Hello, I’m Nwawulu Gracious Zara, the brain behind this blog which you are reading. I’m a young undergraduate who makes a passive income from the internet. With three years of experience, I have attended so many training and seminars which are related to entrepreneurship, information marketing, affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), networking and digital marketing. I’m one of the opportune Nigerians who has made a passive stream of income legitimately with the knowledge of the internet.

Personally, I help improve the businesses of people and offer services which will help in the growth and development of any online and offline business. I can help build foundations and pillars which are essential in the structure of small, middle and large-scale businesses.

What Can I Do For You?

There are a lot of services which I offer. I will use this page to list of the services which I render:

  1. Content Creation/Content Writing

All the articles and contents which you see on this site are written and developed by me except guest posts and sponsored posts which will be indicated below or above the post article. Asides being a student who is used to the dynamics and use of the English Language, I started writing my own poems and articles since 14 which was when I was in High School. Currently, I’m an undergraduate in one of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria and I still work with clients from my own country and clients from other places in the world. With my skill and expertise in writing, I can develop contents and information for your blog, magazine, website, newspaper, press house or journal.

Business Plan – ₦10,000

Editing/Proof Reading – ₦3,000 (Depends on the word count content)

Article Writing – ₦1,000 for 1,000 words

Testimonial – ₦500 for 1,000 words

No matter the type of content you are looking for, you can bank on me to deliver them with the highest quality. My articles and writings are not plagiarized contents and they also grammatically error free.

  1. Business Consultation

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, student or you are looking for the next line of business to venture in; I can give you tips, advice, and guidance and offer consultation services that will help you and promote your business. You don’t necessarily need to hire me to do anything for you or to make any action. I will fix an appointment with you on the phone, mail or WhatsApp and I will teach you anything you want to know only for a specified period of time. My rates are affordable and moderate for persons interested in this offer. Basically, I charge per time duration involved.

30 Minutes – ₦2,000

I Hour Consultation – ₦3,000

  1. Basic Blog Setup

Do you want to be a blogger and you need helping hands to help you with the basic steps such as registering a domain name, purchasing a hosting plan, installing WordPress, installing nice themes and necessary plugins which will make the blog run well?

Blogger Platform – ₦10,000 (covers domain name registration, site design, and customization, search engine optimization, sitemap creation)

WordPress Platform (Recommended) – ₦30,000 (Covers hosting plans, domain name registration, and blog setup)

  1. Advanced Blog Setup

This is an added advantage for people interested in building a blog that will generate profits for them. I will set up a blog for you and make an addition to the following;

I will give you strategies which for blog traffic generation.

I will help you get the best niche to start-up; it depends on your blog niche and your passion and interest to start-up a blog.

I will help you to make an empirical research on keywords which visitors are searching for.

I give you topics which visitors and readers will love to read on your blog.

I will give you tips that will make you more money from your blog.

Price: ₦50,000

  1. Blog Mentorship & Review

Your blog is fully ready but it’s not bringing the results which you expected. As a blog owner, you might be frustrated with your blog output. You need me to review your site or to mentor you on what you need to do to set things straight and put your blog in the right direction. In doing this, I will critically scrutinize your site, find out the problems and help you fix it and get the possible ways of promoting your blog and also help you promote it.

I will review your blog, give you tips on how to improve the site and mentor you.

Price: ₦7,000/month

NOTE: Due to complexity reasons, I can tailor the rates of my services to suit your demands, You can feel free to contact me if you need any of the services mention and any other services which may not be mentioned above.


If you are game, get in touch with me by sending me a message with a good header to (jayzeedexnation@gmail.com) or call/WhatsApp me on 08061122538.


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