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How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

by Zara
how to make money online without paying anything in nigeria

How possible is it to make money online without paying anything? Certainly, many people are interested to know the best ways to make money online. The real deal is that you can make money online with little or no financial investment. If you are keen on building an online business, I’ll show you the genuine ways to make money online without spending a dime or paying anything.

There are various things you can do to make money online. If you should set up an online business as a side hustle, there are high chances for you to can a stable flow of income from that business.

This guide reveals how to make money online and earn passive income. In this article, I will show you the top 10 ways to make money online without paying anything.

Can I Make Money Online For Free?

You can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars online every month without investing. However, this is not rocket science neither is it a trick which you can just wake up and earn money with the snap of your fingers.

Right now, it all seems like everyone is looking for a way to make money for free. A lot of people have chosen to make money online because it is not capital intensive and it is very easy to startup. If you are a teenager, undergraduate or a secondary school student, you can use this guide to make money as a student and still pass exams.

One major advantage of making money online it is flexible over other business because you can leverage on it to earn money from home and earn during your leisure time. There are many ways to make money online, but not all of them are genuine.

A lot of people, especially young people engage in internet fraud, online scam (popularly known as yahoo-yahoo). Sadly, many people are learning how to start yahoo-yahoo without knowing the consequences, dangers and implications of their actions. I implore you to shun any activity that will make you make money by scamming other people.

Top 10 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

If you are searching for ways to make money online without spending a dime, then you should check out some of the genuine ways to make money online which you can start anytime.

1. Affiliate Marketing

how to make money online

Affiliate marketing offers an easy way for anyone to make money online. Despite being one of the popular methods of making money online globally, affiliate marketing is free to start; you don’t need to pay anything before you become an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting people’s products and getting commissions when you record a sale. In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to have any product, you just get a product which is hot in demand and get people to buy or refer customers to buy using your affiliate link.

An affiliate marketer is someone who promotes and markets a product; such person is paid and given commissions whenever he brings prospective customers to purchase a product. The more customers you refer/the more products you sell, the more money you stand to make in affiliate marketing.

The whole process is simplified and can be automated; as an affiliate marketer, you’ll be given a link which has your ID, you promote the link and when you refer customers to signup with that link or purchase any product, you get to earn a percentage of the sale (commission).

There are many affiliate networks which you can register and become an affiliate. Any platform that charges you to become their affiliate is possibly out to scam you.

You can register on affiliate networks such as Jvzoo, Maxbounty, ShareASale, Commission Junction (CJ), Clickbank etc. You can promote your affiliate links on a website/blog, forums, YouTube and social media platforms.

2. YouTube   

how to make money online without paying anything on youtube

YouTube is an additional way to make money online without investment. If you know how to create videos, you can definitely make money from YouTube.

Apart from Google, people go to YouTube to search for queries; be it tutorials, courses, how-tos and Do It Yourself (DIY) guides to do anything. You can open a YouTube channel to teach people how to code, how to cook + cooking recipes or practical ways to make money online.

You can’t just open a YouTube channel today and expect that it makes money the next day. You’ve to grow your channel before you can make money on YouTube. Once you start getting view and subscribers, your channel will be enabled for monetization.

how to make money on youtube without making videos

With this, you can make money on your YouTube account as people get to watch your videos. Opening a YouTube account is free; you don’t need to pay a dime to set up once. What you need is a Gmail account, then you are good to go.

3. Paid Surveys       

There are free surveys and there are paid surveys. A free survey gets your feedback on any topic for free; here, no reward is attached. On the other hand, a paid survey website measures your view on a particular topic or product in exchange for money.

A paid survey website can make a survey on mobile networks in Nigeria to know which networks are strong in your area. You are sure of making some commissions or getting paid when you complete surveys like this especially if the platform is legitimate.

Paid survey websites are really scarce and you can only get a few genuine ones in Nigeria and other parts of the world. On normal circumstances, survey websites are completely free to join; you don’t have to pay a dime to join any paid survey platform.

How To Make Money Online As a Student In Nigeria

In countries like the United States of America, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, a lot of young people make money from online surveys. However, in Nigeria, it is difficult to get an online survey platform that pays high as those in European countries.

One of the ways to identify fraudulent survey websites is to know if you are requested to pay before taking part in their surveys. There are a lot of things you should know before joining any survey site. One of them is to check to see if they are registered (legit) and check their payment method. If your plan is to make money online from paid survey websites, ensure that you make good research. Some of the reliable survey sites for Nigerians are Mobrog, Opinion World and Triaba. For years, Triaba (www.triaba.com/ng) has been trusted for paying each time a task is completed.

4. Social Media Marketing

how to earn money online in nigeria as a student 2020

Alternatively, you can make money online as a social media marketer. Social media marketing is a digital skill that makes you money when you handle people’s social media accounts. Also, you can make money through social media marketing when you help brands, businesses and companies to push their businesses on social media platforms.

Social media marketing is an online business that is completely free. You don’t need to pay a dime for you to be a social media marketer, the only thing you need to purchase is data to stay online.

If you are a regular user of the internet, you might have seen social media pages of businesses/brands like UBA, Fidelity Bank, Coca Cola, EFCC, Jumia etc. The people who run the accounts of these brands are not the CEO, General Manager or even the Managing Director, it is the job of a social media marketer. If you know how to keep people engaged online, you can decide to handle social media accounts for people and make money from it. There are brands that pay N40,000 to N200,000 for social media marketers.

People who own data reselling businesses ventures hire social media marketers to help them promote their business on Facebook and social media. However, you are paid depending on your expertise. Social media marketing is a digital marketing skill; you can get courses to advance your knowledge.

5. Information Marketing

legit ways to make money online without investment

Information marketing is another way to make money without paying to start. You should tryout information marketing if you have failed to identify any way to make money online.

You need to have knowledge in a particular field in you are keen on making money from this. Can you prepare tantalizing dishes? If yes, you can teach people how to prepare delicious meals and make money from it. You can create a detailed ebook to teach people how to do anything (It could be how to cook, how to design a blog, how to code etc), give it a price tag and market it.

This is one of the profitable ways to earn money online. If you create an ebook of 30 pages on how to design a website, and you market it to people who are interested in it, they will be willing to pay. If not all, a handful number of them will express interest to get it.

You can decide to do a promo bonus and reduce the price tag for a particular number of persons. If possible, you can create a premium group for your class on WhatsApp and teach your students what they should know. These days, people pay to join WhatsApp groups to learn about forex trading, mini importation, digital marketing etc. In the same vein, you don’t need to pay anything to teach people about any skill. Rather, you are the one who makes money by tutoring people.

6. Google PlayStore + Mobile App

Google Playstore is the number one place Andriod smartphones users visit to get mobile applications. You can also publish your mobile application on Google Playstore and make money from your users. If you know how to create a mobile app or you already have a mobile app, you can make money when you get your app on Google Playstore.

You can monetize your application with Google Admob, a platform owned by Google which pays app owners for showing adverts on their app. If your app is approved by Google Admob, get the app published on Google Playstore and get people to install the application.

It is not easy to design an app; you can learn how to create an app on Google and YouTube videos and create your own app. Google Admob is free, you don’t pay to have your app approved. The only thing you pay is to have your app on Google Playstore. Also, if you don’t have money to upload your app on Google Playstore, you can still have your app approved on the Google Admob, share your app to your friends on social media, get people to install it and make money from it.

7. Web Design/Web Developer

You can also make money online by designing blogs and websites. People go to computer schools to learn how to design a website. Virtually every businessman desire to have his brand on the internet. There has caused a high demand for web designers.

make big money online for free

You can make money online when you develop a theme and offer it to website owners and bloggers for a fee. People visit EnvatoThemes, TemplateYard, MyThemeShop etc to purchase themes for their website. The good news is that you don’t really need to know how to code before creating a website. Apparently, you can create a professional website without writing a single line of code.

You don’t really need to be a programmer to create blogs on platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger (Blogspot), Drupal. If you are skilled in web design, you can create websites for individuals & companies and make money from it. The appearance of a website is affected by its theme or template. When you can design a theme, you can sell it on forums and sites. Alternatively, you can create your own theme shop where people will visit to purchase themes.

8. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a legitimate way of making money online. Adsense is a contextual ad company owned by the BIG G, known as Google. Google is a big company that owns YouTube, Blogspot and so many other businesses. Adsense is a contextual advertisement company where big business brands go to advertise their products, services and offers.

how to make money online without doing anything

You can make money online as a Google Adsense publisher. However, not everyone can be a publisher on the Adsense platform. Google has a tight screening procedure which it uses to approve publishers.

You must have any of the following;

  • A YouTube channel
  • A Blog.
  • A Mobile App.
  • You must be 18 years and above.

If you have a YouTube channel or a blog, you can apply to get an Adsense account. Google shares the revenue with publishers and pays them monthly if they have reached a threshold of $100. Many bloggers love Google Adsense, you can find Google Ads on Legit.ng, Lindaikejiblog, Complete Sports Nigeria, Techradar, BellaNaija and other popular blogs.

Google Adsense registration is completely free to join you don’t have to pay anything to have an Adsense account (unless you purchase one from a 3rd party). However, Google will not charge you a dime to join the Adsense platform.

9. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the recommended ways to earn extra income online. You don’t need to pay anything to make money from freelancing. As a matter of fact, freelancing is the easiest and quickest ways anyone can make money online. As a freelancer, you are the boss, you are responsible for the services you offer and the money you get.

When you provide services online and get clients, you are a freelancer. You can choose to work as a full-time or part-time freelancer. The freelancing business is a booming opportunity for anyone to earn money from the internet.

You set your own work hours and can also work from home. A lot of housewives and housewives make money by offering freelance services to people. A freelancer is any person who offers certain services to people on a short-term basis. For instance, a freelance writer can be contacted to write a business plan for drop-shipping which should be ready in 5 working days.

The freelancer writer gets paid when the work is ready within the five-day period. There are freelance websites where you can register to be a freelancer. You don’t need to make an investment to become a freelancer. Freelancing remains an ideal option for anyone searching for genuine ways to make money on the internet without paying anything.

You can work for more than two people at the same time, finish their jobs and get more gigs. You can offer any skill on freelance sites and get clients. Some of the freelance services you can offer to your clients are;

  • Web design.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Video Editing.
  • Voice Over.
  • Content Writing.
  • Copywriting.
  • Guest Posting.
  • Link Building.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Proofreading & Editing.
  • Virtual assistance
  • Graphics design (Create Banners, Greeting cards, Book Design cover, Logo etc.)
  • Transcription services.
  • E-Book Writing.
  • Logo Animation.
  • Crowdfunding.
  • Web Traffic.
  • Web Analytics.
  • Mobile Marketing & Advertising.
  • E-Commerce Marketing.
  • Influencer Marketing.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Animated GIFs.
  • Mixing & Mastering.
  • Sound Effects.
  • Vocal Tuning.
  • Singer-Songwriters.
  • Voice Over.
  • Chatbots.
  • Support & IT.
  • Game Development.
  • Website Building & CMS.
  • WordPress.
  • Market Research & Analysis.
  • Business Plans.
  • Branding Services.
  • Legal Consulting,
  • Lead Generation.
  • Business Tips.
  • Relationship Advice.
  • Gaming.
  • Fitness.
  • Health and Nutrition.
  • Viral Videos.
  • Arts & Crafts.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Facebook/Instagram Advert.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Programming.
  • Translation.
  • Mobile Development and many more.

If you have these skills and you are capable of delivering excellent work, you can sign up on any online marketplace or a freelance website, complete your profile with your portfolio and apply for available jobs.

Some of the freelance platforms are;

  1. Fiverr.
  2. Freelancer.
  3. Upwork.
  4. Guru.
  5. iWriter.
  6. PeoplePerHour.
  7. Vigowork.
  8. Asuqu.
  9. Toptal.
  10. DesignCrowd.
  11. Project4Hire.
  12. Contently,
  13. Yokebay.
  14. Jolancer.
  15. 99Designs.
  16. Gigs Nigeria.
  17. JustFrom5k.com
  18. SourceGig.
  19. Oyeer.com.
  20. Simplyhired.

The list is endless, you don’t really need to get a degree or certification in freelancing before you offer freelancing services. Before my blogs generated its first dollar, I was already offering freelancing services to people.

I testify of my good freelance writing skills; this got me clients, who were interested in working with me. I adopted freelancing as a side hustle and it settled some bills during my time in school, You can also become a freelancer if you want to make money as a student.

9.1. Freelance Writing

A great writer is someone who is able to create professional articles, write-ups and contents that has little or no grammatical blunders. A professional writer doesn’t copy people’s write-ups or plagiarises their works. If you are skilled in writing, you can work as a freelancer content writer on freelance platforms and get paid for it.

Freelance writing is one of the ways I make money online without paying anything. As a freelance writer, you can perform ghostwriting, creative writing, blog post writing, article writing, newsletter writing, ebook writing and other forms of writing jobs.

how to make money online without any investment

You can earn more than $500 monthly writing for clients. There are various methods which people use to pay a freelance writer. You can be paid depending on the quality of the content, the word count or the number of characters you write. As a freelancer, you are paid according to the effort you put in the work. The money contents you create, the more money you make.

You can sign up and register as a freelancer on any online marketplace or freelance platforms and apply for writing jobs online. Most projects can be a short-term one and some can be a long-term project. If your work is good, the client would like to work with you for an extended period of time.

9.2. Graphics Design

Graphics design is an in-demand service which can be rendered on freelance platforms. As a graphic designer, you are tasked with the responsibility of creating artworks such as banner, logo design, greeting card etc. Good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw is an added advantage for you. If you’re creative enough, you will be cashing out as a freelance graphic designer.

How To Make Money Online As a Student

You’ll need a laptop or computer system to do graphic design freely without hindrances and hassle. You can also advertise your works and previous designs on Instagram and get more clients.

9.3. Voice Over

You can also make money on the internet by lending your voice. Regardless of how your voice is; you can be hired to make a voice over for a song or an advert. Freelancers can also lend their voice to be used in a movie, radio advert or song. If you have a great voice with a bright pitch or a smooth and touching voice, you can be hired to voice over in a song. For males with a deep baritone, they can be hired for a song, narrate a story, or for an advert which requires a masculine voice to convey a message across to the audience.

make money online without paying anything

When you get a client, who is in need of your service, all you need to do is to record your voice, save the file, forward it to the client and get paid. You don’t need to pay anything to use your voice. The only thing you may pay for is a piece of recording equipment or a studio session. However, you can use your phone if the recording is clear enough.

9.4. Video Marketing

how to earn money online without investment for students

In this period, brands use video marketing as a strategy to promote their products or market their service. Video marketing has proven to increase audience engagement as it builds trust and credibility for the brand. A lot of brands are aware of the benefits of video marketing; this is why they source for video marketers to help them create and market videos which will educate their customers on their service.

9.5. Programming

Programming involves the act of designing and creating a set of instructions which tells a computer the way to do a task. Computer languages such as Java, Python, DQL, C++, Javascript, Ruby etc which can be used to program the way the computer behave.

Programming is not easy to learn, neither is it easy to write codes for hours. However, if you can program well, you’ll make money when you offer your services.

9.6. Branding Services

The power of branding cannot be written off in any business or organizations. For every business to make an impression before its customers or beat its competition, that business has to be branded. A branding expert creates an effective brand strategy that enables a business to stand out from its competition, target the right customers and grow the business. As a freelancer, you can offer branding services and help business on how to market themselves and develop their brand.

9.7. Translation Services

Are you a linguist or you are probably conversant with many languages, then this is for you. You can offer translation service s and get paid for it. If you can convert and translate languages, you’ll definitely make money on freelance platforms. The job is a simple one, you get the document from your client, translate the language in the document and you get paid for it.

9.8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is another skill that is highly demanded in the digital market. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization and it deals with how a site ranks higher in web search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Yahoo etc.

earn money online without investment for students

A lot of companies hire SEO experts to optimize their business website for it to improve in search engines. SEO is very useful in marketing because it helps a website to get organic search engine traffic. If you have real SEO skills, you can make money by helping people to rank their website for certain keywords.

A legal consultant offer advice to individual, businesses, brands or organizations on how to deal with legal matters. Legal consultant services are needed by businesses, who are willing to get advice on how they can handle tax,  along with other legal issues.

A legal consultant who provides advice on business and financial matters such as ‘how to register my business name’, ‘how to incorporate my company with the CAC’ etc is likely to get clients on freelance platforms.

9.10. Chatbots

A Chatbot is a computer program or a piece of software that is designed to stimulate conversation just the way a human being would behave in a conversation. Chatbots are programmed to work without human interference. It is created to communicate independently from a human operator.

These days, Chatbots are now used by companies and brands for marketing purposes. If you can create a chatbot, you can market that skill on freelance platforms and get paid for creating chatbots for people. A chatbot is very useful in business. Little wonder why financial institutions such as the United Bank for Africa (UBA) integrated it in their system to render more services to their customers.

10. Blogging

Blogging has been verified as one of the best ways to earn money online. As a matter of fact, I contemplated removing ‘Blogging’ from this list. However, it became clear to me that this article will be incomplete if Blogging wasn’t listed.

A blog is an online directory where you feed your readers with useful topics and interesting information. Every blog has a particular area of interest where it creates content that feeds people on information about that subject.

This is one of the key principles which bloggers have used to generate traffic to their site. With the right strategy, you can earn six figures every month from blogging. With the high number of blogs created on a daily basis, it is verified that blogging is very profitable.

how to make money online for beginners

However, it is important to know that blogging is lucrative, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You can start up a blog today and may not earn from it till after six months or even a year. Blogging requires patience, time and effort before you can start earning from it.

When you are consistent in blogging, your audience grows, your traffic grows, you gain more authority in your niche and you make money from your blog.

If you have enough traffic on your blog, you’ll be able to monetize the blog by promoting any affiliate product, or promoting your service or signing up for Pay Per Click (PPC) ad programs such as Google Adsense, ProperllerAds, Media.net etc.

You can set up a blog for free at Blogger.com or WordPress.com today and gain experience of how blogging works. If you have enough cash with you, you can get a custom domain name, get a hosting plan and set up a self-hosted blog.


What do you really have to offer? Have you got skills such as typing skills, digital marketing skills, singing, writing, graphic designing, taking photos, voice-over or do you offer any product or service which you can use to make money online?

You can market your skill or offer a service and get paid for it. This is a sure method you can use to start making money today. Many online programs and eCommerce platforms will require you to pay for a plugin or course before you earn money online.

But with these skills, you don’t need to make any financial investment or commitment to earn. Your creativity is enough to make money for you. If you have the real talent inside of you, you can provide these skills to people and market it to people on the internet without investment.

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