DomainKing Affiliate Program: Get 80% Commission Per Sale And Make Money Fast

DomainKing Affiliate Program is one of the initiatives used by internet marketers, bloggers, students, and web designers make money online through affiliate marketing. I presume that you have sorted to the option of making money online in Nigeria.

It’s great to earn money online and that is why affiliate marketing remains my favorite way of making money online in Nigeria and that will make me teach you on how to make money online in Nigerian with the domainking affiliate program

DomainKing is one of the popular, outstanding and reputable domain and web hosting services provider in Nigeria. Domainking is a suitable option which is popular among bloggers, web designers and developers to get their internet domain names and web hosting services at cheap rates.

DomainKing.NG has its offices and outlets based in Nigeria as it provides internet and web hosting services for people looking to open a blog and host their websites in the cyberspace.

Do you know that you can promote domain king services as an affiliate and get 80% commission for each sale recorded with your affiliate link?

This article will guide you on how to join the domainking affiliate program and make money by getting customers and clients who will purchase hosting and internet services provided by domainking. Domainking offers it’s affiliate a commission of up to 80% whenever they direct customers to purchasing it’s hosting plans and services.

Let us be sincere, the domainking affiliate program is an encouragement to affiliate marketers to earn more by being a domainking affiliate.

Top Reasons Why Should You Be A DomainKing Affiliate Marketer

There are so many reasons why you should be a domainking affiliate and promote domainking products. I will list out few reasons why you should be interested in signing up into the domainking affiliate program.

  1. DomainKing has the best web hosting services in Nigeria for web hosting.
  2. Domainking has satisfied a lot of bloggers, webmasters and developers with it’s services.
  3. Domainking is a trusted and reliable company provides good web hosting services.
  4. They have a good customer care support.
  5. Domainking is the best web hosting company in Nigeria that provides cheap internet registration and web hosting services such as unmetered bandwidth on all hosting plans, free domain names (.com and inclusive) on all hosting plans, good customer care support, full email suits that supports SMTP, Webmail, POP3 and email forwarding, 1 click installation for CMS/e-Commerce software like WordPress, Oscommerce and a lots of other tools like file manager, phpMyAdmin, website statistics etc
  6. DomainKing holds a competition/contest for its affiliates which is usually held once or twice in a year and the winners get amazing prices and cash rewards courtesy of domainking.
  7. You get a free N500 as a bonus from domainking when you signup as an affiliate.
  8. Lastly, offer affiliates a commission of up to 80% for every hosting sale.

It has never in the history of Nigeria that a local and indigenous web hosting company will offer its affiliates and partners a commission of 80% for every hosting sign up that is recorded with their link and banners.

No other web hosting company in Nigeria has reached this figure, many Nigerian hosting providers offer a 10%-30% commission for affiliates while some web hosting companies in Nigeria don’t even have an affiliate program at all.

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This is why I recommend you to take advantage of this by joining the DomainKing affiliate program and make a huge commission for yourself. You can earn a maximum of N15,360/per referral if your referred customer chooses the King Plan.

How To Make Money From DomainKing Affiliate Program

The best way by which you can make money fast with the domainking affiliate program is for you to be a website designer or blogger. This is not to say that you will not make money from the domainking affiliate program.

The fact is that as a website designer, you receive orders from people, customers and clients to design blogs for them and whenever these web designers design websites and blogs for their clients, they make use of their affiliate link so as to get a commission for the hosting sale. It isn’t bad but its a way of increasing their earnings and giving them the opportunity to earn more.

As a website designer, you can advertise and create awareness so that you can get clients and offers to design websites and blogs; If you get up to 3 clients a month, your affiliate earnings will increase to a high figure.

Another way to make money from the domainking affiliate program is for you to share your domainking affiliate links to your email subscribers if you have an email list. Also, you can share your domainking affiliate links on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest etc and for people to sign up with your link.

As a life coach, internet and information marketer, you can encourage your subscribers and students to use your affiliate link if they would want to make any order on the domainking website for the purchase of web hosting services.

If you offer offline training on blogging or web design, during your seminars, you can as well encourage your students to sign up with your domainking affiliate link and get a hosting plan.

NOTE THIS: DomainKing only pays its affiliates when they get customers to get web hosting plans, you will not get any commission when they register domain names only.

How to Register And Sign-up for DomainKing Affiliate Program

Signing up as a partner and an affiliate on the DomainKing Affiliate program is very easy and it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to do it and finish your registration. You can register on the affiliate platform with your laptop or mobile phone and follow these steps.

You will have to follow the instructions and adhere to them to avoid making a mistake when registering.

Step 1: If you are not an existing domainking customer, visit the website here and register as a new user.

DomainKing Affiliate Program: How To Sign Up And Make Money Today

Step 2: You will be directed to the account registration page where you will need to input your details like your name, company name, email address, password and other necessary details which will be needed to fill.

DomainKing Affiliate Program: Get 80% Commission Per Sale And Make Money Fast

Step 3: After you have finished filling the signup form. You will need to log into your client area in your account. Now that you are a user, you will need to activate your affiliate account. In your client area, you will see the affiliates tab at the top right navigation bar.

Click on the Affiliate tab and click on “Activate Affiliate Account”. If you are an existing customer with domainking, simply log to your client area, click on the “Activate Affiliate Account” button to activate your membership as an affiliate.

Congratulations, you have successfully joined the domainking affiliate program. On your affiliate dashboard, you will get banners and custom links for your account which will look like

DomainKing Affiliate Program: Get 80% Commission Per Sale And Make Money Fast

Now that you are a domainking affiliate marketer, you need to get customers to buy and get hosting plans with your affiliate link. Your affiliate link and a banner are what will enable your sales to be tracked by domainking and once a sale is recorded, you will get an 80% commission for that sale.

The affiliate dashboard allows you to get the banner codes for you to paste on your blog or website. Your affiliate panel allows you to view the records and statistics of all your referred users in the panel. Your affiliate earnings will mature after 45 days of order activation.

Note that you will get N500 as your signup bonus as an affiliate. The bonus and earnings remain visible in your affiliate dashboard. Once your earnings get to N1000 or more, you can make a withdrawal request and ask for a payout. The affiliate commission gotten from the domainking affiliate program will be paid to your Nigeria bank account within 24 hours of withdrawal request.

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You can contact the domainking customer care support if you need any help, issues, and clarifications regarding the domainking affiliate program. They have 24/7 customer care support. You can contact domainking on or with your bank details for the withdrawal request.

How To Boost Your DomainKing Affiliate Earnings

Aside adding the banner to your website, there are certain things which you have to implement for you to increase your domainking affiliate sales. As a blogger or internet marketer, try telling your friends to buy from your affiliate link.

You can ask around and get new website owners and encourage them to buy from domainking, tell them about domainking hosting services and make sure that they use your link when buying any hosting plan.

Bear it in mind that domainking will not allow self-referrals, that is to say, that you can’t buy a hosting plan for yourself with your affiliate link or banner.

You can try to make a review o the domainking hosting services and include your link in the article. That will increase your affiliate sales and get you more clients.

You can write high quality “NG Review” like the one I have shared on my blog.

How To Withdraw And Cashout From DomainKing Affiliate Program

Before you can cash out from the domainking affiliate program, you should have made a withdrawal request and your available commission balance in your affiliate panel should have reached a threshold of at least N2000. Domainking affiliate commission is paid twice every month which is on the 7th and 21st day of every month.

You will need to submit an address proof and identity proof together with your bank account details (account name, bank name and account number) to receive payment from the domainking affiliate program.

I believe that this article has helped you in the information which you seek on how to make money online through the domainking affiliate program. I encourage you to try it if you haven’t.

Happy Earning!!!




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