How To Make Money As A Student With Photographer On The Campus

How To Make Money As A Student With Photographer On The Campus

As students get admission into the university, it is imperative for them to have a job, a skill or a business that will enable them to have some money. Failure and inability to make this money as a may cause students to depend on their parents for money at all times. Also, ut may make students engage in crazy and illegal activities just to make money for themselves.

There are many things which a student in Nigeria can do to make money on campus, one of such ways is through photography. Students can make money by taking pictures of people and covering social events while studying and schooling on the campus.


Campus life comes with its own needs and requirements. Students need money to get money in place to settle minor bills and pay for unseen/impromptu expenses which are likely to face in the higher institution.

Students need money to pay for textbooks, notebooks, handouts, departmental dues, faculty dues, Student Union Government (SUG) dues, course representative upkeep, paying for campus shuttle and paying for things which may require money such as funding and due collecting for burial, the wedding ceremony of a student etc.

It is pertinent that before going to a higher institution, a student should have a skill or a job that will make money for them while on the campus.

Even if the skill or job is not enough to get you an expensive phone, or get you an expensive student apartment with a 72-inch plasma television, it will be enough for you to sustain you in campus by satisfying basic needs (food, clothes etc) as well as buying stationeries and materials which you will need as a student in campus.

One of the best ways by which student can make money in school is through photography. It is not a hidden fact that students love to capture good moments and keep memories by taking photos and pictures in school.

How Students Can Make Money As A Photographer In Campus

Bayo Omoboriowo

Most students are so obsessed with pictures that they take selfies and photos of themselves at every slightest chance. Since students take pictures with their mobile phones for fun, you can offer a more concrete and professional offer of taking good pictures of them with your camera, editing it and creating a beautiful photo of them out of nothing.

Good photographers can take pictures of ugly people and ugly backgrounds and still make a work of art that will make the photo to standout in unique beauty.

Why You Should Be A Student-Photographer

Photography is a good business, a profitable one if I should confess. However, this is not to say that everybody must be a photographer or that photography is the best business which you can use to make money on the campus.

I will give a few tips why university students who or upcoming student photographers should give a shot at photography to make money for themselves while studying in any tertiary or higher institution.

  • As a photographer, you could get to cover events, ceremonies and programs in your campus.
  • As a photographer in the campus, you can earn money by taking pictures of people and happenings on your school campus.
  • Another reason why students should take up photography to make money for themselves in school is that they can be hired by news agencies to cover events and report the latest campus news.
  • Many news aggregators, digital media and companies such as television stations, newspapers, magazines etc go into the university to get students who will be the first to report any latest campus news and events.
  • As a photographer, you can expand your options to be an event planner in your school. As an event planner, you get to plan how social events in your school will be organized, orchestrated and planned.
  • Students can pick up photography as a way of making money for themselves in university or higher institution because they can still make use of that skill to empower and employ themselves after they have finished reading their courses in school.
  • Asides from being a photographer in your campus, you can be invited and hired to cover and take pictures of events (wedding ceremony, burial ceremony, naming ceremony, birthdays, parties, shows etc) outside your campus environment.
  • As a photographer, you can get to sell your beautiful photos online. There are online platforms on the internet that allows people to upload their photos and sell them. Through these online platforms, a student in Nigeria can make money by selling some of their best pictures.
  • You can sell pictures of models to companies who are looking for beautiful pictures which will be used to sell and market their product and services.
  • As a photographer, you can get to take pictures of models in your school.

Being a photographer shouldn’t give you the impression that you will make money at the slightest opportunity. You have to carve a niche for yourself, be dedicated in your craft and try to make a name yourself for you to be recognized.

For you to gain recognition on the campus as a photographer, you should give your best to your clients and customers and make sure they are satisfied with your service.

Now that you know that Photography is a big business which any serious-minded student can pick up to make money while in the higher institution. As a photographer, lots of opportunities await you on the campus, you could even make more than N100,000 for yourself in a semester by covering social events on your campus.

Bayo Omoboriowo

Here is Bayo, a student photographer who has made a name for himself on the campus and even in the country. Bayo Omoboriowo is a student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), he studies Pure and Applied Chemistry at UNILAG.

Surprisingly, Bayo happens to be the official photographer of the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari. Although he is a science student, yet, he chooses photography, a business that deals with art, to make a name for himself in his school.

Try to advertise yourself and make people know of your service, you can connect yourself with influential people in your school hierarchy like departmental presidents, executive of the student union government, school lecturers, directorate of socials, deans and even heads of department in your school.

Make requests to SUG executives, departmental presidents, deans, faculty executives, make a request and ask if you can become their official photographer, make them aware of your service and how you can give them the best quality if you should become their photographer.

A single photo costs at least ₦200, while the softcopy can go for ₦300. What if you get to cover an event as the official photographer and you get to take 500 photos in that event or even more since you get to take the pictures of many students; that will be cool.

You can get to work in a media house around your campus as the official campus photographer. Making it as a student photographer in your school does not mean that you should get the best or most expensive camera, but what it means is that your pictures should be able to tell stories and pass a message.

How To Get Started As A Photographer In Your School Campus

How To be A Student Photographer In Nigeria

You need to get a good camera (at least 18 megapixel or more) but make sure the camera is clear and offers great quality. Learn the scope of the business along with the basic photography skills from different photographers and fill yourself with knowledge on how the business works.

You can get a printer to print out your pictures, other student photographers can get to pay you for printing their pictures.

If you don’t have a personal printer, you can approach other photographers for them to help you print your pictures, you can pay them a small fee for printing your pictures.

Lastly, photographers with knowledge of Photo are chosen over those who don’t know how to make use of the Adobe Photoshop software because most people will want to have their photos is a softcopy format so that they can upload it on their social media accounts.

You may need a computer system or a laptop as a student photographer to make money on the campus. Get yourself familiarized with the adobe photoshop tool or any photo editing software, this will increase your chances of making money as a student in your campus.

If you already know how to use photoshop, well, that a plus for you because with the application of the photoshop software on your pictures, you can get to bring out perfection from your photos.

With these tips, you should be able to get started as a photographer and as a student, you should be able to make money as a student photographer on your school campus.

Feel free to share this information with your friends in school. You can pour out your opinion and let me know what you think in the comment box below.

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