10 Perfect Small Business Ideas for 17 Year Olds in Nigeria

Small Business Ideas for 17 Year Olds

Small Business Ideas for 17 Year Olds: Manifesting an entrepreneurial spirit at 17 is a promising indication of ambition· In Nigeria, a country filled with vibrant markets and an expanding digital space, numerous avenues exist for young individuals to transform their innovative concepts into viable enterprises·

This article will guide you into ten business concepts suitable for a 17-year-old in Nigeria that require minimal initial investment·

Should a 17-Year-Old Get Involved In Business?

Although the official age legally recognized across the globe is 18, it is not mentioned anywhere or passed into law that a 17-year-old cannot get involved in business ventures as long as they are legal.

Individuals younger than 17 are doing exploits worldwide using their skills and making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Talk of Emmanuella Samuel, the Nigerian female comedian of the Mark Angel Comedy, proves you can do it.

10 Perfect Small Business Ideas for 17 Year Olds in Nigeria

#1 Offer Handcrafted Items or Freshly Baked Treats for Sale

Requirements: Basic craft supplies (optional), creativity, baking skills.

Selling homemade products is popular among Nigerians, who enjoy backing local talent· Whether you excel in baking delectable treats or possess a talent for creating one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories, or home decorations, there are opportunities to sell your goods either online or at nearby markets·

Taking advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram can effectively display your items and draw in potential buyers·

#2 Providing Online Freelance Services:

Requirements: Specific skills (writing, graphic design, social media management), a computer with internet access.

The freelance industry is experiencing rapid growth globally· By leveraging strong writing abilities, expert graphic design skills, or compelling social media management, you can showcase your services on various freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr·

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These websites serve as bridges connecting freelancers with clients across the globe·

#3 Mobile Phone Repair Business

Requirements: Starting a mobile phone repair business requires technical knowledge and the necessary repair tools, such as screwdrivers·

In Nigeria, mobile phones are crucial to people’s daily lives· By specializing in repairing cracked screens, replacing batteries, and troubleshooting software problems, you can provide valuable phone repair services·

Initially, focus on repairing phones for acquaintances and relatives to establish credibility before gradually reaching out to a broader clientele base·

#4 Become a Social Media Educator

Essential Requirements: Knowledge of prevalent social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and proficiency in marketing tactics·

Within Nigeria, numerous budding enterprises are venturing into the hub of social media promotion· Should you possess adeptness in navigating social platforms, you have the opportunity to provide guidance sessions to assist these businesses in leveraging diverse channels efficiently to engage with their desired clientele·

Small Business Ideas for 17 Year Olds
Small Business Ideas for 17 Year Olds

#5 Assisting in Event Planning

Essential Qualities: Efficient organizational abilities, practical communication skills, and capacity to perform well in high-pressure situations

Nigeria is passionate about festivities! By being meticulous, detail-focused, and well-informed, one can venture into the role of an event planning assistant·

Kick off your journey by contacting experienced event organizers and proposing your assistance in managing various tasks such as handling invitations, coordinating decorations, and overseeing logistics·

#6 Become a Mobile Money Agent

Prerequisites: Register with a mobile money provider and have a reliable smartphone with good capacity.

Nigeria is witnessing a swift surge in the mobile money industry· Individuals can transform into mobile money agents within their locality by completing registration procedures· They will be able to provide various services such as cash deposits, withdrawals, and bill settlements·

This service proves to be highly convenient, particularly for regions facing challenges in accessing traditional banking facilities·

#7 Provide Online Tutoring Assistance

Requirements: Proficient understanding of a specific field, effective communication abilities, availability of a video conferencing tool

The 21st century is beaming with alertness for digital innovations; hence, the demand for online education is on the rise, making it feasible for you to provide tutoring assistance to students seeking additional support in a specific subject·

Numerous platforms link tutors and students, or you can directly engage with students within your local area·

#8 Offer Personalized T-Shirts or Phone Cases for Sale

Requirements: Cooperation with a printing company and access to design software on a computer (if desired).

Nigerians have a penchant for showcasing their individuality using custom-made products· Tap into this market by creating and offering personalized t-shirts or phone cases featuring trendy pop culture motifs, humorous phrases, or authentic Nigerian designs·

Collaborate with a printing business for manufacturing while concentrating on promoting your creations digitally and in physical spaces·

#9 Become a Creator of Content (Blogging, YouTube)

Essentials: Understanding of WordPress and SEO, access to a camera (a phone camera is sufficient initially), good communication skills, and a creative mind·

Are you strongly interested in social commentary, fashion, or gaming? Establishing a presence on YouTube or launching a blog allows you to showcase your passions to a broader audience· As your followers expand, you can delve into potential revenue sources such as brand partnerships or advertising·

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#10 Provide Errand Assistance

What is Required: Possess reliability, strong communication abilities, owning a bicycle, or having access to public transportation (location-dependent).

Individuals with jam-packed schedules frequently seek support for errands· Tasks such as grocery shopping, picking up laundry, or delivering documents can be offered· This venture requires minimal initial investment and has the potential for expansion as your client base grows·

Wrapping Up

Success in life is not age-specific. So, you must decide to get that business idea rolling as soon as possible! With basic knowledge and skills, you are good to get started; don’t wait until you are fully equipped.

Starting a legitimate business at age 17 is a beautiful thing to do because you would be early enough to lay a good foundation for business success.



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10 Perfect Small Business Ideas for 17 Year Olds in Nigeria

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