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How To Turn ₦1500 to ₦100,000 With NewsPayForum

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It looks so good to be true but you can actually make over ₦100,000 in one month on NewsPayForum. Everyone dreams about making money online, but in reality, not everyone earns money online. In this post, I will teach you how you can extra income online for yourself with ₦1500 (one thousand, five hundred naira only).

NewsPayForum is an online website in Nigeria where you can make money with ₦1500. They launched their income program which allows people to make money by reading & commenting on posts, inviting friends, sharing and making posts on the forum and many more.


You might have seen people testifying about NewsPayforum, some has gone further to show off their earnings and you have grown interested to register and also make money. This post will make a critical review about NewsPayForum and how it works and we’ll show you how to make money on NewsPayForum. Keep reading!

What Is NewsPayForum and How Does It Work?

NewsPayForum was created by HIPPO BUSINESS CENTER ENTERPRISE, a company that produces books, journals and other materials. Their online platform is a website where you get paid to read & comment on news, make posts, share posts and refer friends.

The NewsPayIncome Program has paid over 1 million naira to members since it was launched in January 2020 and they’ll continue paying. The impressive feature about this platform is that they pay you without referrals and there is no limit to what you can earn. Since you don’t need referrals to get paid, you are sure of cashing out your earnings.

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Is NewsPayForum Real Or Not?

The headline title of this post “How To Turn ₦1500 to ₦100,000” is enough for people to label this as another scam. If you are searching to whether Newspayforum is a scam or real, what I can confirm is that it is paying.

In Nigeria, nothing good lasts. A lot of people are sceptical about joining and registering on Newspayforum. The fact that you get paid with or without referrals means that you have nothing to lose.

Also, since you are paying a one-time registration fee of ₦1500, you are sure to regain and get back your money back when you get paid.


How To Register On NewsPayForum

Registering on NewsPayForum is a good step you should take if you are interested in making over ₦100,000 in a month. First of all, click here to register and enter your details in the correct format. The details that you must enter include your username, password, email address and phone number.

After doing that, you will be required to activate and upgrade your account. In NewsPayForum, there are two plans for you, first is the PREMIUM PLAN and the other is the GOLD PLAN.

The Premium Plan costs ₦1,500 while the GOLD PLAN costs ₦3,000, however, you can only start with the PREMIUM PLAN before you join the GOLD PLAN.

The GOLD PLAN was created for those who want to maximize their opportunities and make money for themselves on NewsPayForum.

There is no need for you to make an online payment to activate your account, all you need to do is to contact an e-PIN distributor to give you the NewsPayForum coupon code,

Contact Zara on WhatsApp to purchase your NewsPayForum e-PIN for ₦1,500. Your account becomes activated instantly after making use of this e-PIN.

How To Make Money On NewsPayForum

Here are the ways you can make money after joining NewspayForum.

  1. You get paid for reading & commenting on the posts on the website. You also get a share of their revenue when you post news on their website.
  2. This system allows you to earn money for sharing posts on the platform. When you participate in the Viral Share, you earn N100 daily as a Premium Member and N150 as a GOLD member.
  3. You earn N50 each day you log in to your Newspayforum account.
  4. When you register on NewsPayForum and upgrade your account, you will get a bonus of N50.
  5. They pay you N7 each time you testify about their platform. All the people who post a screenshot of their earnings are paid for testifying about NewsPayForum.
  6. Another way of making money on NewsPayForum is to edit and complete your profile. You earn N2 after uploading your profile picture and add more details to your profile
  7. Also, when you make a promotional video to advertise NewsPayForum on Facebook or YouTube, you will earn N20.
  8. You also make N30 for making posts on the website. There are several posts on the website, if you make a single post on the site, you will earn N30 and if you make over 15 posts a day, you’ll earn N450.
  9. You also earn up to N4 for N7 for commenting on the website’s posts.
  10. The biggest way anyone can make money on NewsPayForum is to refer persons. The NewsPayForum Affiliate Program pays you over 70% commission for referring people to join the platform. As an affiliate, if someone joins with your link, you make up to N1,050. The NewsPayForum members and affiliates on the GOLD PLAN make up to N2,050/per referral. So, you can see that the NewsPayForum affiliate is a rewarding one.

How To Make Over N100,000 From NewsPayForum

I believe that it is very possible for a person to make over N100,000 from NewsPayForum in a month. As a matter of fact, I have joined the program and my target is to make up to N100,000 every month by promoting this platform to people.

As an internet marketer, I have succeeded in getting plenty of referrals using my digital marketing strategies, however, I have vowed not to withdraw my earnings until it reaches N100,000 because of the doubting Thomases.

You can make up to ₦100,000 if you refer up to 100 people every month. Also, you will be quick to make this figure if you are on the GOLD PLAN.

One of the ways to get referrals is to keep promoting NewsPayForum to people, especially on your social media handles and online forums.

People on the PREMIUM PLAN will need to be active on the website, hence, they need to be prompt in sharing posts and commenting on the posts on the website.


How To Withdraw Your Earnings

You can withdraw your earnings only when you have reached the N4,000 threshold. If you have up to four referrals or you have made up to 4,000 Activity Earnings without referrals, you will get paid.

Simply go to your dashboard and go to settings to edit your profile, save your bank name, account name and number and your money will be paid directly to your bank account on the payout day.


There you have it! You can make up to N100,000 with N1,500, do not procrastinate. Delay might be dangerous.  Before I forget, NewsPayForum pays once every two weeks, so you can always receive your money when it is ready for payout.

If you are yet to register on NewsPayForum, take a step today by clicking here to register and contact the e-PIN Distributor to get your e-PIN. I wish you the best of luck!

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