WhoGoHost Review 2020: Is This The Best Nigerian Hosting Company?

WhoGoHost Review

WhoGoHost is one of the biggest Nigerian web hosting companies you would find on the internet. This Nigerian web hosting company has a range of services to digital marketers, website owners and bloggers who are taking their businesses to the internet.

WhoGoHost has been powering so many indigenous Nigerian companies and businesses including the Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank) and the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife.


If you are intending on getting a web hosting service for your website, you would have to get a good hosting company because a good web hosting determines how far your blog or website would go after it has been launched. This is why you must read about our extensive write-up of the review of WhoGoHost Nigeria web hosting company.

In this article, you would know about the WhoGoHost company, its web hosting plans, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, payment methods, pros and cons and reviews from other customers who have used their hosting service.

If you intend to use WhoGoHost as your hosting provider, it is important that you read our review not just because you found us on the web but read this review to help you make a quality decision on your choice of a web host.

About The WhoGoHost Hosting Company

WhoGoHost Hosting Review

In our research of this Nigerian web hosting company, we came to understand that WhoGoHost is one of the cheapest web hosting companies and have earned a good rating in the Nigerian cyberspace due to her reputation, reliability, flexibility, usability and its unique ability to grow people’s businesses online.

WhoGoHost Nigeria web hosting company makes it extremely affordable and cheap for people to get hosting for their websites.

The Shared hosting plan is a cheap hosting in Nigeria which comes with a free ccTLD domain name, free SSL, Cpanel and so much more. If you begin to get traffic to your website and outgrow the traffic allowance allocated on your shared hosting plan, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan or use their virtual server options and cloud hosting plan.

The WhoGoHost web hosting company was founded in 2007 by Opeyemi Awoyemi under the parent company, Ennovate Nigeria Limited. In 2010, Opeyemi teamed up with Toba Obaniyi (an online customer service and a web programmer specialist) to handle the task responsibilities to consolidate the WhoGoHost company as a partner and a co-founder.

Oluwatoba Obaniyi has managed and controlled the reins of Whogohost as the Chief Executive officer (CEO) and building the Nigerian web hosting company to where it currently is today. In 2011, WhoHoGost was incorporated independently as WhoGoHost Limited.

Ever since then, the WhoGoHost web hosting company has gained the interest of several webmasters in Nigeria due to its vigorous and robust capacity of handling huge Nigerian company websites.

It has been able to host the websites of companies such as the GT Bank, which is one of the biggest Nigerian banks. It is quite known that more than hundreds of thousands of users on their websites on a daily basis to perform banking transactions.

Over the years, WhoGoHost has grown to become one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria which have gained massive credibility for the following reasons;

  • WhoGoHost currently has more than 7,000 hosting accounts on their Servers and has over 15,000 active domains in its services.
  • They are a .NG (dot NG) domain registrar
  • They are registered by NIRA as a .NG domain registrar
  • WhoGoHost has partnered with Interswitch to provide reliable payment integration services.
  • They are an IBM business partner
  • WhoGoHost offers fantastic web hosting services and unbeatable prices in the web hosting business
  • They are a certified CloudFlare partner
  • The WhoGoHost web hosting company is a certified G-Suite Reseller Partner

WhoGoHost Services


As a Nigerian web hosting company, WhoGoHost provides and offers varieties of services to meet up with the needs and demands of webmasters and the internet world in Nigeria. Some of the current services provided by the WhoGoHost web hosting company include;


WhoGoHost provides the following domain-related services for webmasters;

Domain Registration: Domain names serve as a unique identity for any website, online brand or information reserved on the internet. Domains names are cheap to register and also, they are renewed every year. WhoGoHost provides domain name registration on different domain name packages.

Domain Transfer: You can make WhoGoHost your new domain name registrars by transferring your domain name to them. However, this must be done before your domain name expires.

.NG Domain Name Registration: The .NG domain extension is Nigeria’s Country-Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). This means that the .NG Top Level Domain is specially and specifically reserved for use in Nigeria.

WhoGoHost is an accredited registrar of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA) and they are licensed to register second-level and third-level domains of the .ng.NG domain name such as .net,ng,, amongst others.

New GTLDs:  If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, you can choose to get domain name extensions such as .website, .center, .deals, .tax etc because the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has expanded the Generic Top-Level Domains for people to increase their choices when registering new domain names.

Country Code Top Level Domains (CcTLDs): These domains are two-letter internet top-level domains which are specifically meant for a particular country, a territory or a sovereign state or a dependent territory.

Search engines such as Google displays results on domains with cTLDs in a particular location or region first before showing those using the generic TLDs. examples of such domains are .ng,,, etc

Domain Reseller: A domain name reseller account enables you to sell domain names to your clients and third-party through WhoGoHost at a discount rate. Being a domain reseller would give you access to the WhoGoHost API (Application Programming Interface) to make new domain orders and renew existing domain names.

If you intend on managing your domains using WHMCS or if you currently have WHMCS, a domain reseller is a good option for you. You can signup for the WhoGoHost domain name reseller account and install their registrar module. With that, you are good to go. It is free to join as a domain reseller on WhoGoHost.

WHOIS search: WHOIS search is another service provided by the WhoGoHost Nigeria company to search for a domain name ownership, information, availability and IP lookup service to get the WHOIS domain database.

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WhoGoHost provides the following hosting packages on its web hosting platform.

Pros and Cons

In our research of the WhoGoHost web hosting company, we found that WhoGoHost is a cheap hosting option for those with low budget. Whether you are starting a small blog or a big website for your business, you can rely on WhoGoHost to grow your business.

This is because this hosting company allows you to have an online presence as their shared hosting plan comes with a free ccTLD domain (.NG domain name), free SSL, cPanel and so much more. It is relatively easy for you to upgrade to a new higher hosting plan to a Cloud Hosting or Virtual Private Server (VPS) if you should outgrow your traffic allowance on the WhoGoHost shared hosting plans.

Their shared hosting plan is a robust option for webmasters to start a new website in a grand style without limits. This hosting company is domiciled in Nigeria and from time-to-time, they strive to improve their user experience.


Hosting companies may offer the same services but they aren’t created to be equal as some of them set themselves away from the competition by offering some unique features that make them stand out. Here are the major advantages, pros and benefits of the WhoGoHost web hosting company.

1. Affordable Hosting Plans

The WhoGoHost hosting plans are cheap and affordable for anyone to start up a website regardless of the size of their business. This Nigerian hosting company makes it easy for you to set up a website at an affordable rate.

2. Reliable, Competence, Trustworthiness and Credibility

WhoGoHost can be trusted to handle your hosting needs. They received licensed from NIRA to become a verified .NG Domain Registrar. The Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA) is the body that oversees the sale and registration of .Ng domain names in Nigeria.

The Nigerian domain extension is the .NG, this is why websites can be registered with domain extensions such as,, .ng, etc.

If you have a business which you would want to launch in Nigeria, you can get a .NG domain name extension and a hosting plan from WhoGoHost. This will enable your website to rank above .com generic domain names in the search engines.

3. User-Friendly

It is easy to navigate the WhoGoHost website and choose any service that you need without any problem.

4. Free SSL & Domain

The Google search engine is very conscious about security and they have clamped down on websites with no SSL. You can get SSL certificates from WhoGoHost to improve your site appearance in Google and other search engines.

They have a user-friendly interface and an easy to use cPanel. Also, WhoGoHost provides 1-click script install option for common website builder tools such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

5. Instant Activation of Account

WhoGoHost approves your account immediately they confirm your payment for any service. However, you can send them a message showing your payment proof to enable them to process your activation fast.

6. Top Web Hosting Company

They are one of the top hosting companies in Nigeria; as they have been in the business for more than ten years and they have over 10,000 active hosting accounts and over 12,000 registered domain names.

They have turned into one of the best places to get cloud hosting services, security services and domain name extensions.

7. Free and Easy Hosting Migration

Are you trying to migrate from another host to WhoGoHost? Moving your files from your old host to WhoGoHost would not be a problem for you because WhoGoHost will help you to move your files for free as long as you have a hosting plan with them.

This means that you do not have to worry about manually moving your files from the old host to your new WhoGoHost host as long as the old host is powered by cPanel, WhoGoHost will do the transfer for you at no extra cost.

As long as you have a cPanel with them, WhoGoHost can assist you in transferring all your content from your old hosting account to a new one at no cost.

8. Support

They have a vast knowledge base which consists of articles, guides and answers to questions regarding your hosting account. Asides this, they offer a phone support and a live chat on their websites. They have a quick response rate and you’ll have to open a support ticket to get technical support.

9. Affordability

WhoGohost fees are affordable compared to extensive options. The WhoGoHost shared hosting plan can be paid monthly as it has set monthly price options while the Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting plan has a custom price point which is based on the exact features which you intend to use.

10. Social Proof

WhoGoHost powers the website of many large Nigerian brands and businesses such as the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Jumia NG, Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank), Ekiti State Government website, Jobberman and so many more.

It is impressive to know that a local web hosting company in Nigeria hosts the website of big financial institution such as GT Bank. If they can host GT Bank, then, they can be trusted to serve your web hosting needs.

11. Variety of Hosting Packages

WhoGoHost provides her customers with a wide range of hosting plans for their websites. This is a good feature for any individual or business that needs an online presence.

They have email hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, shared hosting etc. Take a look at the prices of WhoGoHost shared hosting packages and pricing below.

12. Multi-Payment Methods

WhoGoHost provides different ways for you to make payment for their services. They have bank accounts with 3 prominent Nigerian banks with which you can use to pay via deposit.

Also, you can pay using your local and international credit/debit cards such as Visa, Verve using InterSwitch and E-transact, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover.

You can also use Cash Envoy and Pocket Moni, Quickteller and AmplifyPay for payments on the WhoGoHost website. For international payments, WhoGoHost accepts payment made in the United States Dollars (USD) and the EURO currency.

13. Awesome Customer Support

Asides providing their users with quality and top-notch web services, WhoGoHost also boasts of an impressive Customer Support Team. WhoGoHost provides great customer support to their customers and clients through chats, support tickets, phone calls and emails and they to clients inquiries through his contact channels.

They are also available on major social media platforms for easy accessibility. Their physical office is located at Lagos and is always open to receive physical complaints.

Customers can get across to the WhoGoHost support to help them in their web hosting issues. The company also has an office which is open for the customer to lay their complaints to them.

If you are hosting your website with WhoGoHost, it would be better off for you to call them than to chat them on social media platforms.


1. No Reseller Hosting Support

It is quite sad that despite their strong customer care support, WhoGoHost fails to provide a reseller hosting support for their customers. This has discouraged people from getting this hosting package.

2. No Refund Policy

They do not offer refund on hosting packages and plans. The first-time accounts have lots of conditions with limited time-frame. You will not get a refund of your payment for WhoGoHost plan if you are not satisfied with their service.

3. Uptime

WhoGoHost do not guarantee any uptime on their web hosting plans. Although this is not a problem, it has become a cause for concern. Just a little information can be gotten to confirm the level of their uptime.

4. Server Downtime

I do not need to stress the need for you to have your website available and running at all times. Some WhoGoHost customers have complained bitterly about their server downtime.

It was gathered that some users’ websites/blogs could be unreached and unavailable from 10 minutes to 2 days; while the major downtime is usually noticed at night.

5. Similar but Confusing Web Hosting Packages

WhoGoHost provides various hosting plans which are quite similar and this may leave you confused as you get to identify the right hosting plan that suits your website needs.

6. Limited Bandwidth

WhoGoHost has limited bandwidth on some of the hosting packages on its shared hosting plan. Unused bandwidth of a particular month cannot be carried over to the next month.

If you chose to purchase a shared hosting plan, it is recommended and advisable that you purchase the WhoGoHost Pro Plan or above so as not to be disappointed in the long run.

7. Data Loss and Backup Services

Ironically, as good as WhoGoHost is, they do not offer backup services for your blog or website. WhoGoHost may have caused the loss of clients’ files and vital website content/data. Just a few customers have complained that they lost a lot of their web files on WhoGoHost.

As a new customer, do not expect to enjoy the backup service when you buy any hosting plan with them. Instead, customers are required to do a backup of their website data/files themselves.

WhoGoHost Shared Hosting

On the shared hosting plan, WhoGoHost offers various hosting plans for anybody to start up a website. For your website to be published online and viewed by people on the internet, you will need a hosting account to host all your website pages and make your site available and accessible to internet users.

The WhoGoHost shared hosting plans makes it suitable for anyone to host a website with little space to huge plans on its hosting. As a WhoGoHost client, you can upgrade your hosting plan at any point in time if your current hosting package is small or not sufficient for your website.


When you purchase the WhoGoHost shared hosting plan, you get to save 20% of your money when you purchase an annual plan. On this package, you would enjoy the following features such as;

  • Guaranteed 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Unlimited Emails
  • FTP Accounts
  • PHP 5.4 – 7.0
  • MySQL Databases
  • Cpanel and PHPMyAdmin
  • CGI, Ruby(RoR) Extensions, Perl Extensions, CRON Jobs
  • SMS & Email Notifications
  • Automated Installation for WordPress, Joomla, SMF etc
  • Unlimited SQL Databases
  • Parked and Addon Domains Supported
  • Free SSL Certificate

You are free to upgrade your current hosting plan at any time if you think or feel that your current hosting plan is too small for your website.

WhoGoHost WordPress Hosting

WhoGoHost Nigeria web hosting company provides an effective hosting service which is specially designed for WordPress blogs. WordPress is a blogging platform which has become a tool for webmasters to create blogs and websites created in the cyberspace.

The WhoGoHost WordPress hosting platform enables you to install a WordPress website within seconds. Also, it gives you an easy and effective way to control, use and manage your WordPress Website.


You also get default access to tools and everything which you require to make WordPress websites secured and extremely fast. Some of the features of the WhoGoHost WordPress Hosting service are;

  • 1 WordPress site preinstalled
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain with annual plan
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Free hosting transfer
  • 2x Faster than shared hosting
  • cPanel Access
  • Powered by Nginx and AWS
  • You get access to 24/7 customer support

WhoGoHost Email Hosting

The email hosting is a cloud-based web hosting solution that enables you to get professional and corporate email addresses for your team, which is hosted on a trusted, reliable, and a secure platform. The email hosting is a very simple solution which is very simple to use and manage.

With a professional email address such as, you get more credibility in front of your customers/audience than when you make use of a free email ID such as or

The use of an email hosting account gives more credibility and recognition to your brand and this will make it easier for customers and clients to reach out to you because they will quickly remember your email when trying to get in touch with you.

Under this email hosting are two packages namely; the Business Email hosting and the Entrepreneurship Email Hosting.

The features of the WhoGoHost Email Hosting are;

  • Personalized Emails
  • Works with any desktop email client
  • Compatible with mobile email apps
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Email Encryption
  • Abundant Storage
  • 9% Uptime
  • Administrative area
  • 24/7 customer support

You can get started on the WhoGoHost Email hosting package with at least N5,000/1 year.

WhoGoHost Reseller Hosting

The reseller package comes with the following features;

  • Guaranteed 99.9% Network Uptime
  • FTP Accounts
  • PHP 5.4
  • MySQL Databases
  • CPanel and PHPMyAdmin
  • CGI, Ruby (RoR) Extensions, Perl Extensions, CRON Jobs
  • SMS & Email Notifications
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Automated Installation for WordPress, Joomla, SMF etc

Also, you get to manage many hosting plans of your choice as long as you want. There is no limit of the number of hosting account you want to have under this package.

The reseller hosting account gives puts you in control of setting the hosting account plans with no mention of the WhoGoHost company and you get to communicate directly with your own customers. With the Cpanel and WHM engine, you get to maintain your reseller plan with little stress.

A reseller hosting is a type of web hosting which gives you the unique ability to use your hard drive hosting space and bandwidth to host the websites and blogs of third parties. The reseller hosting allows you to host people’s and make money by selling hosting space to them.

You can purchase the reseller hosting services in wholesales, sell them to your customers and clients and possibly make profits from your sales.

If you own a lot of hosting accounts, it is recommended for you to have a reseller account to control and manage the resources allocated to every single account. With the reseller account, you can start up your web hosting company without spending too much money.

Local Hosting Company In Nigeria

Getting a local hosting has remained a challenge but not anymore as you can now get a local virtual server on WhoGoHost.

This service is open for people who are interested in hosting their website locally in Nigeria without needing to spend much money on foreign hosting servers. WhoGoHost servers are hosted with MDXi (a MainOne company which is powered with technology from Intel).

They have provisions which are quite suitable for individuals, SMEs and even government organizations and agencies. WhoGohost is one of the largest and biggest hosting companies domiciled in Nigeria.

Their partnership with MDXi (a subsidiary company of MainOne and Intel) provides you with IaaS platforms to help you host your servers on the cloud.

Some of the features of hosting your site locally with WhoGoHost are;

– Flexible Server Options: You get to adjust your Memory and CPU combinations and this gives you the unique ability to alter your server options.

– High-Performance Storage: You would be provided with a server with fast secure access to stored data/information for the database and other core applications.

– Network: A logically-separated and an enterprise-grade network is provided for you to ensure that you have exclusive access to your resources.

– Security and Safety: You get encrypted access to SAN storage which has been added to the to ensure security and prevent a breach of your data.

When you get a local cloud hosting from WhoGoHost, you also get to enjoy the following benefits;

  1. Payment for the server is easy because you don’t get to pay with foreign currency (exchange rate) but you get to pay in Nigeria’s local currency (Naira).
  2. Uptime of 99.95%
  3. A 24×7 support team would be ready to help you at every given moment.
  4. The time taken for data to be sent to you would be faster than using servers outside Nigeria
  5. You can increase or reduce any resource (limit) which has been allocated to you at any point in time; be it CPU, memory or even storage.
  6. The infrastructure which was used in building the servers are high-end; meaning that, this type can fully support high-end services and applications.
  7. The processors are intel-based. This is to say that all x86 based OSes (Windows and Linux) are supported. Solaris is not supported because it works on RISC processors.

WhoGoHost Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting In Nigeria

WhoGoHost also provided the services of helping you deploy your projects to cloud hosting to further help to increase your output and productivity. So many companies and software developers want to own and also customize their servers in order to fit into their needs, based on their tasks and projects at hand.

However, the cost of getting a Virtual Server can pose to be exorbitant and high, especially for start-ups, webmasters, and developers.

The WhoGoHost cloud hosting is an ideal option for software developers, webmasters, website owners, bloggers and people with lots of traffic. If you have a lot of traffic on your site and you are looking for a cheap cloud hosting server that wouldn’t allow you to pay much, then, you could do it with WhoGoHost.

Cloud hosting is the latest trend in the world of web hosting which has gained popularity among webmasters. Even Google makes use of a cloud hosting so that its resources can be spread on thousands of servers on the cloud; this is a major reason why it is unheard of facing downtimes.

Each cloud hosting server on the WhoGoHost platform is fully exclusive, this means that each one is independent of the others. The benefits of the WhoGoHost cloud hosting service is that you can be able to power up and restart your private hosting server by yourself at any time.


Also, you can power off your server whenever you wish to. All these can be directly done from your client area in your dashboard.


Another benefit of the WhoGoHost cloud hosting service is that a backup is automatically done for you weekly. This means that you would not have to worry about backups. You can still create manual backups by yourself by creating snapshots.

DNS Management

Lastly, another benefit you would get is prominent DNS management which allows you to manage all your domains easily and also change the nameservers from the default to whatever nameserver you want at any time.


G-Suite is a cloud-based collaboration software which helps you and your team to get the work done and connect from anywhere in the world on any device; it allows you to work smarter and focus on what really matters for your brand.

The G-Suite is a professional email and storage which is simple to use, easy to manage and set-up. The WhoGoHost web hosting company is a certified G-Suite Reseller Partner and they offer you with the installation and dedicated support of this service.

Even if you are starting a new business or you want to transfer from a free trial account for G-Suite to the paid version. Or if you want to migrate from your existing email system to G-Suite, you can contact WhoGoHost to help you on that. It is part of their services which they render to individuals, SMEs, start-ups and government agencies.

Virtual Server

Virtual server is a highly available and a highly scalable server which is built on a cluster of real servers. In essence, this means that a physical server is shared and divided into multiple virtual servers.

Each of the individual virtual servers can be managed, controlled administered as if the owner has complete control over the Physical Server.

Each Virtual server acts completely independent of the other, which means that each one will not affect the other in any way. Virtual Servers are best for websites, blogs and web applications which use lots of server resources, and have a high traffic rate.

A Virtual Server might look very similar to a Virtual Private Server but there are differences between them. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are generally limited to a single-server architecture; so that the only resources that can be allocated or added between each virtual server on a VPS server are the resources which are physically installed on that single server.

But on the other hand, Virtual servers are provided on a multi-server cloud architecture which shares all the available hardware resources for individual instances to use.

One of the major advantages of the Virtual Servers over dedicated Servers is that virtual servers can be moved, transferred or migrated from one physical server to another server when maintenance is being performed without the need of shutting them down. WhoGoHost provides Virtual servers for people at a cheaper and cost-effective rate.


You get to customize and personalize your server’s configuration of computing cores, RAM and storage with full cores which are guaranteed to be at 2.0GHz or even faster on hosts that are never oversubscribed.


Your virtual server gets a multi-layer security strategy – Physical and Operational Security (OS), Network system as well as Application, System and Data Security.

Manage Server

WhoGoHost hosting provides you with the materials and resources which you need to manage your virtual server at any time.

You will always have the tools, equipment, support and the materials which you would need to this. Also, their technical department is ready to help you out of your hosting issues and challenges.

Website Security

WhoGoHost offers website security services such as SSL certificates, SiteLock and CodeGuard. Without SSL Certificates enabled or installed on a website, such site would be easy for a hacker or a cybercriminal to steal data. WhoGoHost provides the best SSL certificates at affordable prices.

SiteLock is a simple and effective cloud-based security solution which is designed specifically for Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs). This security solution scans your website files and applications, it protects the database where sensitive information is kept and it protects your website from data breaches and spreading of viruses/malware.

SiteLock also has a dashboard which gives information to protect your site. Some of the reports are in the form of advice on security lapses, information on viruses/malware and vulnerability and so many others.

The features of this plan include;

  • Daily Malware Scan
  • SiteLock TrustSeal
  • Website Application Scan
  • Security Alerts
  • Block Bad Bot Attacks
  • Comment Spam Elimination
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Caching of Static Content
  • Search Engine Access

CodeGuard is a security solution provided by WhoGoHost which automatically monitors and backs up your website and its database. The CodeGuard creates an automatic backup once it detects a change on your website, and then, it sends you a notification about the changes on your website.

Payment Gateway Solutions

WhoGoHost is an accredited partner of InterSwitch Limited, a secured and reliable payment gateway. They provide different payment methods to enable customers to pay for hosting plans such as making deposits to some commercial banks in Nigeria and making use of using domestic/foreign credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, VerveCard etc.

They also make use of Interswitch and Quickteller. One spectacular thing this company has been able to achieve is the monthly payment of domain names.

WhoGoHost web hosting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

Which WhoGoHost Hosting Plan should I purchase?

The answer to this question lies in the hosting needs and requirements of the webmaster. If you are just starting out or creating a small blog, I would recommend you to purchase the WhoGoHost shared hosting plan.

If you’re going to be starting out with an e-commerce site or a digital online platform, I would recommend you to get the Pro Share hosting plan or a higher hosting plan.

Can WhogoHost handle high traffic on my website?

Definitely, WhoGoHost should be able to handle the high traffic rate on your website. However, this depends on the hosting plan which you intend to get. If your website should consume many resources, WhoGoHost would tell you to upgrade to a higher hosting package.

Can my WhoGohost hosting plan be upgraded later?

Yes, if you are starting out with a small hosting plan, you can still upgrade later on if the need arises. WhoGoHost makes it easy for you to make an upgrade your hosting plan.

Do WhoGoHost offer month-to-month payment option?

Yes, as a matter of fact, they offer a month-to-month payment option for their shared hosting plans as well as higher hosting plans such as the cloud hosting plan and the Virtual Servers.

Is it possible to create subdomains in WhoGoHost?

You can create subdomains easily in your WhoGoHost login hosting account via the cPanel.

Do I have to register a domain name with WhoGoHost before using their web hosting plan?

No, you do not necessarily need to have your domain name registered with WhoGoHost. You can use other domain registrars like Garanntor, Qservers, DomainKing or even InterServer and Namecheap.

Do WhoGoHost offer Domain Privacy Protection?

Yes, WhoGoHost offers domain privacy protection for her customers. The domain privacy protections help you to keep your personal information private and this helps you to secure and protect your information.

If someone searches for your domain name’s WHOIS information on the web, such person would not be able to view your personal details such as your name, phone number, address etc.

Do WhoGoHostoffer free SSL for customers?

Yes, WhoGoHost offers free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on all their hosting plans.

Do I need to buy the addons which WhoGoHost offers me?

No, it is not compulsory for you to purchase any addons offered to you by WhoGoHost at the time of your purchase. However, you can decide to add them to your account if the need arises.

Can I set up a digital store on WhoGoHost?

Yes, WhogoHost provides you with the platforms and resources which are needed for you to start an e-commerce website.

Customer Contact

WhoGoHost offers support information, help and assistance for her customers with a support team which is available to respond and solve the hosting issues of their customers at any point in time.

They have an extensive knowledge base, video tutorials and download materials to help their clients to get knowledgeable about their web hosting services in order to avoid problems and to keep their websites running from their ‘client area login’.

They have offices in the U.S.A and in Nigeria. The WhoGoHost U.S address is at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, County of Sussex Delaware, 19958 while their Nigerian address is located at Plot 3A, Olumuyiwa Street, Off Babington Ashaye Cresent, Omole Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone call – +234 (0)700 2233 2233, +234 (0)1 453 8084
  • Email –

How To Buy Hosting On WhoGoHost

Simply click here, then select the hosting package you want to buy. You can register a new domain in your shopping cart or transfer your existing domain to WhoGoHost. Then proceed to make your payment, you can make chose to make payment online on the website or make a direct bank deposit.


WhoGoHost is a hosting company in Nigeria and they remain one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria. They provide hosting for small businesses and they have different hosting plans which vary from each other.

The company has its own flaws but its not a bad host either; their customer support is great, it is easy to call and reach out to them compared to the costs of contacting foreign hosting companies.

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