Top 5 Best Wallets For Storing EOS in 2019

The best EOS wallets are also available in the crypto industry for users of EOS. Getting a wallet for storing EOS coins can be difficult if you have no knowledge of hardware and software wallets. One of the tokens used in the blockchain world and the world of cryptocurrency is the EOS tokens. If you have been keen on cryptocurrencies and digital currencies, you must have heard about the EOS. In this article, you will get to know about the top 5 best EOS wallets in 2018.

The software was made by a software programmer who is identified as Dan Larimer. The EOS software programmer, Dan Larimer also created Steem and Bitshares in the past. Dan Larimer introduced a new blockchain architecture which was created and designed for the purpose of enabling vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications (dApp).

This project was achieved by creating an Operating System (OS) by which applications can be built and made. The software that was designed provides accounts, databases, authentication, asynchronous communication and scheduling of applications across so many CPU clusters or cores.

The EOS has previously formed a part of the Ethereum blockchain, but recently, the EOS announced their main net launch and they had concluded their year-long ICO which no longer relied on the Ethereum coin as its underlying layer.

After the launch, EOS stated that it no longer relies on the ERC20 wallets because it has its own new set of wallets which it made and introduced for its users.

Before using the EOS wallets, you must first have to create your EOS account name. An account is a 12-character long human-readable name which is stored on the blockchain.

Ownership of an account is made through authorization by an individual or a group of individuals (depending on the permissions configuration). An account is required to make a transfer or push any valid transaction to the blockchain community from an EOS developer platform.

How Can I Create EOS Account Names?

Creation of EOS accounts can be made from ZEOS. Please, I categorically wish to state here that you are using this tool at your own risk, always make sure that you make research about this tool if it is reliable and trusted.

Let’s have a quick view of the updated and the best EOS wallets for the year.

The Top 5 Best EOS Wallets in 2018

The following items listed below contain the updated list of the best EOS wallets for storing and keeping EOS tokens in the blockchain technology.

#1 Infinito EOS Wallet

The Infinito Wallet forms a part of the Infinity Blockchain Labs (Europe) which has an unparalleled mission to become the top cryptocurrency wallet for blockchain communities in the world.

The Infinito Wallet serves as a channel and gateway for EOS users to increase and maximize the unique potentials and usage of their cryptocurrencies. The major aim of the Infinito wallet is to build an ecosystem of blockchain services which includes ID/KYC solutions, exchanges, and other business-related services in the blockchain world.

You Can Go On To Download the Infinito EOS Wallet for Android and iOS devices

#2 SimplEOS Wallet

The SimplEOS is an ideal wallet for EOS. The reason for this attestation is that SimplEOS was solely made for the EOS ecosystem and this wallet has been fully integrated to keep up with the features available in the software.

One of the major reasons why the SimplEOS wallet is regarded as one of the top EOS wallets is that it is available for users to download on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.

This wallet which is backed with security and transparency philosophy was created by EOS Rio. The SimplEOS wallet is a desktop application that enables you as an EOS user to claim your EOS Mainnet tokens and to import your EOS Mainnet private keys easily.

You Can Click Here To Get The SimplEOS Wallet

#3 GreyMass EOS Voter Wallet

The Greymass EOS aims to build different tools which will enable everyone to fully understand and have the knowledge of how to use EOS. Greymass intends to bring an easy to use the system for the masses to use EOS.

This Greymass software is an open source software that acts as the foundation for their full GUI Light Wallet.

The most important part of this wallet is that the keys are encrypted with AES-256 encryption that helps in security. Even if you leave the device, you won’t have to lose your key because it would be stored in your device.

However, you can still choose you your desired API node to vote. This is a more secure solution than for you to vote through the website interface. The Greymass EOS enables you to support your EOS and vote for producers (this is one of the important facets of securely approving and launching the EOS network on blockchain).

You Can Go On To Download The GreyMass EOS Voter Wallet

#4 Guarda EOS Wallet

The Guarda EOS wallet is a multicurrency wallet which supports most cryptocurrencies of the world. The Guarda EOS wallet is able to support and store popular and commonly used crypto tokens and digital currencies of the world like EOS, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, ETC, ETC, Zcash, DASH, Ripple and some other multiple altcoins.

The Guarda EOS wallet is very secured, safe and reliable and for storing EOS tokens. A major feature of the Guarda EOS wallet is that it can be easily handled by any device.

Unlike some other wallets used in the cryptocurrency world, the Guarda EOS wallet doesn’t store or keep any information, private keys or wallet data. The private key of the Guarda EOS wallet is stored in the device’s secure memory and it automatically deletes itself when you log out from the wallet. This is one of the reasons why the Guarda EOS wallet is regarded and recommended as one of the top EOS wallets.

The Guarda EOS wallet allows you to shift your assets easily from one coin to another without any registration, limits and complex verification procedures.

You can go on to use the Guarda EOS wallet

#5 Scatter EOS Wallet

The Scatter EOS wallet is very compatible on desktop devices as it provides the Chrome extension for their users to use their desktop devices.

The Scatter EOS wallet allows you to be able to sign and make transactions on the EOS blockchain with the use of your private keys from web applications without exposing and revealing your keys.

Also, the Scatter EOS wallet allows you to make transactions on the EOS blockchain community using your private keys without exposing your personal information; you can only reveal your personal information only when you want to.

You can go on to use the Scatter EOS wallet HERE

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