the best desktops among cryptocurrency users for keeping EOS tokens is the Exodus wallet. A major feature of this EOS wallet is the user-friendliness, good interface, and design which it offers to users.

The Exodus Wallet is a desktop wallet that enables you to keep your tokens safe from theft.

How Does the Exodus Wallet Keep Your EOS tokens secure?

The Exodus wallet helps you to keep your tokens secure by storing it in its own internal wallet, which helps you to eliminate the need to download the blockchain for it. This increases the speed as it makes it very fast and easy for EOS users to store and transfer EOS tokens.

Also, the Exodus wallet can be used to store multiple crypto token types and digital currencies. By this way, you can easily store all your cryptocurrencies in one wallet. Many crypto users open different wallets for the purpose of storing various crypto tokens and coins.

As a cryptocurrency user, if you have different digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc, you can store them in a single wallet and watch over all of them at the same time. The Exodus Wallet is an ideal wallet for storing and keeping EOS tokens and different cryptocurrency coins.

As time goes on, we would continue to update this article as we find new ones. But for now, these wallets listed here can be used to keep your EOS tokens safe and secure.

Now, we have come to the end of this article, this is the best EOS wallets for the year 2019. Just make sure you keep your wallets and computing equipment secured, safe and protected. Good luck.

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