How To Sign Up For NNU Forum Affiliate Program & Make Money Monthly

How To Sign Up For NNU Affiliate Program & Make Money Monthly

Affiliate marketing is a good way of making money online in Nigeria. The principle of affiliate marketing is that you get paid whenever you invite or refer customers to buy a product which is not originally your own product.

So many companies, brands, e-commerce and digital stores such as Jumia, Konga, Nairabet, Surebet, Bet9ja maintain an affiliate program which gives digital marketers, marketers and merchants the option of getting a commission share whenever they selling their commodities to customers.

Nigeria News Update popularly known by its abbreviation NNU FORUM has an affiliate program which was designed for affiliate marketers, digital marketers, social media marketers, social media influencers, bloggers, content developers, SEO experts, website owners as well as students, business individuals, entrepreneurs, housewives to make money online by inviting and referring customers to buy the NNU Income Pack and become members of the NNU Income Program.

While thousands of affiliate marketers and digital marketers were unhappy with the Jumia affiliate program, many others are successfully cashing out from the NNU Forum income program as a result of their affiliate marketing skills which they have used to get customers and clients who will buy the NNU Income pack which is priced at the rate of N1,600 (One thousand and six hundred naira only).

As a Jumia affiliate, I market and promote the products and goods on Jumia store and get a commission whenever a sale is recorded through my link or banner. In August 2018, Jumia failed to pay its affiliates, even those who reached and surpassed the payment threshold of N5,000.

Jumia is a popular company known for selling items and commodities through its digital store. Asides being a reputable company, I have noticed that this company have been reported and found of cheating their affiliate marketers.


Thousands of Nigerians are getting paid on a monthly basis from the NNU affiliate program. The reason is that NNU is trying to come up with the best affiliate program that will reward its affiliate whenever they get customers and clients which will get buy their product which is the “NNU Forum Income Pack”.

Currently, in order to improve its service and encourage the works of its affiliate marketers, the company is working on increasing the commission to a staggering rate of 80%. This has not been recorded in Nigeria that a product commission of more than 80% is given to affiliate marketers, although it can be found in countries outside Nigeria (we’ll make articles about these companies in our next articles).


Think of it, if you promote a product valued and sold for N1,600 and you get a commission of N1,000 for each sale which you make, how about if you are able to sell more than 100 products of the NNU Forum ebook, then you are sure of making more than N100,000.

Why Should You Be An NNU Affiliate Marketer

1. The product (NNU Income Pack) is cheap and affordable for everybody at all class and level. The NNU Income Program has been successful in sharing the website revenue among the members, this has made a lot of Nigerians interested in being part of NNU Forum. As an affiliate, you can capitalize on this by promoting the NNU Income Pack and teaching people on how to be part of it, through that you skyrocket your affiliate sales.

2. Apart from being an affiliate, part of the site revenue will be paid to you.

3. It lays the foundation for you to be able to convince and get people to buy a particular product.

4. It is an added income source as it is a reliable way of making money online.

5. It helps you to understand the type of products which people want.

How To Be An NNU Income Program Affiliate

Being an affiliate for the NNU Forum, you have to purchase the ebook. This is done when you register on the website to become a member of NNU Forum. Being a member of the NNU Forum automatically makes you an affiliate for the NNU Income Program and you get to invite and refer friends and people with your referral link and banner.

How To Make Money As An NNU Forum Affiliate 

You have registered and opened your account with the company. The next step to take is on how to expand your opportunities and make money with a profitable and lucrative affiliate program.

There are many ways to make money in the NNU Income Program such as reading news, commenting on posts, posting on the forum, daily login into the account and sharing of sponsored posts but the best way to earn from the NNU Income Program is through the inviting and referring people to register under the program. 

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Why Is This So?

  • For Daily login, you get paid N50
  • For Sharing of Sponsored Posts, you get N100
  • For Posting On Forum, You get N200
  • For Reading on a single post, you get N10
  • Commenting on a single post, you get N20
  • For affiliate/referral invite, you get N1000

Instead of waiting for more than a month, to make N5000, you can take more time to sell the cheap product of N1,400 to people to become members, if you are able to sell 10 products monthly, you are assured of making more than N10,000 in a month. That is why affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from the NNU Income Program.

A lot of persons have testified on how they were successful in their affiliate sales. Don’t forget to CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

In case you missed the guide, I have elaborated on everything which you need to know about the NNU Income Program. In case, you missed the post, you can get to read it here.

Share your thoughts, let me know what you think in the comments box.

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