How To Make Money Online As A Student By Vlogging

How To Make Money Online By Vlogging

In this article, you will get to know vlogging can make money for you online as a vlogger. Even if you are not a student, you are encouraged to read on because you will find some valuable information which you will use to start up and make money from your vlogging business.

In one of my posts, I taught my blog visitors and readers on students can make money by blogging on campus. This time around, I will reveal an untapped business with low competition which students can use to make money in school. Vlogging is one of the best ways to work from home and make money online. Students can make money for themselves by vlogging on their school campus and make money with that skill.

What is a Vlog?

In my definition, I would define a vlog as an online platform where people can express their opinions, share their thoughts, pass messages, give out visual content and information in the form of video. Unlike a blog that has both videos, images, graphics and words made up of its content; A Vlog is strictly made up of videos. In order words, a vlog is a platform where people share videos for the sake of passing a message to viewers.

Who is a Vlogger?

Make Money As A Vlogger

A Vlogger is a person who controls, handles and manages a vlog. The role performed by a vlogger on his vlog is to publish videos to get people’s attention and views. A vlogger is not restricted to posting a particular type of video.

The videos published by vloggers could be anything which they feel to share such as dancing video, music videos, entertainment videos, sport videos, religion videos, news videos, viral videos, tutorial videos, educational videos, teaching videos, do it yourself videos etc.

A good platform to start up a vlog is Youtube. Right now, the best platform chosen by vloggers to start up their own vlog is on Youtube. The reason is that Youtube is owned by Google and it happens to be the number one video streaming platform in the world.

Thousands of videos are uploaded by people (vloggers) every day on their youtube channel and youtube gets more than a hundred million views on its platform.

How Students Can Get Started As A Vlogger In Campus

How Students Can Make Money Online By Vlogging

To get started as a Vlogger, you need to have a vlog on any Vlogging platform where you get to publish and post your videos. You can get to share whatever information you wish to share on your blog. The best tip I will give you is to share the type of information which will attract people and get attention, with that way you will get views on your vlog.

Attractive videos are the type of videos that get the best views from people. This shouldn’t warrant you to post nude or romantic/ por*ographic videos because it may kill your vlog. A vlogging platform like Youtube bans and disables the account of vloggers whose videos are filled with explicit and s*xual inducement videos.

More so, even if you go to sites that accept s*xual or romantic videos, your vlog will not grow or get popularity because it will only be viewed by those who are addicted to po*nography. I hope you understand?

As a student, you can vlog about the happenings in your campus such as examination news, Post-UTME screening examination news, SUG news, live election update etc.

As a vlogger on campus, you can take videos of school protests, beauty pageants, convocation, ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, talent shows, matriculation and graduation ceremonies which are held in your school campus.

To get started as a Vlogger, you can get a camera, video recorder, camcorder or any device which you can use to take videos of anything going on in your school. With the production of mobile phones, students can use their phones to records videos and get it posted on their vlog.

Nowadays, there are good smartphones that capture pictures and make videos with the best quality, if you don’t have enough money to buy a camcorder or video recorder, you can make use of a mobile phone with a good camera to take your videos and get it posted on your blog.

If you have a laptop or a computer system, that will be an added advantage because you can get premium software which you can use to edit the videos. When editing the videos, you could add a logo or any image which will site you as the source and give people the impression that you are the owner of the video.

Most importantly, note that you will need to be consistent as you manage your blog. Be the first or be among the first to post about any news or information, who knows if it may go viral. You can be a viral vlogger or a travel vlogger and make money as a student.

How To Make Money as a Vlogger

To make money online as a Vlogger, you have to have enough traffic and views on your vlog videos. Not that Instagram is a video platform but they do not pay you for getting views on your videos, a platform like Youtube pays vloggers when they have views on their uploaded videos.

Google has a monetizing platform which is Google Adsense, it integrated this program with the Youtube video platform, through Google Adsense, Youtubers and vloggers can make money when they get views on their videos on youtube.

Daniel Robert Middleton is one of the richest Youtubers in the world, he happens to be the richest Youtuber in 2017, with a youtube channel of 16,000,000 (sixteen million subscribers), Daniel Middleton made over $16.5 million (about GB£12.2 million) in 2017, he makes videos about games like Minecraft, Boom and Pokemon on his youtube channel.

With Google Adsense approved youtube account, you can make as much as you can make if you have thousands and millions of views on your youtube channel.

As a student, even if you are not vlogging about your school news, you can vlog and make videos of anything that catches your fantasy, it could be a documentary about nature, it could be a tutorial of cooking/craft making, it could be on gaming and on sports, it could be on celebrity videos and news, politics etc.

The principal thing is for you to grow your vlog, get many subscribers and views on your vlog. Videos get people’s attraction faster than words or images, this is one of the reasons why video advertisement do better compared to text and banner advertisements.

As a vlogger, you can get advertisement offers from companies and brands to advertise, create awareness and post an advert video of their brand on your own blog, you make money by charging them for advertisement made on your vlog.

Extra Tips On How To Get Started As a Vlogger

How To Make Money Online As A Student By Vlogging

You must create your own videos yourself if you get to upload videos which have been uploaded and watched by other people, your chances of getting a lot of views will be low since nobody will want to watch and view what he or she has seen before.

Besides, you could get sued with lawsuits for copying and making money from the videos of other people. A vlogging platform like youtube will remove and take down your video if they discovered that you uploaded a copyright infringement material.

Try as much as possible to be unique and provide original materials to your audience, with that way your vlog will grow in a space of time.

How To Make Money Vlogging

Vlogging Tips: How To Make Money Vlogging

The killer question you would probably ask yourself as you are reading this article is “How Can I Make Money For Myself By Vlogging?”. There are several ways to make money when running a vlog.

1. Google Adsense is one of the simplest ways you can earn money for yourself by vlogging. Adsense is an ad-viewing platform which is owned by Google. With Adsense enabled on your YouTube account, you can make a whole lot of money for yourself when people visit your vlog to watch videos.

2. You can also earn from your vlog by promoting people’s products. This is called affiliate marketing. You can sign up as a n affiliate with any company like Commission Junction, eBay, Amazon, Ali express etc and promote their offers. You get commissions when you make sales with your affiliate link. Sounds easy.

3. You can also make money through sponsored videos made on your blog. If you have large fanbase or following on your blog, brands will flock around you to help you sell their products. They pay you to upload promotional videos for their products on your vlog; you can get to make a fortune from this especially if you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers or followers on your vlog.

4. Create a Patreon Page: Not everyone knows this but you can actually make money when you create a Patreon page for your videos. Patreon is an online platform which is created for unique content makers. Your audience donates money every month to see your videos. How cool?

Lastly, you can get a lot of views on your vlog if your video quality is top notch, nobody will like to watch any video that is blurred or isn’t interesting. Interact with your subscribers and encourage them to keep peeping at your channel/vlog to watch more videos.

Always remember to put out great content and be consistent in your delivery. If your content and videos are great, your vlog will become popular. It’s not rocket science; it’s up to you to focus on your brand and work on it.

Now that you have known how to make money as a student through vlogging, even if you are not a student, this article has given you ideas on tips on vlogging and how you can make money as a vlogger. I want you to be inspired and encouraged as you employ the tips which are given in this article, you can read other articles on this blog to see more money making opportunities.

Let us know what you think about being a vlogger and earning from it. Happy Earning !!!


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