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How To Join TRX Forsage And Make Money

by Zara
Trx Forsage Review

The owners of Forsage are out with a matrix program known as ‘TRX Forsage’ which is now live. If you know about Forsage, you’ll agree with me that lots of people made money by selling the Ethereum coins they earned on the program.

Although this smart contract was introduced by the owners of Forsage, it works differently from the original Forsage program. While Forsage runs on Ethereum, the Forsage TRX works with Trons. Forsage is still running and hasn’t crashed, but the challenge that affected the program is due to the High GAS fees. Forsage currently has more than 1 million members.

However, joining right now will be quite expensive due to the high Ethereum price and the High Gas fees which is between $50 to $100. The ETH transaction fee (Gas fee) is even higher than the actual cost of joining Forsage and this has become a serious challenge.

The high costs made it a problem for new members to join. To solve this issue, the creators of Forsage created the Tron version. As for Tron, the cryptocurrency is cheap to buy and the transaction fees are low. If you are on the previous Forsage program, you will have to register on the Tron program again.

In this post, you will get information on everything to know about the Forsage TRX smart contract. Perhaps, if you want to know how it works and you intend to register, this post will provide you with the details on that.

Take Note:  Forsage TRX is different from ForsageTron.

What is Forsage TRX (Trx.Forsagr.io)?

TRX Forsage Smart Contract

Trx.forsage.io  is a smart contract built on the Troncoin blockchain. TRX Forsage is a peer to peer matrix marketing program, a smart contract that works on the Tron blockchain. As a smart contract, Forsage TRX cannot be hacked, altered or changed.

This Tron version requires only 200 TRX (Less than $10) to start. Furthermore, the transaction speed is fast and the transaction fee of the Forsage TRX is $0.0000901 which is very low. This Tron version requires only 200 TRX (Less than $10) to start.

How to Start

To start you need to have a Tron wallet and have your wallet funded. You can install the Tron wallet on your laptop, smartphone and desktop computer. Once you have created a wallet, you have to fund your wallet with 205 TRX. Although the registration fee is 200 TRX, I recommend you have an extra 5 TRX for network fees.

TRX Forsage is designed for people who are good in network marketing. On the other hand, if you aren’t so good at recruiting people or getting downlines, you can register under a good team and earn consistent spillover and overflows from TRX Forsage.

Irrespective of your country location, be it Nigeria, Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Kenya, United States, United Kingdom etc, you can contact me to link you to get started. You can register with my team and we’ll help you grow your own team and help you succeed in TRX Forsage.

How Does TRX Forsage Work?

How Does TRX Forsage Work

In this matrix, there are two programs namely: Forsage X3 and Forsage X4. These programs work differently, so it is imperative for you to know how it works.

When you register on TRX Forsage, 100 TRX will be used to open the first level in the X3 and X4 programs. You can upgrade your level and purchase other levels separately if you’ve enough funds in your wallet.

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TRX Forsage X3 Program

In the Forsage X3 Program, there are 15 levels, and each level is twice as expensive as the previous one. So, the income you get on a new slot will be twice of what you got in the previous slot. When you invite partners to register under you, they take places in the slots. Each level has 3 slots under it, and your direct referrals are meant to fill up the places in those slots.

TRX Forsage X3
  • When you register your first partner, 100% of the earnings go straight to your crypto wallet.
  • When you refer your second partner, the partner takes a place in the slot under you. Also, your crypto wallet is credited.
  • When you get your third partner or referral, the system automatically opens the slots for you in the form of reinvestment. Reopening the slot allows you to take a place in your upline’s slot. You receive 100% of the income but you get this in the form of reinvestment occurs. Also, 100% of the reinvestment goes to your upline.

All active slots will bring you passive revenue for life, the slots have no expiration date. The earnings from the 1st, and 2nd slot goes to your wallet instantly while the earnings from the 3rd slot goes to your upline and it reopens this slot for you to earn over and over again.

TRX Forsage X4 Program

The Forsage X4 program is designed for you to earn both from your superior (upline) and your downline (partners).

In the Forsage X4 program, you will find 6 slots, 2 slots above and 4 slots below. The earnings from the first two slots go to your upline, while the earnings from the 3rd, 4th and 5th slot go to your wallet, while the earning from the 6th slot goes to your upline and reopens the slot for you to keep earning.

TRX Forsage smart contract

Here’s how it works:

  • The income/earnings from the first two slots go to your superior. In other words, 100% of the payment of the first two slots in the Forsage TRX X4 goes to the wallet of your upline.
  • You will receive the income of the third, fourth and fifth slot in the X4, the earnings go directly to your wallet.
  • The last slot, which is the sixth slot is for reinvestment. When you get your 6th slot is filled, the system opens the slot again and the earnings from that slot is credited to your upline.

How To Register And Join ForsageTron

If you have funded your wallet, then you need to register. If you want to register on Forsage Tron, I recommend you to join my team.

How To Register For Forsage TRX

Here’s what you need to do to register on Forsage Tron:

  • First, Copy this link => https://trx.forsage.io/auth/5zpdig
  • If you are using a mobile app, paste the link in the browser of the app and enter. If you are registering with a laptop, enter the link in your internet browser.
  • Ensure that the ID Number: 19355 is displayed.
  • Click on ‘Automatic Registration’ and pay from your wallet.
  • 205 TRX is sufficient for you to join the Forsage TRX smart contract (including the transaction fees). If you intend to purchase more slots after registration, ensure that you fund your wallet accordingly.


There are lots of benefits you get to enjoy by being part of this project. If you are active and successful in this program, you can accumulate lots of TRON coins which you can later sell for profits. You can join me directly or be a part of my team.

trx.forsage.io smart contract

I highly recommended anyone interested in joining the Forsage TRX program to join with my team which guarantees of you of consistent spillovers and overflows. Everyone in my team is provided with mentorship and materials to recruit partners and referrals.

Also, I will provide you with a good upline to register under. However, note that Forsage tron is not a quick rich scheme, you should be willing to work and earn on this program.

If you have interest in joining, you can contact me on WhatsApp and I will put you through. Alternatively, you can contact my team on email info@makingmoneyinnigeria.com.ng and you will get access to join us.

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