TravelBeta Affiliate Program: How To Register And Make Money As An Agent

In the world of making money online, affiliate marketing has stood out to be one of the various ways by which people can make money online.

A lot of companies of the world sell their products and provide services to their customers, in order to increase their sales and create more awareness about their services, these companies create and set up an affiliate program for people to sell their services and get a commission for each product sale. Travel companies like Travelbeta have their own affiliate program for digital marketers.

Have you heard about the travelbeta affiliate program and how you can make money as a travelbeta affiliate. Well, I guess you don’t because as at the time of writing this post, the travelbeta affiliate network is an unknown system which is new, and that creates the need for the information to be shared.

In this post, you will know about the travelbeta company, their features, and services which they offer, how to become an affiliate, how to make register and money with the travelbeta affiliate program.


An online travel agency based in Nigeria has its own affiliate program which it was designed for people to register and become partners, online marketers, and affiliates with them. The registered affiliate gets commissions whenever they get product sales and get to make money with their affiliate program.

Have you heard of the Travelbeta travel company? Do you know that you can make money online as an affiliate by partnering with the travelbeta travel agency? Your chances of making money in affiliate marketing is unlimited, the way the affiliate marketing system works is that you earn commissions for affiliate sales, so, the more products sold with your referral and affiliate link, the more money you make.

What is TravelBeta and What Do They Offer?

Travelbeta is one of the emerging travel agencies on the African continent. The online travel agency happens to be an emerging online travel agency in Nigeria. T

he travel booking company enables people to book and register local and international flights with different airlines, it also provides hotel booking, airport pickup services, holiday travel packages, vacation travel services, assistance in getting visa for travel (visa assistance), trip services, corporate travel services, international telephone services and a host of other travel products and services.

Travelbeta has promised to better travel experience for its customers and clients as it has ensured that clients and customers get memorable travel experience by providing excellent and quality travel services.

The travelbeta travel company is the brainchild made from a group of selfless and passionate individuals and professionals in the travel industry with backgrounds traits in hospitality, logistics services, communications industry, finance, and business services.

They have a large network of local and international partners which is committed and dedicated to keeping customers informed on its services. The online travel agency is uniquely positioned and structured to deliver valuable services to customers and to offer a memorable travel experience for their clients which will not be gotten from any travel agency.

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Reasons Why You Should Be A Travelbeta Affiliate

Travelbeta is a leading online travel agency in Nigeria that offers the best travel prices, rates, and technology to enhance and grow any travel business.

The travelbeta affiliate program is free and open for everyone who agrees with the affiliate terms and conditions.

Affiliate marketers can register even if they don’t have a website.

Travelbeta Affiliate marketers enjoy unbeatable discounts on domestic and international flights.

Affiliates are given the power to adjust the prices or flights and hotel rates at great and unbeatable discounts.

They provide discounted rates for over 508,000 hotels in the world.

They offer discounted rates for airport transfer and pickups, visa services, tours, and other travel packages.

Travelbeta Affiliate Benefits and Advantages

Just as the popular song made by a Nigerian music artiste, “If we no make money wetin we gain ”, a lot of benefits, merits and advantages awaits registered partners on the travelbeta affiliate program.

As a travelbeta affiliate, you are not restricted to promote any product. You get to promote all travelbeta products and earn commissions when you make a sale.

Most companies like Web hosting companies won’t pay their affiliates when they invite or refer clients to make domain name registration, instead, they get to reward their affiliates and pay them commissions for sales only when they sell web hosting services.

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But the travelbeta affiliate system doesn’t work that way, they pay and reward their affiliates when they promote and sell all services and products provided on travelbeta such as flights, flight booking, car rentals, package holidays, hotels, travel services, visa assistance, vacation services, holiday pickup services, corporate services, international telephone services etc.

Also, affiliates are given GIF banners, search banners, white labels, XML feeds and other tools which they can use they use to promote the travelbeta services and get sales.

Each affiliate has an account manager who can be contacted and reached for inquiries, questions, and queries.

Every affiliate is given reports and statistics of his referred booking and the earnings and money made from the transaction.

Affiliates can open their own travel brand or company and integrate it with the travelbeta company.

Affiliates have the option of using the white labeled system which enables them to provide flight information directly to their clients without having to refer them to the travelbeta website and still get commissions for their sales. However, this option is only activated to websites with a significant traffic figure.

How To Register as a Travelbeta Affiliate

Step 1: Visit the affiliate registration page

Step 2: Fill the registration form with the right details

TravelBeta Affiliate Program: How To Register And Make Money As An Agent

After your registration has been completed, your account will be reviewed. An affiliate account manager will either call you or send you a mail to tell you if your affiliate account is approved or rejected.

You will be given reasons on why your was affiliate account and if you are accepted in the affiliate program, your account will be verified and activated for use.

As an affiliate, you will be given JPEG banners, GIF banners, referral/affiliate text links, search banners, white labels, XML feeds etc to display and post on your newsletter, social media account, website or blog.

If you don’t have a blog or a website, you can still be an affiliate by promoting your travelbeta products in your email list/database, however, they do not approve spammers.

How To Sign Up and Make Money On The TravelBeta Affiliate program:

In addition, you will be sent monthly statistics and reports which you can view in your affiliate dashboard.

How To Increase Your Travelbeta Affiliate Earnings

You can either increase your affiliate sales by displaying your affiliate banners on your blog if you have a website or blog. If you do not have a website, you can also use your email list of social media handle to share to your friends and get commissions when you make sales which will be recorded with your affiliate/referral link.

How To Get Paid And Receive Your Affiliate Earnings

Travelbeta pays the affiliate earnings into their bank accounts. Before an affiliate can get paid, they must have made sales by selling their products.

Travelbeta Customer Care Support

Affiliate can contact the customer care team for any queries, issues, questions, and inquiries on or contact their affiliate account manager or call 08172043470.

With this guide, you can register and make money on the travelbeta affiliate program.

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