How To Sign Up And Make Money With Web4Africa Affiliate Program

web4Africa affiliate program

Making money through affiliate marketing is indeed one of the best ways to make money in Nigeria. There are so many affiliate programs and affiliate companies in Nigeria with which you can partner with to make money online.

Most web hosting companies in Africa such as Garanntor Hosting Limited, Web4Africa, Whogohost and DomainKing have their own affiliate program to encourage more people to make money online. Web4Africa has an affiliate network which is globally known as Web4Africa Affiliate program for digital marketers.

In this post, you will get knowledge of how to make money in the web4africa affiliate program as an affiliate, partner or a marketer of web4africa products. Stay tuned!

What is Web4Africa and What Do They Offer?

Web4Africa is a digital company which provides web hosting company services for people. Web4Africa was established in 2002 and it is a registered web hosting and domain name registration company known across countries in Africa.

Web4Africa company is an ICANN accreditated domain name registrar which offers web hosting on WordPress and Linux platforms.

Web4Africa provides one of the most affordable and cheap domain name registration service in Nigeria and it is known internationally as it manages its own servers along with its network equipment from its datacenter across Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.

Web4Africa is a provides an affordable domain name registration that provides e-commerce business solutions for residents in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

They also provide control panels for internet domain registration; web hosting clients are given full access to the web hosting services which they purchase from web4africa. Web4Africa has memberships with corporate brands and internet registration associations such as ISPA (South Africa), African Top Level Domain (AfTLD), Nominet UK, African Network Information Center (AfriNIC), Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA).

How To Get Started On The Web4Africa Affiliate Program

How To Sign Up Make Money With Web4Africa Affiliate Program

Mind you that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme which will make you a lot of money when you aren’t making any effort. Affiliate marketing is a system of marketing in which you market and advertise the products of people and other companies and you get commissions and get paid whenever you make sales.

One striking fact about affiliate marketing is that you can work all the way from home and still use it to make money online for yourself.

With affiliate marketing, you do not necessarily need to see the buyer face to face to bargain and make negotiations with the buyer, all you need to is use your marketing and advertising strategies to advertise and create awareness about the product which you are marketing. Whenever you make a product is bought with your affiliate link, you get a commission and the affiliate company pays you for that sale.

To get started on the web4africa affiliate program, you will have to sign up as an affiliate. When you register as a new affiliate, you will be given a unique link which serves as your custom link or banner through which you can use to invite and register clients and customers and you get a commission whenever they purchase and buy any service from web4africa.

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NOTE THIS: Web4Africa has a strict policy in its affiliate program. Their policy is that for you to become a web4africa partner or affiliate, you should have been a web4africa customer. This means that the affiliate program is open to Web4Africa customers only. For you to be an affiliate, you should have bought or registered a domain name or bought a web hosting package from them.

How To Make Money On The Web4Africa Affiliate Program

For you to be a marketer on the web4africa affiliate program, you don’t need to be a tech guru, technician or a programmer. All that is needed for you to do is to refer clients and customers to purchase and buy services which are offered by web4africa. The services which are offered by web4africa which you can sell as an affiliate is Web hosting services, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, SSL Certificates, dedicated servers, etc.

NOTE: Web4Africa is a domain name registrar but they will not pay you if you refer a client who will register and buy a new domain name. They only pay affiliates for the services which have been mentioned above.

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If you have friends, families, relatives, close acquaintances, neighbours and business associates who are interested in making a blog, a website or having any digital network centre which will need to be registered on the internet.

You can simply refer them to purchase such service from web4africa. If the customer or client you referred to web4africa buys any web hosting services, SSL certificates or purchases a VPS hosting plan, you will get paid by Web4Africa since you are bringing and directing customers into their business to subscribe and purchase their services.

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As a Web4Africa affiliate, you earn a commission of 10% from such transaction which is recorded or made through your affiliate/referral link and banner.

To get started into the web4africa affiliate network, you are required to sign up if you haven’t registered into the affiliate program. After that, make use of your referral link to get customers and interested persons who will like to purchase the products offered and sold by web4africa.

If you promote the web4africa products with your affiliate link if you have a blog. You can insert the referral links in your articles and embed the banner in your blog. That way, you will earn and make money if anybody buys a product with your affiliate link.

If you do not have a blog, you make use of other social channels such as email marketing, social media networks to share your affiliate link. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest are examples of social media platforms through which you can share your affiliate link.

As an affiliate, you will be assisted with analytical and reporting tools which will help you to understand your traffic and your affiliate links to see if they are making conversions and sales.

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How To Withdraw And CashOut Your Web4Africa Affiliate Earnings

Web4Africa offers different methods of payment for you to cash out and make a withdrawal from its affiliate program. Affiliate funds are kept for a period of 90 days, after which it must have reached the maturity period for payout.

Available payment options to withdrawal from the Web4Africa affiliate program is through Bitcoin, PayPal, PerfectMoney, Skrill and bank transfer. If your country does not support PayPal, there are other payment alternatives for you to cash out.

If you do not wish to withdraw your affiliate earnings from web4africa, you can utilize it and keep the funds for future orders such as registering domain names, buying web hosting plans, SSL certificates or any other service offered by Web4Africa.

I believed that you have gained valuable knowledge about the Web4Africa Affiliate Program with this post. Feel free to share your comments and questions in the comments box.

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