PulseProfit Review: Is PulseProfit Legit? ₦2000 Discount

PulseProfit Review

Pulseprofit Review: There are a lot of money-making opportunities popping up online, and Pulseprofit is one of them that guarantees substantial income to be made. This assurance is wired into its income-generating system that will enable users of the platform to earn at least ₦250,000 weekly.

Hence, in this post, we will be giving an honest review about everything you need to know about Pulseprofit.

Pulseprofit Review: What is Pulseprofit?

Pulseprofit is an online income-generating platform where users engage in simple tasks and get paid for doing so. It is similar to Vistalog, Goviral, and Metaflux. So, all you will be required to do is perform easy jobs online like read news, share sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, etc.

How Does Pulseprofit Work?

To know how the platform works is to get access to the core to understand the operations of the system. And the few points listed below would paint a picture:

  • Provides jobs for users to engage in
  • Get paid when the job is completed
  • Share sponsored content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram
  • Enjoy affiliate income when you refer others to join the platform
  • Learn and get certified in major digital skills
  • Gain access to professional academic admission guidance to any choice higher institution
  • Users can transfer funds to themselves within the platform

Pulseprofit Review: Earning Structure

Before joining a platform, you need to know how you are going to make money, and explained below are the few ways you make money on Pulseprofit:

#1 Welcome Bonus [₦3,500]

As a newcomer, when you activate your account, you will receive a welcome bonus of ₦3,500 instantly on your dashboard, which can be withdrawn alongside your subsequent earnings. The welcome bonus is to cater for a part of your registration fee as a cashback.

#2 Sales Profit [Referral Bonus – ₦4,400]

As a qualified or premium user of the system, if you take a step further to introduce the platform to others, you will receive an affiliate reward of ₦4,400 instantly on your dashboard when your referral’s activation is confirmed. This is to reward your extra effort.

#3 Daily Login [₦200]

The daily login is a reward system designed to compensate users for their login endeavors every day. That is to say, every time you log into your Pulse account [dashboard], you will earn ₦200 instantly.

#4 Puselock [₦300]

This is more like a smartlink exclusively designed for users to utilize as a custom link that will direct visitors, leads, or potential referrals to the Pulse site for easy engagement and registration with your unique link embedded in it.

#5 Pulsepost [₦400]

Pulsepost is the same thing as a sponsored post on some other platforms. This platform just decided to coin its own that way. So, users are employed to share this post on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

When you share Pulsepost, you will get paid the sum of ₦400 immediately, and it will reflect on your dashboard, which can be withdrawn with the accumulated earnings.

#6 1st Indirect [₦300]

You will earn ₦300 when your direct referral also introduces others to the platform. Those who are registered directly under you [1st generation] are your direct referrals, and if they choose to build a team as well, you will benefit from whatever action they take.

#7 2nd Indirect [₦100]

When those referred by your direct referrals [1st generation] also take advantage of the affiliate program by referring others, you will receive ₦100 added to your balance on your dashboard.

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NOTE: The registration fee is ₦5,500 [one-time payment]

PulseProfit Review
PulseProfit Review

How to Join

To bеcomе a mеmbеr of Pulse, you will nееd a coupon codе, which can be obtainеd from thе Pulse Coupon Codе vеndor. But the juicy part is I can help you earn your first 1,000,000 in 23 days by joining my mentorship community.

Entry or Registration Fee: ₦5,500

By Signing up With Coach Feyi, you will get access to So many Free Advantages

Access to Mentorship
Access to Top Skills like Crypto and Forex Trading

Join the challenge (one million in 23 days)

Click the WhatsApp Button below to get started with Pulse, and access other mouthwatering benefits!


Pulse Extra Perks: Learn Digital Skills

Apart from the money you will be making on the platform, you will also have access to learn top-notch digital skills for free as part of your package.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Content Writing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Frontend Web Development
  • Backend Web Development
  • Digital Electronics
  • Graphics Design
  • Forex Trading
  • Cryptocurrency Trading and Airdrop

Bonus: PulseProfit can also help you gain admission into any higher institution to study the course of your choice via their academic consultants.


If you must withdraw from the platform, you need to have a minimum of ₦8,000 before you can cash out successfully.

Is PulseProfit Legit?

Pulse is legit at the moment, but we don’t know what will become of it in months to come. As such, if you wish to get started or take advantage of the platform to earn some money, then you may want to do it now.



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PulseProfit Review: Is PulseProfit Legit? ₦2000 Discount

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