How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

Are you a secondary school student looking for ways to earn extra income. Then, this is for you. It is quite known that the economic situation of Nigeria isn’t too favourable and this has also affected the cost of textbooks and other stationeries.

It is common to see students request for financial aid from their parents and other members of the public. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide clothing, food along with other necessities for their children and wards.


However, if you are comfortable demanding for aids from people at all times, it shows that you are lazy and lack the spirit of entrepreneurship.

This guide exposes you to the top ten best ways to earn money as a secondary school student. You can use this guide to get business ideas that will help you earn income even after you might have graduated from school.

The Myth of Making Money As A Student

A lot of people belong to the school of thought that student should not be involved in any business activity. Also, a lot of parents want their children to have a 100% focus on their studies, which is quite good and encouraging.

However, it is worthy to note that the journey of a student doesn’t end at school. The student will leave school and move on to another phase of life where he or she will be exposed to the outside world.

A lot of secondary school students gain admission into tertiary institutions with no game plan or skill on how to make money in school. This has led clueless youths into prostitution, cultism, armed robbery, pickpocketing and even internet fraud (yahoo-yahoo).

Not every business is meant for students. There are jobs that you will do as a student and may not be able to keep up with your academics. This is why you must look out for things you can do to make money as a student and still pass your exams with excellent grades

Top 10 Ways To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

The following business ideas are recommended for any secondary student looking for quick ways to make money while schooling.

1. Hair Dressing

How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

A lot of girls know how to make beautiful hairs but aren’t really putting that skill into practice. Particularly, women love to show off their hairs.

You can make money as a hairstylist by making the hairs of ladies. These days, it is common to see men working as a hairstylist in salons. You can learn how to make hairs at any beauty outlet around you. By the time you become an expert, you’ll be able to make money from it.

You can make people’s hair for a short period of 2 hours. This will not affect your studies. Alternatively, you can work during the weekends and after school hours.

2. Laundering Service

How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

Laundry service is another good way of making money as a student. Certainly, many teenagers and students will shy away from this but it remains a clean way to earn some money while schooling.

If you know how to wash dirty clothes and make them appear clean, you can market such service to your neighbours, friends and other people in the neighbourhood.

There are people who are always busy at every hour of the day and obviously, they have no time to do their laundry. Don’t be afraid to walk up to such people to know if you can help them with their laundry and make some cash.

3. Sales Agent

How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

A secondary school student can make money in Nigeria as a sales agent. A sales agent can also be referred to as a sales boy or sales girl. A sales agent is a shop assistant who helps a store owner in his business.

A sales agent attracts the attention of customers to his store, negotiates the price of any item or commodity with them and sell the product for cash.

The job of a sales agent doesn’t fit old people as most shop owners hire young and vibrant people to run their business. Girls are in a better position of getting this job because many store owners have a common belief that boys are thieves.

A sales agent or shop assistant earns N15,000 to N30,000 depending on the work hours. College students can work as a part-time shop assistant and also work full-time during the holidays.

4. Phone Repair

Phone repair is another good way to make money as a student. If you can fix faulty smartphones, you will never go broke.

Phone repair is profitable and you’ll not regret doing it because it can make some money for you when you get admission into the university. Even after your education, you can set up a phone repair business in your location and earn from it.

How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

If you can repair phone faults like a broken screen, spoilt touchpad, spoilt mouthpiece, spoilt charging port or unlock and flash mobile phones, you’ll not find it difficult to make money.

People who fix phones in computer village, Ladipo market and Onitsha main market are making money from their skill as a phone repairer. You can also do the same and make money as a student.

5. Work In A Restaurant

How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

The restaurant business is one of the booming businesses in Nigeria. You can work as a staff or cashier or waiter in any restaurant around you.

A big restaurant requires the services of people to help take orders from customers and serve customers. A lot of customers get annoyed when their orders are delayed in the restaurant. Some people even go as far as leaving the restaurant when they notice that another person who came in after them was served before them.

Restaurant owners hate to lose their customers and most of them go an extra mile to retain their customers, especially if the competition is high in that area.

You can decide to work in a restaurant after school hours (probably from 5-9) and during weekends and earn some income for yourself.

If you don’t know how to cook and prepare delicious dishes, you can be the waiter or be the one who washes the spoons, plates and other cutlery.

6. Car Wash

How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

Who says that car wash business isn’t suitable for students? You can make money as a secondary school student by washing people’s cars and vehicles.

Car wash business is one of the small scale business that requires little or no capital to start. You can do this from home if you have a compound large enough to accommodate many vehicles. If you don’t have a big space, you can get any car wash business outlet around your area and request to wash a car in exchange for some cash.

A lot of secondary school students especially boys wash vehicles for cash after school hours. You can choose to wash any number of cars depending on your physical strength.

However, you mustn’t exhaust all your energy in washing cars. You can wash at least two vehicles daily, take a rest and have some strength left to do other activities.

Washing a single car can make you N1,000 to N,3000 as a student. Although this money may not be big enough to get you an expensive phone or the latest video game console, it’ll support you to get other necessities such as shoes, clothes, slippers and stationeries.

7. Freelancing

How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

Freelancing serves as one of the ways you can earn money as a student in Nigeria. A freelancer is a person who gets paid after offering some skills and services to people.

There are certain skills you can use to make money as a student. You can make a lot of money for yourself when you you market these skills properly. Some of them are;

  • Content writing.
  • Graphic design.
  • Copywriting.
  • Voice Over.
  • Web designing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Video Editing.
  • Programming.
  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing.

As a freelancer, you can get paid by writing articles and write-ups for people. Also, if you are good with graphic design tools such as PhotoShop and CorelDraw, you can create logos, banners, business cards for people and get earn money online.

You have to market your services properly if you want to get clients. This can be done on social media platforms and freelance websites. Some of the freelance websites you can get clients are;

  • Fiveer.
  • Guru.
  • Vigowork.
  • Upwork.
  • JoLancer.
  • Asuqu.
  • 99Designs.
  • iWriter.
  • HireWriter.

You can work away from home and also set the time you want to work. Freelancing is an online business you can do to earn money online as a student in Nigeria.

8. Home Lesson Tutor

 how to make money in secondary school

If you are well versed in certain subjects, you can tutor other students and get paid for that. Some parents hire private tutors to teach their children after school hours.

A lot of students are poor in the English Language and Mathematics, and these are compulsory subjects in the school curriculum.

You can offer to teach students in subject areas where they are weak. As a secondary school student, you can offer to teach primary school students after school hours.

The earnings of a private home tutor are not always high but It is enough to settle some bills for you. You can approach parents and offer to teach their children in alphabets, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning or offer to tutor them ahead of their common entrance examinations.

Some parents may not consider you since you are not yet a professional teacher but that shouldn’t stop you. You can also be a virtual tutor on online platforms and get paid for tutoring students.

9. Fast Food Outlet

 how to make money in secondary school

It shouldn’t be difficult for you to make money when you have good cooking skills. You can set up a small fast food outlet around or outside your home and make snacks.

This can be done in the evening or at weekends, so you don’t have to bother about combining this business and schooling.

I read the story of a student who became an entrepreneur right from her secondary school days. The girl learnt how to make MoinMoin from her mother.

This young entrepreneur had a small plastic container where she keeps the MoinMoin and sells to other students when its time lunch break. When she gets back from school, she assists her mum to grind beans and prepare MoinMoin.

A lot of people patronize them when returning from work and other day’s activities. As a secondary school student, you can set up a small kiosk where you prepare snacks (eggroll, doughnuts, fish roll, scotch eggs, burgers, sausage roll, meat pie etc) or fast food like noodles.

 how to make money in secondary school

Preparing noodles with fried eggs is not a hard task; you can do it in five minutes. Even in universities, some girls make money by preparing noodles & eggs, hamburgers and making shawarma and other fast foods.

10. Barbing Saloon

Barbing is another thing you can do to make money, especially if you are a secondary school or college student. If you don’t know how to barb, you can learn it in a space of three to six months.

Barbing is a skill and if you are really good at it, you’ll be able to make money even as a student. Creative barbers make a lot of money by making cool styles like Gallas, Afro, Punk, Skincut, Low cut, Dre etc.

Apart from just cutting people’s hair, you can earn money for yourself when you do other services such as dying of hair, hair treatment, braiding the hair and even making dreadlocks.

How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

Also, barbing is a flexible business you can do to make money as a college student. Most customers visit the saloon at night, obviously, students do not go for classes during late hours (except tutorial centres).


There are thousands of things people do to make money for themselves. These days, it is common to see students creating blogs, YouTube accounts, affiliate websites to make money.

However, ensure that you do not engage in any illegal activity. Your quest to make money shouldn’t supersede your interest to study in school. I believe this guide has been able to help to learn how to make money as a secondary school student.

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