YAS Africa Review: Is YAS Africa Legit or Scam? $15 Daily

YAS Africa

YAS Africa Review: YAS Africa is an innovative online marketplace dedicated to the trade of digital artwork, with a focus on bridging the gap between creators and consumers within the digital art industry·

The platform revolutionizes the traditional art market by emphasizing the importance of both commercial viability and personal fulfillment through the promotion of digital creations·

Through the integration of advanced technological solutions, this piece delves into YAS Africa’s fundamental objectives and its efforts to empower artists and art enthusiasts alike·

What Is YAS Africa All About?

Being a game-changer in the creative field, YAS Africa excels in addressing the growing need for digital art· Emphasizing design, color, and imagination, YAS Africa offers artists a platform to exhibit their talents and allows buyers to discover and acquire unique digital artworks·

By engaging with this flourishing market, YAS offers a smooth experience for creators and buyers alike, fostering a dynamic community of art lovers·

At the heart of YAS lies the YAS AFRICA project, utilizing AI technology to support innovators and business owners· Rooted in a group of successful online business leaders, YASAFRICA employs stable and morally sound systems to create a dependable passive revenue stream for its participants· In contrast to schemes offering rapid riches without results, YASAFRICA emphasizes honesty, durability, and shared advantages·

How Does YAS Africa Work?

As an AI-powered software or system, it generates AI artwork [more like painted graphics images in portrait size]. When they have been generated, the platform [YAS Africa] will take the responsibility of advertising your art, promoting and finding buyers for your frames, as shown in the image below.

Making money online has never been a simple task, as many would attest· The online earning landscape seems to primarily benefit those who excel at referral or recruitment· It can be disheartening when a promising project turns out to be underwhelming after its launch·

A fair and equal treatment for both you and your downlines is essential, highlighting the significance of authentically promoting a business and engaging with a diverse network of acquaintances· This goes beyond mere words; it signifies your unwavering confidence and trust in the business’s value and integrity·

The dawn of AI-FRAMEWORK has revolutionized the online earning sphere, ensuring a more accessible, secure, and guaranteed path to financial gains, regardless of referral capacity or prior experience· Our newest offering, the AI-ASSISTED TOOL, is designed to empower you to capitalize on this opportunity and achieve a daily income ranging from ₦1000 to ₦2000·

How to Make Money On YAS Africa

To access the AI-POWERED SOFTWARE capable of creating artwork on demand, you must initially buy a YAS VOUCHER from one of our authorized resellers· Upon doing so, you will gain access to a YAS-STORE·

The Virtual YAS-STORE enables you to produce artwork, manage your stock, and receive sales inquiries to generate income as a YASPRENEUR independently, without needing any referrals·

Your YAS-STORE’s appearance is highlighted in this manner [the image above]·

At this destination, you can oversee your artistic compilations and associate desired cost values, as we facilitate the connection with PURCHASERS·

Within a set of 100 artworks fashioned by artificial intelligence, there exists one PREMIUM artwork which, if fortuitously allocated to you, has the potential to yield more than ₦30,000 instantaneously (similar to a jackpot)·

Elaboration on the necessary steps and operational guidelines will follow· Reminder: technical expertise is not a prerequisite for engaging in any actions on YAS Africa·

In essence, with AI-powered software, we generate 20 artworks to earn a profit margin of $20 (₦20,000) per creation. Our services include advertising support and connecting you with potential buyers. All you have to do is handle the sale inquiries and enjoy the profits.

Important: When you make a sale, you keep all the profit for yourself without any additional fees or commissions. You have the flexibility to withdraw amounts as low as $1.

How to Get Started with YAS Africa

One can join YAS Africa as either a YASstarter or a YASpreneur. It is possible to play an active role in YAS by opting to engage as a YASpreneur or a YASstarter.

Earning as a YAStarter:

YAStarters play a crucial role within YAS, where their primary responsibility revolves around promoting artworks featured on YAS STORE· Their main task involves engaging in YAS VOUGUE activities aimed at showcasing YAS Collections through various online platforms, including social media channels and other available internet mediums·

See the image below for more understanding of the earning structure for YAStarters.

Earning as a YASpreneur:

YASpreneurs play a vital role as YAS ambassadors, guaranteeing the smooth operation of the sales process· Each YASpreneur will be the proud owner of a $20 YAS art collection, with each artwork being sold sequentially until the entire collection is sold out·

Your task as a YASpreneur is to be available online to authorize sales calls as they come in and receive credit once the auto-sale is finalized· Therefore, as a YASpreneur, you can earn $20 within 14 days·

Am I required to seek out buyers as a YASpreneur? No, not at all! We have established a system that generates buyers effortlessly· We handle the marketing, leaving you with the responsibility of ensuring that every sales order is properly fulfilled and completed·

See the image below for a clearer picture of what being a YASpreneur entails.

Let’s simplify the earning structure for YASTARTERS and YASPRENEURS.

⚪️ YASstarter. $4.5/N4500
YASprenuer. $8.5/N8500


1️⃣ Promotion of the artworks on YAS STORE to earn a daily YAS VOGUE.

WHATSAPP V. $0.5/N500

FACEBOOK V. $0.25/N250

YOUTUBE V. $0.25/N250
TOTAL/day = $1/N1000


1️⃣ Promotion of the artworks on YAS STORE to earn a daily YAS VOGUE.
2️⃣ Approved sale orders to make $1/N1000 daily.

WHATSAPP V. $0.5/N500

YOUTUBE V. $0.5/N500

TOTAL/day = $2/N2000


YASstarter: $3.6/N3600
Spillover. $0.2/N200
Spillover. $0.1/N100

☑️YASprenuer : $5/N5000
Spillover. $0.4/N400
Spillover. $0.1/N100

Naira, Cedis, Dollars

NOTE: On YAS, your art’s value is dynamic and you have nothing to lose. You start with only ₦8500, which instantly transforms into ₦20,000 upon initiation. The system then automatically sells it within weeks, allowing you to reap the rewards.

Moreover, your artwork has the possibility of surging from a mere $1 to $100 or beyond. The system provides you with a time limit within which your art will be auctioned.


YAS Africa Commission Structure

Inviting Partners through you allows you to receive a YASDEAL SHOP commission, whether direct or indirect·

For a Partnership fee of ₦4,500 per person, you can earn a direct commission of up to ₦3,600· The 1st Indirect commission is ₦200, followed by ₦100 for the 2nd indirect referral·

Alternatively, with a ₦8,500 partnership fee per person, you can earn a direct commission of ₦5,000· The 1st Indirect commission is ₦400, and the 2nd indirect commission is ₦100·

If 200 individuals partner with us through you in a month, you stand to earn a remarkable ₦1,000,000· Additionally, you could potentially receive an indirect sum of ₦100,000, bringing your total earnings to ₦1,100,000 within just 30 days·

This outstanding opportunity may lead you to become a millionaire, and the legacy of this impactful project will endure through posterity, ensuring rewarding returns for all involved·

Even if there is a Timer indicating the exact arrival time of your buyer, it’s interesting to note that company AI could assign your buyer to you even before the scheduled time is up·

To ensure that you don’t miss out, it’s advisable to stay online and check your market every hour· Remember, your buyer will wait for just 30 minutes to an hour before moving on to the next available option·

Considerations for Partnership Package Selection On YAS Africa

When selecting your Partnership package, keep the following in mind:

– It is possible for a YASTARTER to transition to the YASPRENEUR position by paying an upgrade fee of N8500·
– YASTARTERS is restricted to promoting ART work only, resulting in a daily earning of $1·

It is important to make a prudent choice regarding your package, taking into account your financial capabilities· Remember that you have the option to upgrade at any point· The upgrade fee equals the initial payment amount·

Regardless of the package you opt for, success on YAS is guaranteed·

– YASSTARTER earns $30 monthly·
– YASPRENEURS can earn a substantial $60-80 monthly and can withdraw earnings daily upon completing a sale·

Frequently Asked Questions about YAS Africa

1· What is the estimated time required to complete a sale?
Upon initializing a sale order, your Ai will direct you to finalize the sale within 30 minutes·

2· How can I receive payments?
Payment can be received through bank transfer, PayPal, or Cheque·

3· Is prior experience necessary to join?
No prior expertise in the field of Arts is required to become a member of YAS·

4· How soon can I obtain a YAS voucher?
By submitting the requirements, you will receive the voucher promptly·

5· What is the process for making sales?
Sales are facilitated by AI and potential buyers are provided through the YAS/NFT Ecosystem·

6· Can I share my artwork with my friends and earn money?
Certainly, you have the option to share your artworks/NFTs and receive direct payment from partners within the YAS ecosystem, as well as individuals outside of it·

7· Am I allowed to upload personal artwork?
Yes, you can upload your creations without any charges·

8· Is there a way to promote my artwork on YAS?
You can display advertisements and attract an organic audience from within our ecosystem·

9· How can I get in touch with YAS?
You can contact YAS at any time through our customer support or AI assistant·

10· What is the daily sales capacity?
YAS Ai generates a minimum of 5 sell orders daily, sometimes even before your time limit expires·

YAS Africa Review: Is YAS Africa Legit or Scam?

Could YAS Africa be trusted or is it a scam?

YAS, known as Your Art We Sell, is a reputable platform within the digital art market for various key reasons:

1· Official Recognition: YAS is a legitimate business entity acknowledged by regulatory bodies, guaranteeing conformity with legal requirements·

2· Transparency: Operating with transparency, YAS discloses its revenue streams and transactions to create a sense of trust among its users·

3· Secure Transactions: Putting a premium on the safety of financial exchanges, YAS employs strong encryption methods and secure payment portals to protect users from fraud and unauthorized access·

4· Favorable User Reviews: Having garnered positive feedback from artists and buyers, YAS establishes its credibility through satisfying user experiences and testimonials·

5· Customer Support Focus: Prioritizing customer service, YAS offers a dedicated Customer Care Center to promptly address user inquiries and concerns·

Together, these factors position YAS not as just another platform, but as a dependable hub for artists and art enthusiasts·



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YAS Africa Review: Is YAS Africa Legit or Scam? $15 Daily

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