Notcoin TON Nomads: Launching, Withdrawals, and Trading

Notcoin TON Nomads

Notcoin TON Nomads: With over 5 million users already choking the system, Notcoin happens to be one of the fastest-growing crypto projects as compared to Pi and the rest. It’s been certified that it’s a major partner of the Telegram messaging app.

Many are wondering if Notcoin will be profitable or if another rug-pull crypto program looming or brewing. It is pertinent to know that the crypto space is highly risky; I mean you can win big and lose big as well.

As such, one of the safest activities in the crypto world is airdrop. Airdrop is simply a free token distributed to create awareness of a project to attract a user base, with the idea of propelling a use-case in the future.

Be that as it may, 95% of so-called airdrops turn out to be fraudulent in the end when a lot of airdrop enthusiasts have been lured.

Before you participate in an airdrop, you have to scrutinize it thoroughly to make an informed decision. Hence, this post will be about the Notcoin TON Nomads crypto program that is set to launch on April 1st, 2024.

What Is Notcoin TON Nomads?

Notcoin TON Nomads is a crypto game that is integrated into the Telegram messaging app where users gain access via a referral link to mine a token known as $NOT. This token is believed to make a lot of miners millionaires during the bullrun season.

How Do Notcoin TON Nomads Work?

Notcoin TON Nomads rewards its users with a token called $NOT via mining. When you have successfully registered for an account via the Telegram messaging app, you will be granted access to mine the coin by tapping on a large round golden button.

For every tap or click you trigger, you will receive 1 $NOT. Your earnings will be determined by how fast and how frequently you tap on the button. So, to keep earning, you need to keep tapping continually for as long as possible.

Ways to Increase Your Notcoin Balance Rapidly

#1 Manual Mining

Here, your first task to earn $NOT is to start tapping the big round golden button. By doing so, you increase your balance. You should note that if you don’t tap on the button, your balance will remain the same.

#2 Referrals

This is a sure rapid way to boost your balance. You will earn a large chunk of $NOT tokens when you refer your friends via your unique link generated from the platform. You will find your referral link either on the Notcoin bot or your dashboard when you click on “Frens.”

#3 Performing Tasks

Performing tasks on Notcoin TON Nomads is very easy! It’s not rocket science getting those simple tasks done. For your information, you can earn over 4,000,000 Notcoins performing tasks.

Moreover, there 3 categories of tasks you will skyrocket your earnings exponentially, these are:

1 Onboarding:

This is a guide that will grant you access to learn about $NOT and cryptocurrency in general. When you have completed the classes, you will be rewarded with 150,000 Notcoins. There are also Invite 10 Frens to earn 100,000 $NOT, Join Squad, and Earn 1000 Notcoin for free!


2 Specials:

Under Specials we have the following:

  • Telegram Premium: You will required to subscribe or upgrade to the premium package to earn 3,000,000 Notcoin
  • TONstarter Launchpad
  • Follow Community
  • Follow Notcoin
  • Notcoin on X
  • X about TON
  • Silver League Bonus
  • Subscribe to your Squad

CryptoQueen on X: "Notcoin will serve fadoors another cope tablets. Are you not tired of just watching? Follow me and turn on post notifications. I will make you money. Always Engage

3 Web3 World:

  • Telegram channels
  • @Whale’s birthday + 100,000 Notcoin
  • Epic Battles Inside Telegram + 100,000 Notcoin
  • Fanton Football
  • Game GPT + 100,000
  • Wagmi11
  • Create TON Space
  • The Queue

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#4 Auto Tap Bot:

This is my favorite method, and it’s a game-changer! This bot is designed to tap on the large round golden button while you are away, busy, or asleep. What the bot will earn in an hour is not compared with what you would have generated manually.

However, the bot will cost you 20,000 Notcoin to activate it. So, what I did was to first mine manually by tapping on the button before activating the bot when I had earned a decent amount of $NOT through completing tasks.

Notcoin TON Nomads Free Daily Boosters

The crypto platform also makes provision for boosters. That means users can increase their mining rate by either 500% or 700% momentarily. When some of these boosters are activated, they only remain active for about 5 – 10 seconds before expiration.

These boosters are categorized into free and paid. Hence, the free ones are as follows:

  • Turbo [used 3 times per day]
  • Full Energy [used 3 times per day]

Paid Boosters:

  • Multitap [2,000 $NOT]
  • Recharging Speed [100 $NOT]
  • Energy Limit [2,000 $NOT]
  • Auto Tap Bot [20,000 $NOT]

Notcoin TON Nomads Skins

These are background themes to give your dashboard a quality feel different from basic users. As such, some of these skins are achieved via climbing the ladder of ranks as your balance increases, and some are bought with the mined coins.

The following skins are available on TON Nomads:

  • Basic [free – default theme]
  • Not Guide [you need to complete a task to activate it]
  • You Look Lonely [you must complete a task to activate this skin]
  • Dragon Skin [you will invite 3 friends to activate it]
  • Diamond [those in Diamond rank can activate this skin]
  • Pizza [you will have to activate this skin with 10,000 $NOT]
  • Cookie [can only be activated by sacrificing 500,000 $NOT]
  • Telegram Skin [when you have earned a total of 900,000 $NOT, you can activate this skin]
  • Galleon Coin [you access this skin by having a balance of 1,000,000 $NOT]
  • Nuka-Cola Coin [2,000,000 $NOT is required to use this skin or theme]

How to Get Started

  • Click this LINK to register
  • Click on “Start”
  • You will see a text like “Congratulations! You’ve joined the TON Nomads Squad! Now it is time to get to the top! “
  • Then click on “Play”
  • Bravo, you are done!

It is that simple to get started! We have just 4 days to launch. That means mining will stop, and those who have mined a substantial amount will secure their tokens and prepare to trade them for USDT.

Pro Tip: A pre-market order has been set on Bybit, and users with large amounts of Notcoin have begun to sell theirs. What I would advise is to hold yours tight till it’s been listed officially for the general public to trade.

Is Notcoin Legit?

Notcoin has not been labeled a scam until proven otherwise. There is an optimistic trend about the crypto project set to take the cryptocurrency market by storm from 1st April 2024. Its users also anticipate a huge pump during Bullrun.

However, if you feel the project will rug pull, kindly drop your contributions in the comment section of this post, and we will gladly respond.

The trading pair would be NOT/USDT. Anticipate!



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Notcoin TON Nomads: Launching, Withdrawals, and Trading

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