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DollarFuture Smart Contract: Is This The Best Tron Smart Contract In 2020?

by Zara
how to join dollarfuture

Dollarfuture is the latest Tron smart contract on the internet right now. If you are looking for a Tron-based smart contract to invest, you can register on the dollarfuture smart contract. However, just before you register on Dollarfuture, it is important for you to know about the system and how it works.

Numerous smart contracts are being launched regularly, we have heard of Forsage, Lionshare, Million Money, Supersage, Fortron and many more. Dollarfuture is the newest smart contract in the cryptocurrency world. Although it is new and fresh, many people have been able to earn lots of Tron coins and make for themselves.

One feature that is paramount in smart contracts is crowdfunding. Those who are in a vibrant and active team enjoy the benefits of crowdfunding in smart contracts. On the other hand, if you are not in an active team, you will struggle or remain stagnant, therefore, you may not be able to make headway or get your money back.

A lot of people are members of many smart contracts including Forsage TRX, Lionshare, Supersage etc but they are discouraged because they usually have to struggle to get referrals to grow their team. Most times, people without downlines do not get spillovers and overflows from their upline and they are left stranded.

This is the reason why DollarFuture was created. Dollarfuture introduces the idea of automatic referral through global spillovers. In other words, you don’t have to refer partners or invite people to join before you earn on the smart contract. Dollarfuture also gives you an airdrop of their DLT tokens for participating in the dollarfuture smart contract.

So what are you waiting for? Keep reading this page to learn more about Dollarfuture and make money from it.

What is DollarFuture Smart Contract?

Dollarfuture smart contract

Dollar Future smart contract is a Tron-based matrix program that helps you make money with or without referrals. Dollarfuture uses Tron (TRX) rather than Ethereum (ETH), so the transaction fees are expected to be low, therefore the transaction is completed in a matter of seconds rather than minutes or hours. Registering on the dollarfuture smart contract takes as little as 100 TRX.

If you do not like the idea of recruiting people to earn, you can simply get registered on dollarfuture. Also, if you have good networking skills and you build a great team, you will be able to earn more from the DollarFuture smart contract.

Features of DollarFuture.io

  • 100 TRX registration fee.
  • Efficient to operate.
  • Low transaction fees.
  • Decentralized peer-to-peer matrix system.
  • Tron blockchain smart contract.
  • X3 Matrix with global spill.
  • X4 Matrix with team spill.
  • Auto Referral Feeder (ARF).
  • Auto referral bonus.
  • Unlimited reinvest to earn more.
  • Auto Upgrade on the X3 program.
  • Free 100 DLF tokens for the first 100,000 members.
  • Leadership board rewards.
  • Guaranteed auto downlines.
  • Earn with or without direct partners.
  • Safe and trusted smart contract.

How Does DollarFuture Work?

DollarFuture is a closed system without deadlines for its slots. In this matrix marketing program, there is the X3 and X4 program. The first slot of each program costs 50 TRX and they are opened simultaneously when you register. In other words, the 100 TRX registration is used to open both the DollarFuture X3 and X4.

After the opening of the first slot in the X3 and X4, you will have to upgrade or buy other slots separately. And also, the opening of new slots is done sequentially, you cannot buy a 3rd slot without opening the 2nd one.

Both the DollarFuture X3 and X4 have 20 slots which work in the same way. Every new slot is twice more expensive than the former one and the profits and earnings from them are twice high. The slots have no expiration date, so they are active and won’t expire. Once a slot is opened, it cannot be closed, it stays open forever.

DollarFuture X3

How Does Dollarfuture work

In the DollarFuture X3 program, there are three places below you. The X3 program runs on ‘Auto Mode’, this assures you on an automatic upgrade which demands no action from you. The DollarFuture Tron X3 program offers ‘Auto Referral Feeder (ARF)’ which is a new concept in smart contracts. The Auto Referral Feeder gifts you with unlimited referrals so that you do not get stuck or stranded in the program. This feature ensures that no member of the X3 program gets stuck without succeeding or making progress.

  • 100% payment of your downline goes to your wallet. There is unlimited re-entry, therefore the first cycle is used as part of the auto-upgrade costs.
  • 100% of the 2nd payment of your downline goes straight to your wallet. Since the first cycle payment as used for auto-upgrade costs, the rest cycle goes to you.
  • The 3rd downline payment will now go to your global upline, it will also re-open the same matrix level for you to make more earnings.

This process works the same way on all the 20 slots in the DollarFuture X3 program. Reinvest opens the same slot over again, and this allows you to continue receiving more income from that slot.

Furthermore, upgrading is done on the X3 program automatically, so you don’t miss out on earnings from prospective partners or lose your profits. Automatic upgrades on the X3 program opens higher slots without manual intervention from you, it is done automatically.

DollarFuture X4

Is DollarFuture Scam

The DollarFuture X4 program is organized in a way where you can earn above (from your superior and global team and from below (direct referrals/downlines) – this is called ‘Overflow’. In the X4 program, there are six places below you (two places in the first line and four places in the 2nd line.

  • 2 partners take two places below you in the first line of the X4. 100% payment from those partners goes into the wallet of your upline.
  • You can find 4 places in the second line. 100% payment of 3 of those partners goes to your wallet.
  • The 4th place – which is the last slot on the X4 is the closing slot. It reinvests, which means buying the same slot for you over and over again. 100% of that slot goes to the account of your superior.

Reinvestment of the slot is the re-opening of purchase of the same at its current level. Reinvestment opens the slot for you to continue receiving income from it. Without reinvesting a slot, the slot will not be opened, that means that it is closed.

Reinvestment occurs automatically, so you don’t necessarily have to do it yourself. When you reinvest, 100% of the payment goes into the wallet of your upline. In the same way, when your direct downlines and referrals reinvest, you will receive 100% of the payment in your wallet. Upgrade on the X4 program is done manually, so you can upgrade as many slots as you can. Opening of new slots in the X4 brings in overflows if you have a hardworking and strong team.

Upgrading and opening of slots in the X4 must be done in a sequential way. In essence, you start from slot 1 to slot 2, to slot 3, to slot 4, to slot 5, down to slot 20. You must have opened or paid for a new slot before you can earn from it, you cannot earn from a slot that you haven’t opened.

Most importantly, if you do not upgrade to new slots in due time, your downlines may open the slot ahead of you. Consequently, this will make you lose out on earnings as the payment goes to the wallet of your upline’s partner instead of yours. It is recommended to activate the first six slots in the Dollarfuture X4 program, this produces good results, but you can do it slowly by taking it one at a time if you don’t have enough Trons to open new slots. This is why members are recommended to upgrade to higher slots and levels so that they don’t miss out on commissions and profits. 

DollarFuture Review

The beauty of the Dollarground is that overtaking is allowed. You can overtake your upline by opening slots which he hasn’t opened yet. When this happens, the superior of your upline gets the income. But if your upline’s superior hasn’t opened the slot, the income gets to the next superior – this means that you will be overtaking two superiors in the system.

Why Invest In DollarFuture?

Dollarfuture is rated by some as the King of Smart Contracts. This program has zero risks, it cannot be hacked or closed down. Dollarfuture offers you an opportunity to accumulate Tron coins and grow your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Tron (TRX) is a crypto coin founded by Justin Sun, it is a decentralized cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin (BTC). Ever since the creation in 2018, the value of Tron has continued to soar higher and it is rated as one of the profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in.

At the time of writing, the market capitalization of Tron is at 14. Crypto experts have predicted that the market value of this crypto coin will increase in time to come. Have you ever thought about the reason why developers build smart contracts around the Tron cryptocurrency? It is not just because of the fast speed, or low transaction costs but also for its potential. Tron has the potential to rise into becoming one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies of the world.

Money isn’t made overnight! Many millionaires you find today started from somewhere by starting a business that solves a problem or investing in business ideas that changed their life. In the same vein, you need to take the right steps that will change your financial status for good.

One common feature of investing and entrepreneurship is ‘risk-taking’. Almost everyone is doing everything possible to own digital currencies like Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tatcoin etc. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a good idea, crypto coins are volatile, they have the tendency to appreciate in value.

At a point in time, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum were less than $1, however, today they are worth a fortune. For instance, 1 ETH is sold around $370 and 1 BTC is worth over $12,000. People like Eric Finman who accumulated crypto coins when they had little or no value are now multimillionaires.

How To Accumulate Tron Coins

The conventional way of accumulating cryptocurrencies is by buying them to store in your crypto wallet. In this way, people purchase crypto coins when they are cheap, they store the cryptos in their wallet and store it to sell when the value rises. So, they get to sell it for a higher price and that’s how they make their profits.

However, the new way of accumulating cryptocurrencies such as Tron is through smart contracts like DollarFuture. Don’t join investment platforms that promise you of double the amount of your investment, I’ve personally witnessed the rise and fall of investment platforms like 2Trons, Bank of Tron etc. Many people join many smart contracts without making significant progress because the platform stopped paying or crashes, no doubt, this kills your flaming and ruins your reputation.

An ideal smart contract like DollarFuture has been confirmed to be tested and trusted by members. It has over 17,000+ members at this time of writing, and the number will continue increasing. The creators of the DollarFuture smart contract has its own tokens called ‘DLF’, it is said that they’ll be over 10M (ten million) DLF tokens in circulation. One of the major highlights is that the creators intend to give out free 100 DLF tokens to the first 100,000 members of the DollarFuture smart contract.

What is Auto Referral Feeder (ARF)?

The Auto Referral Feeder is a new feature in crowdfunding smart contracts. This concept by DollarFuture ensures that every member earns in the X3 matrix program. What it does is that it simply adds an unlimited number of new partners into the X3 program – this makes all participants earn.

This process is achieved without having any funds in the smart contract as the activation of the unlimited referrals is done when you reach level 4. The 2nd and 3rd cycle in level 4 is used to fund the auto referral feeder. This includes 32 more X3 slots, 1 entry positions for all the members in perpetuity, 32 new positions from which you get 100% payment.

When you attain level 4, the contract activates 32 more X3 positions for you. This ensures that no one in the X2 matrix is stuck.

DollarFuture LeaderBoard Reward Program

DollarFuture Reviews

The DollarFuture creators reward hardworking members with high bonus and incentives. The reward program is done to appreciate your support and reward you at every given milestone made to earn in perpetuity.

The milestones include:                           

  • 25 Direct Referrals.
  • 50 Direct Referrals.
  • 100 Direct Referrals.
  • 250 Direct Referrals.
  • 500 Direct Referrals.
  • 750 Direct Referrals.
  • 1000 Direct Referrals.

The rewards are given to members on monthly slots and the bonus are coming from the team of the DollarFuture creators.

Is DollarFuture Decentralized?

Yes, dollarfuture is decentralized. What this means, in essence, is that the dollarfuture smart contract cannot be hacked, altered, or changed. It runs on the Tron Network blockchain and it cannot crash. The decentralized nature of Dollarfuture provides you with maximum security and sustainability.

How To Register On DollarFuture

How To Register For DollarFuture Smart Contract

The first slot of the X3 program costs 50 TRX, the same goes for the first slot of the X4 matrix. When you register on Dollarfuture.io, the registration fee is used to buy the first slot in the X3 and X4 program together.

It costs 100 TRX to register on this smart contract, however, you are recommended to have at least 110 TRX in your wallet to cover the network transaction charges.

Follow these steps to register on Dollarfuture matrix program:

  • Ensure that you have at least 110 Tron coins (TRX) in your wallet.
  • Copy this link address (https://dollarfuture.io/Auth/Register?refferal=TG5Lt4USimrKTavs875K8eiuJ9FkiiCTpB) and paste it in your dApps browser.
  • Ensure that your upline ID is 7062.
  • Then confirm the transaction and pay from your wallet. Then, hold on for a while for you to be redirected to your dashboard.

The process on registering is simple. If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact me on WhatsApp.

Is DollarFuture Legit or Scam?

At the time of writing, Dollarfuture is legit. The matrix program is decentralized, this means that no hacker can compromise the security to manipulate it or change how it works. Therefore, Dollarfuture is not a scam.

How Much Money Can You Make On The DollarFuture Smart Contract?

Ignore Ponzi schemes and fake investment platforms if you want to make money online. You can make money on dollarfuture if you have a good team which comprises of a good upline and hardworking downlines. With this, you are guaranteed to get regular spillovers and overflows.

How to make money on Dollarfuture

Looking at the picture above, you can make more than millions of dollars by being active on both the X3 and X4 programs. According to the calculations, it is estimated that a member on the 20th slot can earn a minimum of 78,643,200 TRX which is worth over $2,359,296. That’s a big amount of money if you ask me.

If you accumulate thousands of Tron coins from this program, you may not sell all of it. You can store it in your wallet until it booms, then you sell it at higher prices. Alternatively, you can exchange your Tron coins for BTC, ETH or any virtual currency on crypto exchanges.


Accumulating over 1,000,000 TRX (worth $26,000) is possible with the dollarfuture smart contract. However, you cannot achieve this on your own, but teamwork can help you. Even if you don’t like the idea of referring or networking, you can still earn on Dollarfuture, but don’t expect to earn as much as those with referrals.

Moreover, the creators of Dollarfuture gives 100 DLF tokens for free to the first 100,000 thousand people to register on the dollarfuture matrix program. Currently, there are less than 20,000 registered members on Dollarfuture.io, so the door is still open for you to register and get free DLF tokens. So, you have nothing to lose when you join, the low registration fee isn’t a big deal either.

So what are you waiting for? Fund your Tron wallet with at least 110 TRX and get your wallet ready to register. This is an opportunity which you cannot miss. If you have missed the chance to accumulate Bitcoins and Ethereum when it was cheap, here’s another opportunity for you to accumulate TRX and DLF tokens.

If you are looking for a stable and good team to join, feel free to contact me to join my team. I’ll be glad to have you in my DollarFuture group, we can help you build your crypto portfolio and also accumulate Tron coins together. We also guide and provide you with answers to your questions. In case you have further questions about dollarfuture, feel free to drop a comment below. And if you want to join the program, you can contact me on WhatsApp, leave a message and I’ll get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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