ForTron Smart Contract: Everything You Need To Know

ForTron Smart Contract

Smart contracts are fastly becoming one of the quickest ways to make money on the internet. Smart contract programs like Supersage and Forsage TRX are built on the blockchain to allow participants to earn money in cryptocurrencies. Also, the transactions and activities on the smart contract are stored in a public database and they cannot be deleted, hacked or changed.

One of the newest and latest smart contracts on the internet today is the Fortron smart Contract matrix program.  Probably, you stumbled on this page to learn about the Fortron smart contract. Don’t worry, in this article, I will provide you with all the details you need to know about the fortron smart contract program and how you can use it to earn TRON coins to your wallet.

What is Fortron Smart Contract? is a decentralized smart contract program that was launched on Thursday, 10th September 2020 and programmed on the Tron blockchain. The matrix program was designed to distribute income to its participants in the form of the Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency.

It is full decentralized, it is transparent and has no admins, thereby it is free from human control and this eliminates the possibility of the program being shut down or crashing.

How Does Work?

Just like other smart contracts, fortron requires a registration fee to join. Also, you have to a crypto wallet for you to register. An important feature of this smart contract program is that it has low registration fees. With 100 TRX, you can register on Fortron and get your ID.

Fortron has two programs on it, these are:

  • Fortron FTR 3.
  • Fortron FTR 4.

There are 12 slots on the FTR 3 and the FTR 4 and both programs have been designed for you to earn. Once you register, 50 TRX is used to open the first slot on the FTR 3 and another 50TRX is used to open the first slot on the FTR 4.

Fortron FTR 3

ForTron Smart Contract Review

In the FTR3, there are three places on each level. You need at least 3 downlines to fill the places in the slot. You get the fees of the first two slots as commission which is directly sent to your wallet. The fee of the last downline goes to your upline and this reinvests and opens the level for you again.  

  • Payment from the first two slots goes to you.
  • The payment from the third slot reopens the level for you to earn for a lifetime.

ForTron FTR 4

How Does ForTron Work

In the FTR4, there are six downlines slots which you must fill. There are two slots on the first line above and below are four slots. The payment from the first two slots goes to your upline. From the remaining four slots below, you get the downline fee of three positions while the last now will serve as reinvestment and it reopens the level automatically.

  • Payment from the first two places in each level in the FTR 4 goes to the wallet of your superior.
  • Payments from slot 3, 4, and 5 are credited to your wallet.
  • The payment from the sixth slot goes for reinvestment of the level, it reopens the matrix so you can earn for life.

How To Make Money From ForTron

There are many ways that you can use to make money in the fortron smart contract program.

  • Spillovers: These are bonuses which you get from your downlines. Also, you can earn spillovers from your upline if he or she refuses to upgrade to a new level in the program.
  • Overflows: You get huge bonuses from your superior when his slots are filled, since his slots are all filled, the profit which he is supposed to get falls over to his downlines. Overflow is an opportunity that rewards members who can’t refer or recruit new members to the program.
  • Upgrade: When your downline upgrades to a new level, you will be rewarded. However, if your downline overtakes you and upgrades to a level before you, the earning will go to your upline. Therefore, endeavour to upgrade and open new levels on time before your downline to earn.
  • Reinvestment: As a superior, you earn when your partners renew their levels. Once the level is opened, you and your downline earn from it for a lifetime.

ForTron Features

  • It requires a low registration fee of 100 TRX.
  • It is decentralized.
  • Zero-risk.
  • Instant peer-to-peer commission payment.
  • Affordable and cheap to join.
  • Unlimited automated reinvestments.
  • It is built on the Tron blockchain.
  • It has no admin.
  • Payments are instantly sent to the member’s Tron wallet address.

Tips To Succeed In The ForTron Smart Contract

If you are joining Fortron to succeed, here are the things you must do:

1. Join An Active Team

You earn from your upline who referred you into the program. When you have a hardworking upline who is active, you’re guaranteed to get overflows. I have a strong team that can help you achieve your goals in Fortron.

My team is one of the best teams in the Fortron smart contract, we help our members with promotional materials and guides to recruiting downlines and we do our best to stay active and advance to the highest levels in the matrix. Chat me on WhatsApp or contact me on email at

2. Refer And Recruit New Members

Although you can make money from Fortron without referring anyone, however, it is not certain or guaranteed. Instead of waiting to get overflows and spillovers from your upline, you must work to recruit new members.

Don’t allow anyone to fool you into believing that Fortron is a get rich quick scheme that gives you money without referrals. If you are not ready to refer, you should buy enough Tron coins to upgrade to at least the third or fourth level on FTR 4 to earn massively from your team.

3. Upgrade On Time

When you are on a certain level, ensure that you upgrade to the next level on either the FTR 3 or FTR 4 before your referral does so. When you upgrade to a new level on the FTR3 and your downline joins you, you get rewarded.

ForTron Registration (How To Join)

I recommend you to have at least 105-110 TRX in your wallet to cover the registration and transaction fees. At this time of writing, you can get 100 TRX for as low as ₦2,000. If you are looking for where to buy TRON coins, you can contact me on WhatsApp or send a mail to

Here’s what you must do to register for Fortron:

  • Copy this link [ ] and paste it in your wallet browser to register.
  • Ensure that your upline ID number is 16567.
  • Then, click on ‘Register With ForTron’.
  • Confirm the transaction and pay from your wallet. The registration fee will be deducted from your wallet and you’ll be given an ID upon successful registration.


Unlike other matrix programs, ForTron is risk-free because it has no admin, so it cant crash. There’s no limit to what you can earn in this program. You can earn as much as 100,000TRX or more depending on how active and hardworking you are.

Luckily for you, my team provides you with strategies which you can use to recruit new members and progress in this smart contract. Feel free to contact Zara on WhatsApp if you want to register or if you are experiencing difficulties in registering for ForTron.

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