NNU Forum V2 Income Program: How Does It Work?

NNU Forum

The NNUForum V2 isn’t up to one year old, yet it has thousands of members and it is already paying millions of naira to its users every month. A lot of people are interested in the NNU Forum Income Program but they do not have any idea of how the system works.

Remember that if you do not know how this system works, you are in a disadvantaged position of making money on it. No doubt, NNU Forum has come to stay in Nigeria and it serves as a good opportunity for people to earn some money online.

However, not everybody is quite familiar with how the entire system runs. Having noted this challenge, this post was made to guide you and teach you on how NNUForum works?

But before that, I want to let you know that reading this post is not a mistake. You might have come across this post from social media (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc) or from Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, MSN or the Google search engine because you showed interest to know how NNU Income Program works?

Well, you can sit back and probably grab a piece of coffee while I reveal to you the machinery behind the NNU V2 Forum and how the entire system works from scratch.

Before knowing about how the entire system works, there is a need to take you to the back to the basics. Some questions which you might have asked yourself upon reading this post are;

  • What is NNU?
  • What Does NNU Stand for?
  • What is NNUForum V2?
  • Who Is The Founder of NNU Forum?
  • Is NNU Forum Paying?
  • Is NNU Forum Real Or Not?
  • Is NNUForum A Scam?
  • How To Register On NNU Forum?
  • Do NNU Forum Pay Without Referrals?
  • How Can I Make Money On NNU Forum?
  • How To Withdraw Earnings From NNUForum?

If you are already quizzing yourself on some of these questions, you’ll get answers and they will no longer remain unanswered by the time you finish reading this post. Also, I encourage you not to be in a haste to read the post. I took some moments of my personal time to write this guide; I don’t deliver trash or plagiarized content.

I made a commitment that my writeups will provide value and be a source of encouragement and a solution to people’s problems. So, I urge you to take your time to read what I have in stock for you word for word.

What Is NNU?

NNU is an acronym which stands for Nigeria News Update. NNU is a website where news updates and information on Nigeria are published.

NNU is just like the regular news websites where you visit with your mobile phone, tablet or computer system to find the latest news, gist and gossip all over the world.

NNU stands for Nigeria News Update. The website has different sections and categories where posts are posted regularly. On the Nigeria News Update (NNU) website, you’ll find Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Jokes, Gossip, Technology, Lifestyle, Travel, Foreign News, Local News and many other categories.

What is NNU V2?

The NNU V2 is the second version of the Nigeria News Update. If you can recall, there is the first version of the website (NNU.ng), which paid out more than 500 million to people. However, it got to a point where they couldn’t pay everyone and they suspended payment.

The NNU Forum V2 was created in the same light to serve as an income program for Nigerians to make money from home with their internet-connected device. The NNU V2 website can be found on www.nnuforum.com and already, the website has more than five thousand members in less than a month after its launch.

Who Is The Founder of NNU Forum?

The founder of NNU Forum V2 is Paul Samson. Paul Samson is an internet marketer and blogger who has made money from online businesses. Apart from that, he is known for setting up some online programs for Nigerians to make money online.

The NNUForum is his latest invention and this site promises to pay people without referrals. The CEO of the NNU Forum is optimistic that the NNU Forum will be far better than the previous version. When quizzed on how he achieves to pay people without referrals, Paul Samson said that after his experience with the previous version (NNU.ng), he has learnt some lessons and gained insights on how to deal with a large audience and make sure that the everyone gets a share of the payout.

Paul Samson also said that NNU hasn’t crashed, the website is still open and accessible. He also said that he is working on paying those who are yet to be paid on the NNU V1. He also promises huge packages for all members of the NNU Forum V2. So if you still have you’re an NNU V1 account, be alert to know when the payout is going on and you are also encouraged to register for NNU Forum v2.

Is NNU Forum Paying?

NNU Forum is currently paying. The withdrawal threshold in the NNU Forum is ₦5,000. To ensure that everybody gets paid in the platform, payments will be carried out at month-end, this is to ensure that stability is maintained in the NNU Forum.

In the previous version, a withdrawal form was made to allow you to withdrawal whenever you like. The case is different in the NNU Forum. The CEO of NNU Forum revealed that to ensure that everyone gets paid, all payments will be disbursed on the last day of every month. This is a welcome development for Nigerians and no doubt, it will eliminate the loopholes which affected the NNU v1.

Is NNUForum Real Or Not?

NNU Forum is for real and not a scam. Some persons have assumed that NNUForum is another scam scheme which was made to rob Nigerians. However, it is not a scam because it requires a one-time payment to be made.

Also, when you register for NNUForum, you are sure of making back your capital or investment. This is not MLM, where you have to refer people before you cash out. With these facts, we can assure you that NNU is real and not a scam.

Is NNUForum A Scam?

It is quite known that a lot of income programs were created to milk people. Some income programs which made all sorts of promises to people are nowhere to be found today.

These income programs copied NNU’s concept, they were moved to make money and get traffic to their website. However, they didn’t have the structure needed to hold the business and this was why they collapsed.

NNU’s parent company, G-Cybertech is registered and has existed in Nigeria for more than four years. They have the right to sue and they can be sued as well. For now, I can confidently assure you that NNU Forum is not a scam.

Do NNU Forum Pay Without Referrals?

Of course, NNUForum pays without referrals. You might have shied away from NNU Forum probably because you are not a good networker or that you are not expert in getting referrals. The good news is that you don’t actually need to have referrals before getting paid on NNUForum.

If you are sceptical about joining the NNUForum, you should have it at the back of your mind that you don’t have anything to lose, since you will definitely get paid with or without referrals.

How To Make Money On NNU Forum?

If you are wondering on how to make money in the NNU Forum, there are six different ways to make money on NNU Forum. These methods allow you to earn more money from the NNU Forum. You can leverage these methods to increase your earnings in the program. The following ways are the top 6 ways of making money on the NNU Forum;

  • You earn ₦50 when you login into your NNUForum account every single day. When you should log in to your account in all the 30 days in the month, you are bound to make money for your active logins.
  • You can also make money on the NNU Forum by posting topics on the forum. NNUForum has a community where members get to socialize and interact. If you should make any topic on that forum and it gets approved, you are bound to get ₦200. However, you cannot just post any topic and expect that it gets approved. To get your forum topic approved, you should post a relevant and interesting topic which should engage forum members into the discussion. If you can get 5 posts approved daily on the forum, you are sure of making ₦1,000 daily. To get your posts approved quickly, make your contents unique; don’t make plagiarized or copied contents.
  • You also earn ₦10 when you read forum posts.
  • You’ll also earn ₦20 when you comment on each post posted on the forum.
  • Also, you can earn on the NNUForum by sharing the viral post on Facebook. As a member of the NNUForum, there is a sponsored post which you’ll be posting every day. This post will be shared on your Facebook timeline and you will be paid ₦100 for the task. Sharing the post is compulsory if you must get paid on NNUForum.
  • Lastly, the NNUForum Affiliate Program is the best way to earn money on the NNU Forum. The affiliate program allows you to earn ₦1,000 for each person you refer to the program. If you should invite your friends, families and relatives to join NNU, you are sure of making ₦1,000 for each of them you bring into the program. If you can invite up to 20 persons every month, you are sure fo making more than ₦20,000 every month. This serves as an additional way of making money even if you are a student, worker, an employee with a 9-5 job or a person who is looking for ways to make money from home.

How To Register On NNU Forum

Registering on the NNU Forum is very easy. To simplify the process, I have made a detailed post on how to register for NNU Forum. The registration is not as technical as you may think, it takes less than five minutes to complete the registration form.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. You’ll be taken to the NNUForum registration page where you get to input your name, email address, your username, referral and your password.

NNU Forum Registration

If you see your Referral name as ‘NNU’, endeavour to change it to ‘ZaraTheDon’ (this will not increase the registration fee but rather, it will enable me to get my affiliate commission).

Scroll down and write your password and confirm your password. As for your payment method, there is no bank deposit method, to ensure that your payment gets verified quick, you can use an ATM payment or pay with EPIN coupon.

NNU Forum V2 Registration

You can get the names and numbers of NNU coupon distributors on the website. Also, you can contact Zara on 08061122538 via WhatsApp to get your NNU EPIN coupon for ₦1,400. Once your payment gets verified, your account becomes activated and you will receive a welcome bonus of ₦50 when you login into your NNUForum login account.

How To Withdraw Earnings From NNU Forum

Wetin You Gain if You Join NNU Forum and you no Withdraw“; this statement means that what will you gain if you join the NNU Forum and you didn’t withdraw your money. The objective of the NNU forum is to serve as an earning opportunity for you to make money online.

Hence, it is important that you withdraw your money as at when due. The minimum amount for withdrawal is ₦5000 and there is no maximum amount for withdrawal; which means that you can earn as much as you want.

Also, it is imperative to know that NNU Forum pays you referrals and that is why you need to join the early birds to join them now. The withdrawal form is open on the last day of every month and this is the period where you get to cash out your money.


If you can recall, the major problem of the NNU v1 was due to high population, which made them unable to pay all. Then they made it compulsory for users to have referrals before getting paid. NNU is acclaimed to be the most trusted money website in Nigeria. The guarantee users that they will pay without referrals.

The registration fee for entry into NNU Forum v2 is ₦1,400, which isn’t a big deal compared to how much people spend on data and airtime top-up. You shouldn’t be doubtful about joining the NNU Forum Income Program. NNU Forum is worth your investment and this is why I encourage you to join now. I’m always available if you have questions surrounding this platform, don’t forget to CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR NNU FORUM.



  1. Well, the first version came with lots of opportunities but the end result really let a lot of people down. I wondered if this one would work out since most people will be eventually doubtful to join the platform.
    Regardless of whatever that might have happened, I’m confident that this one would work out. Your guide on how nnu works really opened my eyes and I’m able to see the benefits that await me as I join,
    Hopefully, I will get paid since it’s not needed for anyone to have referrals before payment is made. Nice tutorial on this.

    • Dear Abraham,
      I’m not myopic to see what you did and dont be suprised to see this too, Winks!!! However, the baton is in your hands, the ball is in your court. Take advantage of the platform and make money from the program.
      Nothing lasts on this earth, so I urge you to take the bull by the horns and capitalise on the NNU Forum now that it is on!. Thanks for dropping by, wish to see you soon.


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