The Ultimate Data Reselling Business Guide

If you are serious and passionate about starting your own data reselling business, this is the only blueprint that will put you through.

Data vending is a lucrative business that you can start with low capital. Apparently, data is a hot product that is constantly demanded by internet users.


There is a lot of profit to be made from this business – if you play the game right. Unfortunately, many data resellers are not making money as they ought to because of ignorance and misinformation on how the business works.

The internet is filled with lots of articles and posts about the data bundle reselling business.

You might have some of them but trust me, they may not in providing you with in-depth information on how to start this business and make a profit from it.

Every business venture has principles that guide the way the business functions. However, the lack of information on how to operate and run the business can make your efforts unsuccessful.

This is why I have provided you with the ULTIMATE DATA RESELLING BUSINESS GUIDE which documents everything in this business.

One of the setbacks faced by beginners is getting customers. There are lots of data vendors online, and the competition is high. Most data resellers complain that they find it difficult in making sales and making a profit.

Well, that’s not a problem because this course outlines working and effective strategies of promoting your data reselling brand and getting people to buy from you.

Highlights of What You Should Expect In This Course

  • Overview of data reselling business – the statistical growth of internet users and internet consumption in Nigeria.
  • The Participants – there are three parties involved in this business. Each of these parties will play a role for this business to work.
  • Data Vending In Nigeria – the reason why banks are reselling internet data bundles to their customers.
  • Business System – there are two systems of starting this business. Each of these systems has its own tools and resources which is needed to run the business.
  • Practical digital marketing methods of advertising your data reselling business with pictures.
  • How to beat your competition.
  • How to Choose a Platform for Vending – criteria and things you must know.
  • How To Vend Data, Airtime and pay for Cable TV Subscriptions, Electricity Bill Payments and offer VTU services.
  • How To Receive Payments – Bank To Accept Payments from Your Customers, Make Bank Transfers For Free, Get A Free Debit Card and Make Free Withdrawals.
  • How To Promote Your Business – ways to get new customers and how to keep existing customers.
  • And many more …

Our course on ULTIMATE DATA RESELLING BUSINESS GUIDE is an A-Z handbook that will provide you with everything you need to know about the internet bundle business.

After getting this course, you will be able to start your own data reselling business. What’s the essence of starting a business venture when it isn’t profitable?

All you need to make sales and profits are covered in this guide. Follow the steps below to get this blueprint on the data vending business.

How To Get A Copy 

The ULTIMATE DATA RESELLING BUSINESS GUIDE is available for those who need tips, assistance and support to start their own VTU businesses.

We’ve made this guide for everyone who is serious about making money from the data reselling business.

You can get this guide by making a payment of 7,000 to the account details below;

Make A Payment to the Bank details below;

  • Account Number: 2085296202.
  • Account Name: Nwawulu Gracious Chizaram.
  • Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA).

After payment, send your payment details to and our ULTIMATE DATA RESELLING BUSINESS GUIDE will be sent to your email address.

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