How To Join The TravelStart Affiliate Program and Make Money Online

How To Join The TravelStart Affiliate Program and Make Money Online

Do you know that you can make money online in Nigeria with the travelstart affiliate program? Yes, you can make money by partnering with the online travel agency known as travelstart, refer customers and make your millions with them. 

Travelstart has one of the high paying affiliate programs in Nigeria and they are a worthy option for you to try out. In this article, you will know about the travelstart affiliate program, how to sign up, how the travelstart affiliate program works and how to make money with the travelstart affiliate program.

What is TravelStart and What Do They Offer?

TravelStart is one of the popular and leading online travel agencies in Africa. Travelstart has been voted as “Africa’s leading Online travel agency” because it has built a reputation of introducing a flight booking system that allows people to search different airlines and book local and international flights to travel in any airline at a cheap cost.

Travelstart is an online travel website that provides an online booking service for people to reach their destinations when travelling. Travelstart has a simple travelling service that enables people to book flights from major international airlines and low-cost carriers and cheap costs.

Apart from having an office in Nigeria, Travelstart operates in Kenya, Kuwait, Morocco, Bahrain, Botswana, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Namibia, Oman, Qatar, and Zimbabwe.

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Asides from booking flights, Travelstart offers services such as travel insurance, home accommodations, car rentals and so many vacation packages which customers are entitled to enjoy.

A lot of Nigerian travellers have enjoyed the service provided by Travelstart when it comes to booking flights with the travel agency. One of the vacation packages which travellers have enjoyed is travel insurance from travelstart which makes them reduce the possible damages which they may face when travelling. Travelstart travel insurance covers accidents, theft, illness, and death which customers may likely face when travelling.

The travel insurance has brought positive reviews and remarks about travelstart becomes it provides good support for companies and individuals to book their flights at their convenience. This is why a lot of Nigerian travellers pitch their tent with the online travel agency to book their local and international flights whenever they are travelling.

Become a TravelStart Affiliate And Maximize Your Earning Potential

The Travelstart affiliate program is free to join and you don’t require to pay any premium fees for you to register as an affiliate on the travelstart affiliate program. Being an affiliate on the travelstart network automatically make you a partner of the travel agency which is Travelstart.

As a blogger who owns a travel website, lifestyle website or any blog that has a blog that has traffic, you can monetize your traffic by placing your affiliate links and banners on your website and get customers who will use their service.

As an influencer with a lot of followers, likes and fan base on social media, you can turn your fan base into cash by referring million of customers to place orders and book their local and international flights with Travelstart.

Even if you don’t have a website, you can promote your affiliate links if you have a social presence on social media. Another good way of promoting travelstart products and booking services is to do it using email marketing.

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An average booking for local and international flights on travelstart website costs 150,000 to 700,000 ($200 – $1000) and the good thing is that affiliates get 70% from the booking order which the customer makes.

As an affiliate, you can benefit from this affiliate program. You shouldn’t procrastinate or delay the move for you to join the travelstart affiliate program because they have one of the best affiliate programs existing in Nigeria. If you can get 70% from an average booking from a customer, how much would you make if you are able to refer 10 or more customers in a space of 4 to 6 months?

Why You Should Join The TravelStart Affiliate Program

Before I will go into the full details of how to join and register for the travelstart affiliate program, I don’t see any reason why anybody will decline the offer of joining the affiliate program of the travelstart online travel agency.

If you are an affiliate with other companies, you should join the travelstart affiliate program to increase your chances of making money online.

The travelstart provides you with tools and reports which you can use to track and monitor your affiliate statistics.

As an affiliate with travelstart, you can learn and gain knowledge of how the travel industry works and how you can open your own travel agency and make money from the business.

Another reason why you should be a travelstart affiliate is that travelstart is a reputable travel agency that has served its customers and clients with reliable and excellent services, since its a legitimate company, you are sure of making money on as an affiliate by selling their products and services.

How To Sign Up And Get Started As A Travelstart Affiliate

For you to get started into the travelstart affiliate program, you must follow the steps which are outlined below;

Step 1: Visit The Website

Step 2: Visit the affiliate page.

Step 3: Read the details outlined for affiliates.

Step 4: Fill the necessary details and sign up as an affiliate.

In the registration, you will be required to fill some details for them to consider your application and approve you as an affiliate. Important details which you will need to input are your website or blog URL, your phone number,m your full name, your email address etc.

If you are qualified, you will get a mail which shows that you have been approved.

In my case, I applied and successfully, I got approved after submitting my application.

Here is the mail below.

TravelStart Affiliate Program: How To Sign Up And Make Money

TravelStart Affiliate Program: How To Sign Up And Make Money

Being a travelstart affiliate allows you to maximize the opportunity of making money online in Nigeria. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments box of this website. Happy Earnings as you try out the travelstart affiliate program.




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