How To Sign Up And Make Money On Wakanow Affiliate Program

Wakanow affiliate program

Wakanow registered as Limited is an online travel booking website is one of the leading online booking websites in the African continent. The Wakanow agency is not restricted to offering travel services, tour packages, and flight booking but it has a program which enables people to get paid whenever they invite a customer to buy and subscribe to any packages and services offered by Wakanow. The earning program offered by Wakanow is known as the Wakanow Affiliate Program.

About Wakanow Travel Company

The Wakanow company is an online travel booking website which that allows people to plan, book and make proper preparations for their travel. Wakanow was established in 2008 an online travel agent in Nigeria.

Since its inception in 2008, Wakanow has built a solid reputation of becoming one of Africa’s leading travel booking portals. Apart from being based in Nigeria, Wakanow has a physical presence and digital centres in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ghana, United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (US).

How To Get Started In The Wakanow Affiliate Program

The Wakanow affiliate program is an online platform which has been designed and made to allow different individuals and travel agencies who trade and sell travel products in the travel/tourism/lifestyle industry to sell wakanow travel products (such as hotels, airport pick-ups, tour packages, travel consultancy, flights travel, flight booking etc) to their customers/clients and get a commissions for sales.

Affiliate and partners on the wakanow affiliate network get to pocket profits for themselves when they get customers to buy services and travel products which are offered by wakanow.

The Wakanow affiliate program is a profitable network which offers a platform loaded with many benefits and flexibilities for affiliate marketers. Individuals in the travel business sector can maximize their options by making money on the wakanow affiliate program.

Why You Should Join The Wakanow Affiliate Network

Being a Wakanow affiliate offers extra income source for yourself.

You get to understand and get working experience in the travel industry.

The wakanow affiliate program gives you more power of price control.

You have the power of adjusting the prices placed on different travel products.

Wakanow offers great discounts on its travel products.

You get to make huge commissions for yourself on the wakanow affiliate program.

Payment is being made to an affiliate in a more suitable and convenient manner.

You can register as an affiliate with your travel brand/company with its logo. Your invoices and affiliate vouchers will be branded with your travel company’s logo and name.

The wakanow affiliate network has a good reporting system that enables wakanow affiliates to see their statistics and track their conversions/activities on the affiliate dashboard.

As an affiliate, you are given an account officer who will guide you and help you if you have got issues.

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Benefits of The Wakanow Affiliate Program

Wakanow Affiliates are offered with the best discounts on wakanow travel products (hotels, airfares, airport pick-up services, visa processing, holiday and vacation packages.

Wakanow affiliate has full access to Wakanow Credit. The Wakanow credit is secured and protected by cash deposit or a bank guarantee. Wakanow affiliates can trade travel products within their defined credit limit and can still make full payments on bookings made within IATA billing cycles.

The wakanow affiliate network offers its affiliate marketers and partners the best revenue since affiliate retains the power of picking the prices. Wakanow Affiliate marketers are given control, power and the ability to adjust and change the price for flights and hotels. This allows them to earn more since they have pricing power.

The wakanow affiliate portal has a world-class affiliate portal which makes it simple and easy to make bookings at any time and anywhere 24/7 in the whole days of the year (365).

Another benefit enjoyed by Wakanow affiliates is that they are not restricted to promoting wakanow travel products, they can register in the affiliate network with their company name and logo and get to make sales which will be branded and recognized with their company name and logo.

Wakanow has a rewarding scheme which it uses to reward and encourage its affiliates. Wakanow affiliates are given bonuses, incentives, prices and promos such as free hotel stay, free airline tickets, Wakanow credit etc whenever they sell more wakanow travel products.

The affiliate portal and the wakanow website is responsive on mobile devices. If you do not have a computer or a desktop system, you won’t have issues on the website because the website is good on mobile devices (Andriod, Windows, iOS) and also convenient for booking.

Affiliate marketers are provided with an expert support by affiliate account officers which renders help when they are being contacted.

Wakanow Affiliates get to see full report and analysis on accounting, booking, sales of travel products from their affiliate portal.

List of Commission Rates Offered on The Wakanow Affiliate Program

Here are the lists of priceless commissions which wakanow affiliate program offers its marketers, affiliates, and partners.

  • Holiday and Vacation packages are offered at a 10% discount on rates.
  • Discounts on flights through domestic and international airlines.
  • Discounts up to 20% on Visa processing services.
  • Airport pick-up services in more than 45,000 different locations. (up to 5% discount on wakanow rates)
  • More than 500,000 domestic and international hotels (Discount of up to 40% on hotel rack rates).

Lastly, the wakanow affiliate program gives the affiliate the power to control the market prices. Affiliates can adjust and change the price of different travel products on wakanow based on their business negotiations with their clients and customers.

How To Join The Wakanow Affiliate Program

You can partner with wakanow by joining the affiliate network to start earning. The commissions which you get as an affiliate comes in the form of discounts in the price of travel products provided by wakanow which you sell to your customers and clients.

Being a wakanow affiliate or marketer automatically makes you a travel partner, then you get to sell travel products to your customers and make money. This makes it one of the profitable affiliate programs in Nigeria.

1: Go to the Wakanow website or visit their affiliate page here

You will see a widget that looks like this

How To Sign Up And Make Money On Wakanow Affiliate Program
Wakanow Affiliate Portal

Construct the widget to how you want it to be. Enter the details such the place of departure, flight destination, date, number of individuals travelling (adult, children etc), flight class (First class, premium, Business etc) and choose your choice currency which is in Nigerian Naira (NGN) or the American Dollar (USD).

How To Sign Up And Make Money On Wakanow Affiliate Program
After construction, your booking will look like this after being processed

As a travel agent, you can get to construct the booking anyhow you want for your clients and customers and get paid by selling Wakanow travel products. This is how to make money from the Wakanow Affiliate Program.



  1. This is another source of income for me. When yous see your commissions’ loading, you will know that Affiliate earnings are sweet.

  2. Pls.I need help on how to get started on affiliate online transactions.
    I want to be travel and ticketing agent.
    How do I start?
    Need your assistance pls.

    • Hi Eric,
      If you want to get started as a travel and ticketing agent, you have to partner with a travel company. We’ve Wakanow, Travelbeta and Travelstart. Some of these companies have their affiliate programs and as a ticketing agent, you can register as an affiliate on those platforms and book flights for your clients.


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