The Marquis Scholarship is a need-based grant at Purdue University. It is just accessible for Indiana occupants, and it is given on the early bird gets the worm premise. Assuming you come from a low pay family and have plans of going to Purdue later on, this grant could be an incredible chance for you. Before you can discover that however, you clearly need to know a smidgen about the program. That is what’s really going on with this article. Here is some speedy data you can allude to preceding applying for the Marquis Scholarship.

The Marquis Scholarship at a Glance

Grant Amount: $2,000 each year for as long as four years
Number of Awards: Varies by year
Least GPA: 2.65
Least Test Scores: None
Qualified Applicants: Low pay Indiana occupants going to Purdue University.

Marquis Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the Marquis Scholarship, you should be an occupant of the province of Indiana. You should come from a family with pay somewhere in the range of $40,000 and $100,000 every year, and you should finish up a FAFSA to confirm your payment status. You should be an understudy at Purdue University, and you should go to class full time. Your religion, race, orientation, and age won’t factor into your qualification. However long you keep a GPA of 2.65 or higher, you ought to have the option to restore this honor for as long as four years.

Marquis Scholarship Application Details

To apply for the Marquis Scholarship, you should apply through Purdue University’s site. You should ensure that the school has a duplicate of your FAFSA data, alongside whatever else they need on schedule. Most years, that cutoff time falls on November fifteenth. Get your application in when you should, and you will ideally be acknowledged for this need-based grant.

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