1. This has been a major alternative to Paypal in my country. Thanks for the review, zara.
    Regards, Muhammed Agrawal.

  2. Dear Zara , opening a payeer account is as simple as put it up there, but the verification process is taking like forever, I have been trying to go through verification for like 2weeks now and each time I upload my documents which include my statement of account form my bank which has my residential address on it, this you did not state above, it is been rejected for reasons I don’t know, and there’s no real-time customer support to help out with issues such as this, you could do well by reporting this to them since you blog for payeer

    • Dear Caleb,
      Payeer verification is getting strict day after day. They no longer accept voter’s cards and driver’s licenses as proofs of nationality. Rather use a national ID card or an international passport. This is what I used and I was approved. I don’t see the reason why you would facing touch time verifying your account. Ensure you use a national ID or an international passport (if you have) and you will get verified.


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