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How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

by Zara
How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

Have you ever thought about how to make money as a student or undergraduate in the universities and higher institutions? As you get to study for degrees and honours in various levels of education, you can still keep yourself busy by working after school hours. In doing so, you can be able to make money while schooling. 

In this post, I will be sharing hints on the 70 things you can do to make money as a student in Nigeria. Whether you are a secondary school student or an undergraduate in any Nigerian university, you’ll find business ideas to make money as a student in this article, KEEP READING TO FIND IT!!!

One of the various challenges faced by Nigerian students actually lies in getting money to sustain themselves in school. A lot of students (especially freshers and newly admitted students) who flood higher educational institutions to study face shortage of funds.

Consequently, they demand money from their parents while in school. There are ways by which Nigerian undergraduates and students can use to maximize their opportunities and capitalize on the university environment to make extra income and revenue while studying in the tertiary institution.

Let’s figure out how you too can make money in Nigeria as a student without allowing the business to affect or clash with your studies and academics.

Table of Contents

70 Business Ideas Students Can Use To Make Money While Schooling In Nigeria

Here is a complete guide on the things that you need to do to make money as a student in Nigeria. Free free to go through the list below.

1. Basic Computer Skills

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria online

You are lamenting that you have no job or skills that will make you money in school but you have a computer system, all you do is to download latest movies, chat and flex, that’s all. Instead of filling your laptop with music clips, cartoons and celebrity pictures, why not turn it to an asset by using it to offer computing skills.

You can get productive with your computer system or laptop by helping students with basic computer skills such as typing, scanning their document, lamination,  photocopy etc. Make use of your opportunity when it is in your hands !!!

2. Tutorial Center

The university is a jungle, not every student keeps up with the lectures taught in their various courses of study. Some student finds it difficult to understand certain courses. You can decide to organize tutorials and lessons for students who need a private tutor to assist them in their studies.

Organizing private lessons and tutorials is a good way to make money in higher institutions. With the number of students with carry-over courses, you can make money as a tutor whenever you teach them.

The reason why I like this option is that you can curtail and fix the lessons at any time that is convenient for you. You can decide to fix the lessons after school hours at any cool or available spot in the school. Having a tutorial centre in your school wouldn’t affect your studies if you plan and schedule your time well.

You can help and assist your junior counterparts and students in your faculty or department during weekends and charge them per hour or per class attended. If you are brilliant and loved by your students, you can make more than N20,000 by organizing tutorials classes as a student.

3. Disc Jockey (DJ) services

Have you ever thought of making money as an undergraduate by offering DJ services? You don’t need to have all the studio equipment owned by DJ Jimmy Jatt for you to be a DJ. If you have a laptop or computer system, you can download and install any DJ application (Virtual DJ software) on your laptop/computer system.

Your departmental colleagues and fellow students shouldn’t hire the services of a DJ outside the school premises when you offer Disc Jockey services. There is a high demand for DJs at social events, parties and meetings in school.

4. Become an MC or Comedian

If you are bold, eloquent and funny, you can make money as a student by as an MC or a comedian. You can make money in school by being a Master of Ceremony (MC) at a social gathering in your school, it could be a birthday ceremony or party.

When people notice your skills as an MC or comedian/comedienne, they will look for you to host their events. Then, you will be the one who will be charging them for bookings.

5. Electrician

If you are good at fixing electrical appliances and devices, you can make money in your campus by wiring the hostels, lodges and rooms of your fellow students and charge them for your service. At times, you can make money as a student by doing some things which you didn’t consider important.

Most students do not know how to fix their electrical fans, bulbs and fix naked cables in their lodges for fear of vandalising it or getting electrocuted. You can make money from your fellow students by fixing generators and electrical devices owned by your fellow students.

6. Make Money As A Student Through Modelling

If you are an upcoming/uprising model, you can as well make money from offering modelling services. Come to think of it, models are discovered in schools through beauty pageants and competitions.

Also, a lot of brands, beauty and cosmetic companies take trips to these contests to shop for the perfect model from their brand. As a model, you can win a contract or secure an endorsement as a model for people.

Being a model comes with pride as you get spotlight and attention from people but that shouldn’t make you drop or lose focus in your studies. All that is needed is for you to show up for photoshoots and video advertisement and you get paid by promoting brands.

NOTE: The modelling industry in Nigeria has been abused and bastardized, I advise that you should be watchful and vigilant so that you won’t be exploited or used while trying to be a model.

7. Make Money As A Student Through Bulk SMS Business

Another way through which you can make money as an undergraduate in Nigeria is through Bulk SMS business. The higher institution is a big world of its own, information needs to be passed and disseminated from the higher authority down to the students.

Through this medium, you can make money as a student by offering bulk SMS services for people to send a message to their members in school. Many groups such as campus fellowships, departments, course/class representative, student union politicians need to get the information down to their members.

If you have a Bulk SMS website, you can do this and charge people for your services. If you don’t have a bulk SMS website, you can simply create one, or hire a web designer to do it for you or simply register with a bulk SMS website that will offer you the service at a cheap cost.

8. Student Driver/Taxi Service

Believe me, you can make money as a driver in your school if you have a taxi, tricycle or a vehicle that is able to move people from place to place. Some lecturers, students and university do not have the strength to move around the campus environment for long hours, you can use this opportunity to make money for yourself by owning or having your shuttle bus on campus.

The cost of buying vehicles is expensive and the financial capacity to own and maintain will be heavy for any student to bear. You don’t need to own a vehicle for you to be a student drive in school. You can get started by hiring a vehicle or a tricycle. Apart from having your own campus shuttle, you can make money in higher institutions by teaching people how to drive vehicles.

9. Ushering Services

You can make money as a student by offering ushering services at events. Ushering jobs are not capital intensive and they don’t need huge finances to start up. If you can establish an ushering team made up of yourself and some of your friends, then you are good to go.

Ushering services is a good way of making money as a student. It doesn’t require you to suspend your studies for the job because it is the type of job that is flexible for any student to do.

You can get jobs during weekends to usher an event and put things in place. If its a big event which will take place in a big venue, you will need people to assist you, that why it is important to have an ushering team.

Once there is an engagement or event in or outside the university environment, you will be called to usher the event. Remember to charge and negotiate well because this job is the type that can sustain any student during his stay in the higher institution.

10. Recharging Booth

Everybody knows that the power situation in Nigeria. The country hasn’t reached the level of 24 hours constant/uninterruptable power supply, so, power supply remains a problem. However, you can use this disappointment as a blessing for yourself. How?

Since most students can’t do without their electronic gadgets and accessories like rechargeable lamps, mobile phones, laptops, power banks charged. Some students may fall ill whenever their phone goes down or if they are not able to access their social media accounts for long hours.

You can make money as a student on your campus by having a charging booth that will charge multiple electronic devices. All that is needed from you to start this is a small generator, little wiring on a multi-facet socket and a safe location that will protect the devices from theft.

11. Make Money As A Student Through Real Estate Business

Real Estate business is a profitable lucrative business not just in the secular world but in the university environment as well. Most students prefer to stay off-campus for some reasons such as privacy, risk of getting toilet infection, theft, safety etc. These students have no other choice than to move out in search of accommodation and shelter.

As an agent, if you are conversant with the environment, you can use your leisure time to search for accommodation and shelter for fellow students and freshers in the school environment.

To be an agent, you can make inquiries or contact the landlords and house owners of lodges and make an agreement/business offer to pay agent/commission fee if you bring students who will pay him for accommodation into his house or lodge.

Real Estate business is a good way of making money as a student. All you have to do is to help your fellow students to secure available apartments around the school environment. As a real estate agent, you can get accommodation for newly admitted students/freshers in your school, add your agent fee and get a percentage from the deal.

12. Make Money As A Student Through School Politics

A lot of students in higher institutions are making through the school politics that allows students to contest and vie for offices and positions in the school. You may be wondering why a lot of students contest and struggle to get elective offices in universities, it is not about the zeal to serve but the financial benefit and reward which they will get from that office.

Student politics are common in higher institutions in Nigeria. Elections are held in departments/faculty, student union government body etc and most students who win these elections get financial bonus and benefits for holding elective positions in the school.

All that is needed for you to contest and win student government elections in school is for you to be eloquent, lovable, eccentric, possess leadership abilities, bold, sharp, have a good academic record in the school, clean bill of health, social and interactive with people.

However, the bad part of it is that it will sharply drift you from your studies since you will have to miss some lecturers and even tests/quizzes to perform your duties. Also, since cultism is a menace which hasn’t been defeated in Nigerian tertiary institutions, you may receive threats and intimidation if you venture into student politics.

When you get the post, know it that you will swear an oath to perform the duties, so you must be ready to make this sacrifice. Lastly, when you get the office, watch your back and protect your integrity from scandals and illegal activities. Goodluck.

13. Make Money As A Student Through Data Reselling

Reselling internet data plans is a good way to make money as a student in Nigeria. Data resellers offer internet data subscription at cheap and low rates, this makes them searched, approached and patronized by students and university staff.

Data reselling business is relatively simple to start up. You can make money as a secondary school student by selling data, airtime, WAEC scratch card, bulk SMS services and also paying Electrical bills and Cable subscriptions.

As a data reseller, you get to buy the internet data (Megabytes) in bulk or large quantities directly from the telecommunication company and sell it low rates that will make a profit for you. Normally, MTN 1G data plan sells for N1000, but data resellers sell 1GB for 400 or 600 since they buy it in bulk.

Can you see that this offer is attractive and okay to make money in Nigeria as an undergraduate? No university student will buy internet data directly from the telecommunication company when he/she knows that he can get it at a cheap cost from you and keep some change.

14. Make Money As A Student By Selling Recharge Cards

Recharge card is a fast selling commodity in Nigeria. The four telecommunication companies (Airtel, MTN, 9mobile, Glo) in Nigeria has millions of customers/subscribers, so, you can make money as a student by opening your recharge card outlet in your school.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to restrict yourself to selling one particular network but you can as well sell recharge card of all networks. Also, you don’t need to rent a shop to start selling recharge card as a student.

Most students will likely buy from you and will not go long distances to get recharge card. You can make money from this venture by buying in bulk and selling/reselling to people or have your own recharge card printing business.

How To make Money As a student in nigeria

Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to print lots of recharge cards, you can have sell recharge cards from your mobile phone or computer system and get paid. Our ULTIMATE DATA RESELLING BUSINESS GUIDE will help you to start your VTU business form scratch.

15. Sell Phones and Electronic Gadgets And Make Money As A Student

Do you know that selling of phones and gadgets is one of the things a student can do to make money in Nigeria? You can sell phones, electrical devices and gadgets in universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and other higher institutions in Nigeria.

I’m not surprised to see students using expensive phones and gadgets which cant be afforded by some other people. I know of some students who can’t use one particular phone for a long period of time, this type of students changes their phones every 2 to 3 months. All that they do is to sell their current phone, swap it and top it up with some money to get a higher version.

Most times, student are seen searching for who will buy their gadget or who will exchange it for another gadget. If you are trustworthy and honest, you can help students to buy and sell their gadgets within and outside the school premises and still get a commission from the sale.

Now that we are in a global world, I don’t think that you need to search for people interested in buying any electrical gadget when you have free classified ads site such as OLX, MOBOFREE, Jiji etc to post the device and get contacted by the buyer who is interested in buying the product.

I strongly advise that you should be careful when using this option. Yes, money is good but that shouldn’t distract you from your studies, neither should it make you to do illegal and wrong things all because of money.

A student in my school precisely in 100 Level student in the computer science department was expelled for stealing phones belonging to other students. This particular student has stolen five smartphones in the past and sold them all, he was suspended and pardoned. Later, he was arrested and about four stolen mobile phones were found in his possession. Obviously, he was planning on selling them, he was expelled and banned from entering the campus.

Selling of electronic gadgets, phones and mobile devices and accessories should not drive you to steal and covert the personal belongings of your fellow students. Beware!!!

16. Get A Scholarship & Make Money As A Student

Getting scholarship awards as a student is a good way of making money as a student in any higher institution in Nigeria. A lot of companies, brands and corporate brands are eager to support and encourage students by offering them with scholarship awards if they are doing great in their academics.

Popular scholarships in Nigeria are PTDF Undergraduate scholarship, NNPC/Shell Scholarship, Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship, NNPC/Chevron Scholarship, MTN Scholarship, Agbami Medical Engineering Scholarship, Total Nigeria Scholarship etc.

These scholarships which are given to students comes with cash benefits and prizes. For example, the MTN Scholarship is worth ₦200,000, you can make money as a student by getting scholarship for yourself.

17. Make Money As A Student Through Web Design Services

You can make money as a student by offering web design services. You can learn how to build and design blogs and websites and get to make money whenever you design and build a blog or website for your client. As a web designer, you should be able to build websites from scratch with HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, MYSQL.

You don’t have to depend on your fellow students to be your customers or clients, you get clients outside the school as well as reaching out to faculties/departments, student associations, fellowships, campus associations as well as the school management and telling them of the services you offer.

You never know if your school is need of a web designer who will build a student portal for them. Web designing is one of the ways to make money online as a student. The good thing about it is that with your web design skill, you can make money online without paying anything.

18. Dancing

Making use of your skill, passion or talent to make money as a student is not an exception on this list. If you can dance or perform breathtaking moves on the dance floor, you can monetize that skill to get some money for yourself while in school.

Events and parties are held in school, you can make money as a dancer by entertaining the audience with your dance moves. Also, you can look out for dancing competitions in and outside your school environment, they come with huge prizes.

19. Egg Supply

Well, have you ever considered that you can make money on your campus by selling eggs in retail and in small quantities? You don’t need much to start capital for you to start selling eggs in your school campus; starting an egg selling business in your school should require more than N12,000. You must be careful when handling your crate of eggs because they are fragile commodities, once it gets broken, it is gone.

You can look around for a poultry farm or a wholesaler who deals in selling eggs and tell the owner that you are a student and you want to be a partner with them. You can get to sell eggs to shops on your campus and easily make money as a student. You can also sell to your fellow students in bits and to bakeries and canteens in and out of your school.

20. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a new option which students can use to make money for themselves while studying in higher institutions. Social media marketing is an online medium for making money. It involves handling the accounts of companies and brands, interacting with the followers of that brand and helping to market and create awareness of their services.

Also, you can make money whenever you create an advertisement for companies and brands on your social media account. Nowadays, companies search out to people with huge followers on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc) who will create awareness and advertise their products.

If you have thousands of active followers on your social media, you can approach brands and companies to advertise their products and services on your social media handle and get to charge them for placing their advertisement. This is how Linda Ikeji’s younger sister, Laura Ikeji started and today she is a known social media influencer on Instagram.

21. Music Artiste

As a music artiste, singer, songwriter or musician, you can get to make money as a student at the university. This option is not for everybody because not all university students are musicians or music artistes and that why I broker this option into 4 different parts.

You can make money as a songwriter when you get to write lyrics and compose songs for musicians in and out of your school. You can make money as a music artiste by selling your music in the markets and on digital platforms (Itunes, Spotify, apple music, tidal, youtube etc). As a student, you can also get to make money as a musician through show performances and live bands in and out of your campus.

Lastly, a student you can make money in the university if he or she is a singer. As a singer, you can get to sing in churches and social events and get paid. You can also make money as a singer if you do voice-overs and backups on the songs of music artistes.

22. Graphic Design Services

how can i earn money as a student online

If you are skilled in using graphic design software programs such as Coreldraw, Adobe Photoshop etc, you can make a lot of money as a student by designing and customizing graphics concepts such as banners, logos, emblems, magazines, brochures, souvenirs, portfolios and other visual concepts for small and big business enterprises.

Graphic design services are the type that is on high demand in the market. Graphic designing services can make money for you as a student. Instead of wasting your time and skill uploading pictures upon pictures on social media and being labelled as a slay queen, you can use your time to learn on how to make beauty and perfection from graphic content.

The good thing about being a graphic designer is you don’t need to advertise yourself, if your works and designs are attractive and beautiful, you will get offers from people to design graphics and all you will say is “Na Dem Dey Rush Us”.

Posters, flyers and billboard are posted and placed on different places in campuses to attract students or create awareness about a product or an event. Once you get contracted to design for companies, fellow students and brands, you can make money as a student. You can get to design Identity cards, textbook cover, banner design and photo design for your school as a graphic designer.

Moreover, you do not need to depend on your fellow student or on the school to get clients and customers to purchase your services. You can sign up and register on freelancing platforms or advertise your graphic design skills to get customers and clients to patronize your services.

Even after graduation, you can become self-employed by making money as a graphic designer. Most graphic designers charge N2,500 to N5000 while some charge as high as N10,000 to N25,000 to design a logo or any other visual content. It is really cool.

23. Voice-Over Personality

You can consider being a voice-over artist to make money as a student while on campus. If you are eloquent, possess good English-speaking skill, possess a great voice, you can get paid by doing voice-over work for brands, film production companies, radio broadcast and advertising agencies in Nigeria. There is no doubt that a voice-over personality can make money as a student while in the higher institution.

24. Printing/Photocopy

College and university students in Nigeria can make money by doing basic printing and photocopying jobs. All that is needed to get started in the mini-printing business is to get a cheap and affordable Deskjet printer whose printing inks can be refilled easily.

A computer system or laptop may be needed but not really necessary and you can get a photocopy machine which will duplicate any document and reprint on a fresh paper.

Personally, I know of a student who started the mini-printing business from his hostel. When he started newly, it looked like he was collecting peanuts from people since the money was small because each photocopy is charged at N10 or N20, not until students from his hostel and nearby hostels started queueing up to photocopy and reprint past questions and other educational materials, that was when we knew that he had started mining for gold right inside his hostel dormitory.

You can set this business in your room or any cool spot in any student’s hostel, you need cooperative roommates to achieve this. You can also offer to type assignments and projects for students, print it and charge them at your own rate. With this, you can be on your journey to make money as while still studying in the higher institution.

25. Hair Stylist

how to make money as a student in nigeria universities

Every student likes to look good and maintain a good physical appearance in school. You can make money as a hairstylist if you can plait/weave/make the ladies hair and also barb and cut boys hair.

Since boys barb their hair or shave their beards once in a month or once every 2 months, you can make money as a hairstylist by barbing the hairs of your fellow students.

Girls are not left out, you can make money by plaiting, weaving and fixing the hairs of ladies in your hostel. I know of a student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) who barbed the hairs of his fellow students while studying a course of five years. He graduated and while waiting for a job, he continued in his entrepreneurship skill which is barbing.

You don’t need a spot or a salon to get started, you can get a clipper and a cloth to cut hairs and as a lady, you can make the hairs of ladies with your bare hands.

26. Selling Stationeries and Education Materials

How To Make Money As A Student

Students in Nigeria can make money by selling study materials. Since it’s a school/study environment, the market is already set for you to sell your study materials. You don’t need to have a base or a shop to start selling educational materials; you can decide to rent a shop or shade for it but it is not necessary and it will cost you money.

You can make money by selling educational materials such as textbooks, past questions, school journals, handouts, rulers, math sets, rulers, graphs, workbooks, school almanack and lumina, exercise books, pens etc to students.

27. Shoe Maker/Cobbler

Some people will laugh at the option of making money by fixing shoes as a student. Having visited most schools, I have found out that cobbler or shoemaking business is rare and untapped in many universities and tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

You can make money if you can make fashionable shoe wears, palms and slippers from raw materials. Besides, you can customize shoe products and get to advertise your product and shoe wears to your fellow students.

28. Solving Past Questions

A lot of students don’t study until they hear the sound of the examination bell. It’s a fact that undergraduates like studying past questions because most lecturers repeat examination questions.

It’s unfortunate that not all students have got the solution and answers to some past questions; You can capitalize on this by offering to provide the right answers to previous examination questions in your general courses or departmental courses and allow your fellow students to get it for a fee.

29. Freelance Content Writing

A writer is a person who writes anything be it a poem or an article. A freelancer is a self-employed person who is engaged and hired to offer a particular service for people within a specific time duration. You are a freelancer as long as you are not employed but you are paid to do a particular job at a particular point in time.

Freelance writing involves writing content for people and have it delivered or sent to the client who hires you for the gig. You can consider being a freelance writer if you are a good writer. You can work for people to write content and make post publications on their blog.

how to make money online as a student in nigeria 2020

You can also make money as a freelance writer by working for businesses and companies who are looking for writers and content creators. Also, you can make money as a student by registering as a freelancer on platforms like www.upwork.com, www.guru.com, www.contentmart.com. Students can take advantage of this opportunity because freelance writing is one of the good ways of making money online as a student.

30. Doing Assignments for Students

I never knew that tertiary institutions are the best place to find copycats until I got admitted. Believe me when I say this, ‘most students find it difficult to do their assignments’. Some go as far as paying money for people to do their assignments for them. If you are academically sound, you can make cool cash as a student at the university by doing assignments for students in your school.

Doing assignment for other students is a double bonus for you because you get to earn some cash and you get to spend more time on your studies by doing assignments and making new researches.

31. Artist

If you have the talent and skill in drawing and painting good art designs, you can make money by drawing and making artworks. Even if you are not a painter, if you can have any artisan services such as sculpting, you can sell your works and earn income for yourself as a student.

32. Courier Services

A lot of brands are in search of people who will offer courier services. Providing courier services enables you to move goods and services to different locations. For instance, if you must apply for courier jobs as a UNILAG student, you must be localized and familiar with locations in Lagos and you must have good communication skills.

You can opt to perform your courier duties after school hours or you can skip a lecture to perform the task but make sure that it doesn’t affect your academics.

33. Laboratory Assistant

Being a lab assistant is a good option for making money as a student. You may not be paid much, but the experience and the benefits are precious. As a lab assistant, you get to become close to lecturers and get their attention.

The relationship and friendship can help you in your studies during your stay at the university since because most lecturers won’t like to see or allow their assistants to fail or study for an extra year in that school.

34. Hiring Costumes and Attires

Apart from academics, higher institutions are filled with so many social events such as matriculation, beauty pageant, rag day, old school day, corporate day, cultural day etc. You can hire and rent out your costumes and attires at these festivals.

Since many students who contest for beauty pageants lack the money and finances to get suits, dresses, gowns or attire to rock the occasion, you can offer to hire your attire to them for a token.

35. Make Money As A Student By Selling Provisions

Selling provisions is a good way of making money as a student. Provision items such as Milo, Milk, Cadbury Bournvita, cowbell, cornflakes, golden morn, sugar etc are items which are purchased by most students. You can make money by selling these items and earning an income for yourself while studying in the higher institution.

36. Downloading Apps, Music and Games

If you are the type that keeps us with the trend in entertainment and technology, you can make money as a student when you help your fellow students to download latest songs/music videos on their phone. You can also earn income for yourself by installing the latest mobile phone applications on their smartphones.

In addition, if you have a computer system, you can flash, format, root or upgrade their phones and get paid to do that. Thank me later for this initiative.

37. Make-up Artiste

As a make-up artiste, you can earn income in school by making your fellow students look good. If you can beautify people’s faces and make them look pretty, its time for you to make good use of that skill to make money for yourself while studying at the university.

Also, you can charge training fees for students for them to learn on how to make-up. Training fees for make-up lecturers are N30,000 and above. If you are good, serious and oriented enough, you can make money for yourself through this avenue.

38. Helping University Freshers and Make Money

Another unique way of making money as a student is by helping university freshers to settle in the university environment. You can help freshers to secure admission into the school, you can also make money by accommodating Post-UTME students in your room or hostel when they are writing their Post-UTME examination.

I read a story of how a student made money by helping Post-UTME students to secure their bags and items while writing their Post-UTME examinations. According to the student, he had underestimated the business, not until he made N17,000 for 3 days.

You can make money by helping students to settle down in the school environment but that should not make you exploit and take undue advantage over them.

39. Make Money Selling Toiletries As A Student

You can make money as a student by selling toiletries in your hostel or school. Do not downgrade or see this as a poor option. Most students, especially the girls cannot do without their toiletries.

In order to prevent infection, the female students keep their toiletries private and put them in check. You can make money in your school by selling toiletries to students. You can sell tissue paper, handkerchiefs, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary pads, toilet soaps, disinfectants etc and other toiletries and make money for yourself as a student.

40. Make Money By Writing Computer Programs

You can consider the option of making money as a student if you are good with informatics. As a programmer, you can write code and write computer programs for people and earn income for yourself in the university.

Writing computer programs can make you make the type of money that will pay your school fees and even feed you after your stay in college. You don’t actually have to study programming or be in the computer science department for you to make money as a student in a higher institution.

If you have learned how to build web and mobile development, you can start writing codes in high-level computer languages such as Java and C++. You can then consider becoming a programmer to make money as a student in Nigeria.

41. Video Editing

With the force of Youtube and Instagram as the two biggest video streaming platforms, the world tilts towards video consumption. Instagram artists, media brands and broadcasting companies are in need of the services of video editors.

Video editing is one of the businesses which Nigerian students can do to make money as a student at university. As a student video editor, you get to earn income for yourself by selling your video editing services and designing for people while staying on the university campus.

Students in the Mass Communication department/faculty depends on video editors to edit and create videos for them for their practicals and projects. When you edit video productions and projects for your fellow students, you can make money in Nigeria as an undergraduate.

Apart from students, you can also get jobs for video coverage for weddings, birthday celebration, naming ceremony and other events outside your school environment. As a video editor, you can make money by shooting and directing videos for music artistes.

42. Game Center

Students love to play games during their free and leisure time. You can consider purchasing a game console to make money as a student in your school campus. Preferably, you get a Playstation 2, 3 or 4 video game console and set it up for students to play.

Students can get to play games such as Pro Evolution Soccer, Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia, GangTheft, Raw VS Smackdown Wrestling, Need for Speed, Downhill Domination, James Bond 007, Shaolin Monks, The Incredible Hulk, Jackie Chan, etc… The list of games is endless and unlimited.

However, you set to charge students a fee for playing games on your console. Note that students shouldn’t bet or gamble in your game centre because it can escalate and turn into a serious problem. Having a game centre is a fast way of making money as a student but kindly note that you don’t allow the money to distract you from your studies or get into your head when the money becomes much.

43. Online Registration

How To Make Money As A Student online In Nigeria

Assist fellow students in online registrations is a cool way of getting cash and making money as a student in Nigeria. All you need to start this simple service is fast internet access and a computer system or laptop.

This medium enables you to make money whenever you charge fellow students with online registrations (applying for online scholarship offers, make school fees payment, make course registration, admission regularization, opening and checking of mail, checking of school results etc).

You will enjoy the profits of this business when there are prospective and new students on your school campus. You can help them in JAMB registration, accepting admission offer, uploading O’level results etc and you get to charge them a token for that service.

44. Fitness Instructor

You can become a gym instructor or a personal trainer if you are the type of person who is in bodybuilding and development. You can money as a gym instructor or a fitness coach when you train people on how to become physically fit.

As a bodybuilder, if you have got abs (6 packs), muscles or an intimidating body structure, you will attract potential customer because people will like to look like you.

Fitness coaches charge a training session fee of N5000 monthly or more, some charge weekly fees of N2000 to N4000, while some go for a daily training session of N200 to N500 for body fitness training.

As a student, you can make cool money for yourself by being a fitness coach. You can make a sustainable income for yourself when you have at least 10 people learning bodybuilding & fitness from you. If the number increases, you may not be able to control the flow of funds.

You don’t need to have your own gym to get started, you can look around for a standard gym around your campus, negotiate with the owner and make an arrangement with the gym owner to have your training sessions at a given time. Don’t forget to apply and follow safety precautions during your training sessions.

45. Organizing Shows/Hypeman

If you are very sociable on campus, you can make money through shows around your university campus. You have to get the permission of the university authority or management to organize events, shows and parties in your university community, if not, you can get cool centres, hotels and bars outside the campus to host your show.

Students love entertainment, you hardly see students turning down the offer of attending a party. You can pool your resources to organize your event. Ensure that you put a gate fee so as to make a profit from your event.

46. Cable TV Installation and Maintenance

If you help people to make adjustments and set up their cable television network. It doesn’t take much time to learn this. If you know how to install and maintain cable television (DSTV, GOTV, StarTimes,  TSTV etc), you can charge people to assist them to install and maintain the device.

47. Bead making

If you creative and skilled in making beautiful objects such as pieces of jewellery, bracelets, beads, necklaces etc, you can make money as a student by selling your art products. If they are attractive, you will make sales while on campus.

48. Dry Cleaning/Laundry Services

Campus students love to look smart and good but it is sad that a lot of students are too tired or busy to do their laundry either due to academic, elective positions or extra-campus associations. You can make money from students by helping them to do their laundry work.

Many people lack the time to wash their clothes, some people cannot even wash their clothes well. If you don’t have something to do to make money in the university, then you should give this a try instead of downgrading this option.

You shouldn’t see this an ordinary laundry service but treat it like a dry cleaning business, you get to wash, iron the clothes and put it in a good shape better than before.

When you start getting a lot of orders from students, it will be impossible to keep up and do the laundry of many students when the workload on you becomes much. Instead of quitting, try to approach your friends to give you helping hand in the job, pay them a percentage or a token for their service.

49. Make Money As A Student Through Offline Marketing

Offline advertising is not complicating, neither is it the type that will withdraw your attention from your studies. Most companies and organizations are in need or marketers, affiliates and partners who will create hype and publicity of their product or commodity on the campus.

You can approach any organization and request that you assist them to create awareness of their product in your school or visit the market to make inquiries or keep your ears on the ground and ask around for any company in need of distributors and marketers.

If the post is vacant and open, the chances are high that you will be given the job. You can partner with foreign companies to be a representative or an ambassador in your school. Most students are google student ambassadors in their various schools and they use that way to make money for themselves while studying in the higher institution.

Apply for the positions that will allow you to work in your free time, not the type that will demand you to miss days or weeks in school even if the pay is high. If you market for some companies, you get to sell their products, return the proceeds to the company and get your percentage commission for the sale. Beverage companies in Nigeria like employing young undergraduates to market their products.

50. Sell Used Wears and Make Money As A Student

It is quite unfortunate and sad that some students have no handiwork or skill before they gained admission to study at the university. If you are in this category of persons, there is still hope for you because you can make money by selling used wears and items.

Students love to get things at cheap costs, you can sell used or second-hand materials (clothes, bras, underwears, shoes) to them and get to make money as an undergraduate. One of the things to sell to make money as a student is second-hand clothing which is known as Okirika.

51. Organizing Seminars

If you can spend some of your free time by organizing seminars for people; you can make money by teaching them on an interesting thing which they do not know about. One of the fast-selling seminar topics is about business ideas, profitable business, making money online and things which people can do to make money offline.

To achieve this, you are to charge the seminar attendees a fee for attending the seminar. Also, to spice up the seminar, you can invite and bring in guest speakers who will lecture on other areas which you are not conversant or knowledgeable about.

You can also sell the video recordings and audio recording tape of your lecture to people who weren’t able to attend the seminar.

52. Farming

It’s quite a pity that Nigerian youths shy away from farming. Farming involves the planting of crops and the rearing of animals. Before this time, I think that people study agricultural courses should have known the value and the benefit of farming.

You can start up a small farm at the back of your hostel or outside your room, or you set up a small poultry farm close to your hostel. It could be a snail farm, plantain plantation, maize plantation etc. You get to attend to your farm after your schoolwork. Ensure that it is secured to prevent theft of your agricultural product.

53. Sports Viewing Center

Have you noticed people’s passion for sports? People can do unimaginable things for the love of sports. Some people skip going to church, close their shops, bet on their favourite football teams all for the love of sports. You can start a profitable business in school by opening a football viewing centre in your school or outside the school.

I strongly recommend that you don’t venture in this business as a fresher or a first-year student because you need to have studied the environment or be residing in that particular area for a long time.

54. Fashion Designing

I don’t the reason why a student should still be looking for how he/she can make money as a student with tailoring skills. If you can sew or make good fashionable cloth designs, you can design fabrics for your fellow students and get paid for your service.

You could be the next Yomi Casual on your campus and make money as a fashion designer in your campus. All you need to get started is a sewing machine which you could set up in your room or hostel or in any cool spot in your school environment.

55. Advertising/Branding Services

You can also make money as a student by helping people to advertise and brand their services. If you can help them brand their products through T-shirt printing or make banners/posters, you will get earn income for yourself while on campus.

56. Library Assistant

Not all the university workers are academic staff, some workers belong to the non-teaching staff category. You can get non-teaching jobs in your university environment. Example of such jobs is working as a school librarian or working as a PC operator in the school ICT department.

Non-teaching jobs are flexible for students since you get to work close to your campus. Most schools employ their own students as non-teaching staffs in the universities. You can look for available jobs in your school that will allow you to work as non-teaching staff.

57. Store/Sales Assistant

You can look for available jobs around or outside your campus that will allow you to work as a sales attendant or a shop assistant. You can make an arrangement with the owner to give you a set of days to work (shift) with him. Even if it is a sales boy/girl, you can get to work and get paid for it.

58. Event Planning

There’s a unique job available for you to work as an event planner on your campus. Even if you are not an elected Director of Social (DOS) in your school’s Student Union Government (SUG) executive board, you can make money as a student whenever you care being called upon to organize and plan memorable events by departments, organizations, brands and campus associations in your school.

59. Catering Services

With the frequent events, celebrations and parties which are organized in school campuses, there is a need for the service of a caterer who will organize and help put these celebrations in place. Are you skilled in cooking delicious dishes (local and intercontinental inclusive), you can make use of that skill to make money and earn income for yourself while studying as an undergraduate.

60. Computer/Phone Repair and Maintenance

Repairing mobile phones, computers and laptops can fetch you money as a student. It doesn’t matter if its fixing hardware or software issues, you can use that skill you have to make money and feed yourself in school without depending on your parent for survival on the campus.

If you can fix simple problems (broken screen, charging port error, faulty mouthpiece etc of mobile phones or repair computer system (fixing a faulty computer, installing windows software, installing system software programs etc), you can use it to make money as a student in your campus.

61. Making Craft

Are you skilful in making artworks and crafts? if yes, you can leverage these skills to earn money while in school. If you are gifted in weaving crafts such as mats, brooms, Adire (fabric), baskets etc.

You can sell your skills to make money while in school. The money may not be big enough to get you an expensive phone, a plasma TV or a generator, but it will be enough to sustain you in school.

62. Selling Hand-Made Products

You can make money by selling hand made products such as disinfectants, perfumes, body lotions, air freshener, liquid soap, bar soap, detergents etc. These products can be sold at cheap rates to students, this will make you money while studying as a student.

63. Mini-Importation

Mini importation of business is the type that can yield high profits for students while schooling in Nigeria. all you need to do is to buy goods which will be needed by students (slippers, shoes, sandals, chargers, mobile phones, phone accessories, clothes, fancy items, electronic appliances, human hair, jewelleries etc) at cheap prices and get to ship them here to Nigeria to sell and make profit for yourself.

64. Vlogging

Vlogging is one of the untapped ways by which you can use to make money while on campus. A vlogger is a person who owns a vlog. The main job performed by a vlogger is to create videos and upload them on his/her blog for the primary objective of reaching to a particular audience or making money.

One of the best platforms to start a vlog is on the Youtube platform. If you have a google account, you can get your vlog started by opening a youtube channel, uploading your videos and getting subscribers to your channel. Once your views and traffic increases, you will start making money from Google Adsense.

65. Doing Manual Jobs

You can do manual jobs such as cleaning and painting people’s room and students hostel. Are you good with making a good painting on rooms or cleaning rooms, if yes, you can use that service to make money for yourself in and out of the campus.

66. Fast Food Outlet

Do you know that you can make money by selling fast foods and snacks in your school? If you can make delicious snacks (like zobo, eggroll, sausages, Shawarma, popcorn, puff-puff, soya milk, yoghurt, buns, Akara (bean cake), fish roll etc) and get to make money for yourself. Fast food and snacks are items that sell fast in student areas.

Students get to buy these commodities to cool their vessels and nerves at one point in time while attending lectures and moving around the school environment. All that is needed is to get a plastic to house your products, if you want to go on a large scale, you can decide to get a stand or rent a shop yourself.

67. Baking and Cafectionaries

You can make money as an undergraduate if you are able to position yourself to make pastries, cakes, pies, fries, bread, rolls etc. If you know how to bake cakes and delicious pastries, you will be able to generate income for yourself as a student. If you are able to make a name for yourself in making these items, you will make money in campus in no time.

68. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online business; you partner with companies and brands to sell their product and get a commission for sales which they generate. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to see or negotiate with the buyer. All you do is to sign up as an affiliate marketer, share your links or paste the banners in your website (if you have a blog) and get a commission for sales recording with your affiliate/referral link.

If you have massive followers and friends on Facebook, you can register for companies (like Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Garanntor Limited, Kaymu, DomainKing Limited, Travelstart travel company etc) and get to market their products. You get commissions as an affiliate when you get sales.

69. Make Money Blogging As A Student

Smart students can make money on the campus through Blogging. It is no more news that Blogging is profitable and can pay your bills only if you get to do it the right way and manage your blog properly. As a student, you can create a campus blog and get to publish news/gist/information to your fellow students and get to make money from your blog. Nowadays, even teenagers can make money in Nigeria by opening blogs and websites for themselves.

NOTE THISYou may not make thousands of money on your first day or even within your first few months of blogging but how much you will as a blogger depends on your consistency and how well you start.

All you need is a laptop, internet access and good writing skills to get started as a blogger. You will need to get a domain name, hosting plan and some contents to get your blog in place. As a blogger you get to make money from direct advertising, promotion, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, information marketing, selling ads spots/banners on your site, sponsored posts etc

There is an ongoing course/webinar/training which I‘m offering to students to help them start a blog that will make money for them while on campus. In that teaching, I will tell you secrets, facts and what you need to know to make money as a student by blogging. You can contact me to enrol and get the course. Good luck !!!

70. Photography

There is a reason why photography is the last option or way of earning in this list of how to make money as a student in Nigeria. Well, photography is one of the best ways to make money as a student.

Along with the academic activities, the school calendar is jampacked with various social activities such as birthday parties, campus fellowship crusade, department/faculty week, beauty pageantry contest, convocation, matriculation ceremony, student week, rag day, old school day, cultural day, corporate day, school/department orientation ceremony etc.

During these events, students love to take pictures and capture the best moments while on campus. Students do not shy from taking pictures. As a matter of fact, you can make as little as ₦200 for a single shot, you can get to make a lot of money for yourself when you get to take a lot of pictures.

If you are smart, clever and sharp, you would approach many students during these events, ask if you can give them a shot, then get to make money when you take beautiful photos of them. If you can take more than 200 photos of different students at a single event, you will make enough money which will sustain you on the campus.

Having photoshop and photo editing skills is a plus for you because if you get to make beautiful pictures out of nothing, your name will spread all over the campus and who knows if you can be the next TY Bello.

All that is needed for you to start as a student photographer is a camera (with good lenses) and a printer. If you don’t have a printer, you can visit photo studios in or outside your campus and ask if you can print your pictures there for a little fee.

Photography is a really good option which I recommend to make money as a student. Learn how to start a photography business as a student and make money.

Extra Tips To Make Money As A Student

  • Before going into the university or to any higher institution, I advise that you learn a skill and have something doing with your hands which will fetch you money while you are on the campus.
  • Do not do business that will make your grades to falter. If you notice that your business is affecting your grades negatively, change the business, or give it a break or make adjustments to it.
  • Do not do any job that will make you miss school for long periods of time. Even if such business is profitable and lucrative, do not continue to do it if you miss weeks or days in school. Your major aim is to study and get your degree not to make money, milk your fellow studies or turn into a business merchant.
  • I do not encourage freshers and newly admitted students to start a business. You should have familiarized and settled down in the school environment before starting a student business of yourself.
  • No matter how broke you are, do not do any illegal business that will warrant you to lose your admission or get expelled. Some students are forced into armed robbery, pickpocketing, drug dealing, prostitution, kidnapping, selling human parts etc to make money for themselves.
  • Do not put your money into High Yield Programs that will promise you millions if you invest. Some matrix companies go to universities to get students who will invest in a peer-to-peer-donation program, and at the end of the day, they crash their program and run away with the money of people. Many students have used their school fees to invest in scam schemes and at the end of the day, the result is disastrous as they get to commit suicide or do something crazy to regain their money.
  • I would have advised you to go for lucrative ways such as Forex Trading, Bitcoin mining, Sports betting, Online Casino, Virtual betting etc. But as students, I don’t think that this is needed because it is more cash-oriented. If you lack the money management skills, you will end up being bankrupt or being addicted to betting or doing anything crazy to make money while schooling.
things to do to make money as a student

It is painful for me to stop here. I feel sad when I see students selling their bodies (prostitution) or joining bad gangs and association just to make money for themselves or to protect and sustain themselves on the campus.

I took my valued time to create this content so as to give you this information. Making Money while studying can be tedious and stressful for students, I advise that you go for the business which suits you and goes along with your study. Never go into any business because of the profitability and Return on Investment (ROI) which you would likely get if you venture into it.

Before going into any business, make plans about it. Know how much you would be putting it in and do check-ups if it affects your studies. Also, promote yourself and create awareness of the service which you are offering to your friends, coursemates and even other students. You can print posters about your business in strategic locations that will get student attention. You can also post and create awareness by posting on social media platforms, forums, student groups etc.

In as much as you focus on your business, do every business transaction with honesty, reliability and fidelity. One bad business transaction can terminate your business and give you a bad reputation in school. Always ensure that you are trustworthy so that people can patronize your services. Your business can be promoted and recommended to other people by students who have patronized you and are satisfied with your service.


Its time for me to drop the pen and take a break. I believe that you now know how you can make money in Nigeria as a student. I wish you good luck in your academic pursuit. If I missed any good way of making money as a student or you have questions/suggestions/contribution to make, feel free to use the comment box below.

If you value it, you will share it with your friends and let people know about this for them to make money for themselves while on campus. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and tell people about it. If you want to be the first to know about money making opportunities, subscribe to our email list.

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